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  1. I love comics and try not to go into comic shops unescorted for financial and 0 willpower reasons ;) The artwork in Bat Woman (DC new 52) is insanely good, though storywise I am behind. I recently discovered the work of Dwayne McDuffie, a fantastic writer sadly past, so reading his Justice League of America (I know I'm late to the party but good story telling). Also enjoying Mouse Guard by David Petersen, fantastic artwork and cuteness. I broke down about a year ago and treated myself to the hardcover collection of The Dark Tower because Jae Lee rules. I have his own graphic novel Hellshock which is also beautiful. For a while I was avidly collecting Blade of the Immortal a manga put out by Darkhorse until they stopped releasing it here. I also really love going through the artist alleys at comic cons and have a pretty diverse collection of stuff. Some of my stuff I have just for the pictures and have no idea what it says.. I also recommend Neil Gaiman (no idea what he's currently working on) but his writing is great in both graphic novels and actual novels. Also came across a great Italian comic artist Sergei Toppi, picked up his Arabian Nights book. I also like Adventure Time in its comic form, oh and Knights of the Dinner Table, but haven't kept on that. Anyhoo.... :)
  2. I agree with Heisler. You could also add some dark plum or red violet in the shadows around the edging of the corset, to help define details and keep the colors lively. Looks good so far!
  3. Nice work! I really love the sword in particular.
  4. Anne


    Thanks! It is interesting, I originally was thinking whoa a maelstrom would be so awesome, but I think scary explosion in general works too :) It certainly could be magically tainted, my pics don't show it too good but one of his claws is resting on a split engraved plinth. Very cool sculpt!
  5. Thank you! For the base I used a wash of Sophie Silver (a bluish pealescent silver) over the light blue areas on the clouds. I outlined the clouds using a light yellow so they looked a bit glowy (pale gold moonlight if a bit abstracted).
  6. Hi, this is Sun Wukong (the Monkey King), from Fairytale Games Battle Royale, sculpted by Jed Wahl and Kieran Russell. This was my first entry in Iron Painter (such a slacker about posting). Hope you like him! :)
  7. Anne


    Thanks! The base was an interesting experiment, I was initially hoping to get a splash effect using scenic water effects, but found it was a tad too liquidy for the time constraint. So, I went to the dollar store, bought some plastic bowls and stomped them in my backyard (fun and loud!) and then reshaped the fragments into an impact shape. I did still use the water effects, some droplets are on his wings, and it gave the plastic a cool coating, but speed was of the essence so I stuck with the plastic mostly for the base. The extra tentacles around the wooden part, were tails cut from toy snakes and painted over. :)
  8. Hello :) This is my entry for the Iron Painter round 2 competition over at Wyrd Miniatures. Hope you like it :)
  9. Nice work, really like the color scheme! I love this figure, we need more Dwarf gods & goddesses! One thing that may make her 'pop' even more, perhaps lining between some areas like where hair meets skin, or skin meets armor with a dark grey (I'm thinking Stormy Grey?) just a thought, but your painting is looking good & clean. Keep up the good work!
  10. Awesome work, she looks fantastic! The sculpted basing details are excellent too. By my question regarding basecoats & primers of different shades I meant similar to an underpainting (after a primer would be used). I usually prime white overall but will sometimes do a wash of a base ground color first like burnt siena or ultramarine blue and then buildup basecoat stuff, allowing the underpart to show through in some spots. Anyhoo, thanks again for sharing your process!
  11. I love seeing your step by steps! I remember seeing at past reapercons that you do color studies beforehand which I admire. You have a talent for keeping freshness to the painting while keeping to your plan. Also interesting the priming using black and white, have you ever primed or basecoated large areas different colors (like how you did with the black as base)? Thanks for posting these!
  12. Beautiful work, always love your color schemes!
  13. I'll second the Oh Mylanta moment, this is AWESOME!! Totally impressive!! I've been playing the new Mordheim game on Steam recently, would love to see how you'd make terrain similar to that environ. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!
  14. Awesome! And I suddenly crave popcorn. I'm turning my phone off now. ;)
  15. Awesome job! I love seeing your work, excellent stuff!
  16. Looks like there's about to be a showdown at midnight for bringing a bow to a gun fight! ;) These came out really great!
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