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  1. Hello :) Not sure I'm posting this in the correct area, (apologies if I didn't), but it is fantasy and a really cool sculpt, albeit not miniature per se. The video has some interesting shots of in progress work. The final result looks really amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeozljBmJTw&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Double+Down+on+Darkness&utm_campaign=Dark+Galadriel+Video+%2B+Dark+Crystal+Pre-order
  2. Not sure if they would count as a hummingbirds swarm but maybe it will help for reference pic, and it's a cute topper in Rocket League:
  3. Fort Benning SG unlocked, including the awesome mini of Dale's RV!!! *cheers wildly!*
  4. Just a heads up, still 7 hours left to join the kickstarter if any was on the fence. And Riot Gear Glenn, Michonne's pet walkers, Rick in a hospital gown, well walkers, and Dale's RV!!!! miniatures have been unlocked! (And of course the accompanying game mechanics with those). I've never been so excited about an RV before! :)
  5. *Cheers!* Michonne's walker pets officially unlocked!! There are also some spiffy new SG's of well walkers and a mini of Dale's RV both with game mechanics! :)
  6. Riot Gear Glenn unlocked!! YES! And getting closer to unlocking Michonne's walker pets! The exclusive KS pieces (thanks Greg M) currently: 1.) 4 new tiles plus a scenario where you fight the Governor. 2.) Motorcycle Daryl + his Ride scenario 3.) the Governor playable character 4.) vision of Lori 5.) 10 crawler mini's 6.) Sasha playable character 7.) Morgan playable character 8.) 5 Rival General minis . . Stevie’s list of minis Rick Glenn Andrea Daryl Dale Meryl Shane T-Dog Hershel Maggie Beth Otis Michonne Carol Tyreese Carl Motorcycle Daryl (KSE) Lori (KSE) Governor (Social Goal KSE) Vision of Lori (Social Goal KSE) Sasha (Stretch Goal KSE) Morgan (Stretch Goal KSE) Riot Gear Glenn (Stretch Goal KSE) Michonne's Pets (Stretch Goal KSE) Amy (Iconic Civilian) Sophia (Iconic Civilian) Miguel (Iconic Civilian) Dr. Jenner (Iconic Civilian) Walker Shane (Better Angels) Male City Walkers Female City Walkers Gas Mask Walkers Fire Walkers Riot Gear Walkers Crawling Walkers (Social Goal KSE) Vatos Rivals Dave's Crew Rivals Prisoner Rivals Rival Generals (KSE) Strangers Rick in hospital gown (KSE)!!!
  7. Both the show & comics are great, I highly recommend them, even if you're not into zombies / apocalyptic stuff. Also, Morgan is unlocked! And there is the possibility of Glenn in riot gear and Michonne's pet walkers!
  8. Aww yeah! Also... for those interested in the kickstarter, the Governor and Morgan (w/ staff) have been unlocked. There is a darn spiffy stretch goal that awards Michonne's pets too.
  9. The Governor has unlocked! And hopefully Morgan soon to follow!
  10. Thanks everyone! And thank you again Ced1106 for reposting to BGG! Regarding the quality of the figures, the ones I painted were resin masters. I haven't personally seen the final figures material in person, but I think they will be good. Particularly because AMC was overseeing the likeness factor so heavily on the master sculpts. I can't imagine they would go through all that effort to release a final product that wasn't up to par. I do wish I had had abit more time for painting and was better at photography :). And in retrospect I should have photographed before starting as well to share more of the progress. But ah well. The clear bases don't come with the game, I made them separately as I found in the course of painting some of the duplicates were to be given to the actors. I was afraid with the masters being so delicate they would break on them.
  11. Thanks for posting more of the info Ced1106! :)
  12. Darsc, I asked in the comments area for you, "$1 plus the character add-ons I suppose but that will miss out on the KSE SGs." And also this, "If they looking just for minis of the main characters since zombies can easily be found elsewhere they could do $1 + $32 for survivor packs 1 & 2." The creators recently revamped the tiers so the best place to look would be update #11 where they clarify stuff. Happy to share! :)
  13. Scalewise they are 35mm but I have to say the scale didn't bother me as much as it might some. For example, the priestess from Pathfinder, Alahazra from Reaper, I could see matching sizewise to them. She is smaller than some of the say Klocke figures, but it's not jarring. It is interesting with these figures because of the proportions of their bodies are in scale without exaggerating for emphasis on heads & heads. So the faces take a bit of work, but I have to say the likenesses are really fantastic. I have a feeling that was a big part of the authorizations behind the scenes with this game, getting likenesses approved etc. I think in the comments area the creators posted a similar comparison photo with zombicide figures. Darsc, I wasn't on the marketing end of things and initially I wasn't able to show figures till things became unlocked. So on publicity, I think this ks may have hit some bumps in the road. As to the backing levels, I think it is addressed in the comments area by the creators who recently revamped the tier level. I backed initially at the Early bird comic con tier, but then upgraded to $219 for addon stuff later.
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