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  1. I was looking at the store entry for The Dark Maiden and noticed that there are 5 parts that are supposed to be available in the Boneyard. Well, I have use for the wings and thought I would pick those up. I can't find them. Am I missing them? I even searched for the product number with no results. Can someone help me out?
  2. Thanks for the answers. I can see how these can work out.
  3. I was browsing around the site today and saw the green fir the gnoll looking model with the chain weapon. I saw that the chain was sticking out straight behind the model and had some greenstuff on it, but I would really like to know how it was done. Here is the image for reference:
  4. I've found that relying on paint swatches from a computer monitor is rather unreliable. I'm going to guess you don't have the actual paints in front of you to make this judgement. Blackened Brown is actually a fair bit darker than what it's showing up on my computer monitor, and Sandy Yellow is much MUCH lighter in paint color. My suggestions would be to mix an appropriate highlight/shadow. Try giving a mix of the sandy yellow in with the intense brown for a highlight. It'll tie to the Sandy parts of your minis, but still provide that rich orangey/redness that you like. I have the B
  5. Online and happy to be of help.

  6. Well, with the lack of feedback, I thought I would give it a bump with another color theory. I am considering using these 3 colors as a Triad. What do you think?
  7. Let me explain a bit better what I am doing. I am painting some Mercenary models from Warmachine. I am using the old Sandy Triad (09190 Sandy Brown, 09191 Sandy Tan, 09192 Sandy Yellow) as a mainstay color throughout the models and wanted a rusty looking color to use to compliment. Rust Brown, regardless of the name, is close to the right shade I was looking for. Looking at the suggestions, I am seeing this: Main Color Triad for the models: Possible complimenting colors: Another Possible Color: The Harvest Brown isn't really the right color, Any other suggestion to replac
  8. I want to use Rust Brown as a base color. The orange tint to it really appeals to me. I would like to know what a good shadow and highlight color would be to use. Thanks, Ray
  9. This is indeed a second "dark elf" triad, but it will be more brown and less grey...think like the dark elves that Derek Schubert paints. I believe we're borrowing a recipe from Jen (Haley) on these colors. The midtone is going to be a slightly-lighter version of Volcano Brown. You'll be able to see kind of what they look like when the new dark elven warrior I'm painting now goes up in the gallery. --Anne After doing a search for Derek Schubert's models, I am liking the color quite a bit. I think it will work for what I am wanting it for. Thank you very much for the answers, A
  10. Indeed, the Dark Elf skin triad is very nice, but I would be hoping for something lighter.
  11. That would be interesting. Something along a middle eastern tone? Indian, Arabian, and the like? I guess I was hoping for something with a hint of purple in it. Not a Dark Elf, but lighter. Perhaps we can see some color comparisons?
  12. I saw this get listed as a new entry on Alliance Games' site. Any idea what this triad will look like? I only use these paints and try to keep on the look out for any new fleshes that I don't need to mix. Also, when would they actually be released? Thanks in advance.
  13. See the pinned Stripping Materials Compendium thread in this very section. But if you haven't already clogged up the details of the orange area with all those coats of paint, you could always just paint white over what you have and go to town without having to strip the whole mini. Yeah, stripping the whole mini is what I am trying to avoid as I have a sculpted greenstuff base that I don't want to remove and potentially ruin. I will see what I can do to spot strip the mini. I put the coat on last night so I still have a shot, I think.
  14. Thanks for the help Anne. Is there a good way to take off what I put on the model already?
  15. Are the Lava triad paints supposed to be translucent? I picked them up to have a nice orange color. I was going to use Explosion Orange for the base, Lava Orange for the shadow, and Marigold Yellow for the highlight. I ended out putting on roughly 10 coats of Exlosion Orange and I can see the black primer below. Is there something I can do?
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