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  1. I happened to see this figure in the game store near me and was tempted to pick it up. I like the cobalt blue too, and wouldn't have thought of using it, but I think it looks good. I agree some fluctuation in shading would be cool, it doesn't have to be all over, maybe some accents here and there. Or you could try some very small touches of peach color in the skin to accent the blue (not covering your current color, just a few spots maybe at the sleeves or where her flesh meets blue). If you are thinking of doing an ink wash, but don't want to lose the color, you could try maybe just the wash in some small isolated areas instead of the whole figure? Nice work!
  2. Both of these look really good, good painting, and your color choices work well together and retain vibrancy. I would recommend maybe trying black lining in some connection areas, to help the figure look tighter and a little more defined. I am just experimenting with black lining myself, and I've found for some flesh areas (flesh/ flesh as opposed to flesh / skin) I'll sometimes try using very dark brown instead of black for my natural gradation. Very nice work! Good luck!
  3. Your mini is really cool!! I would say you put so much work into it you should be allowed to enter it, it is the summer! Maybe the Reaper people can make an exception? You did say you were working on it and giving notice you were trying to make deadline! The painting looks fantastic, particularly her face and wings, and I like her base alot! The flesh color is great. I am also curious how you made the base? Very impressive work!
  4. Awesome work with painting and sculpting! I just finished reading The Ultimates 1 & 2 by Mark Millar, and am very pleased to see Cap! Great job with this heroic figure! Good luck!
  5. Hi! I like this figure very much, and using the birch tree is a very interesting idea, because its bark patterns often resemble eyes, which you could tie into the druids using magic and eyes as window to soul etc. My parents have three in their front yard and from what I can remember the inside looks like lighter beige colored wood with dark lines of woodgrain striations. There are some amazing photos to be found (calendars & National Geographic I'm thinking of) of large stands of birch trees in Colorado against the mountains in the fall. When the leaves change color they become this really bright gold color. In spring and summer they are a light green. Birch trees also have alot of importance symbolically with many people, Celts and Native Americans in particular have legends associated with them. I really like how her bark came out, I agree maybe lightening the skin abit possibly in a faint woodgrain pattern, and the hair just slightly (maybe sunlight playing the leaves), would make her even more striking. Very cool figure!
  6. Thanks for all the replies ! I did think about the arms and shifting them, they do look a bit weird for balancing purposes. She'd probably have them more midway up than all the way, but I am still pretty new at playing mini surgeon, and pinning still scares me so I left as is . Hahaha maybe she is on the verge of a wipeout which would be bad considering she isn't wearing an ankle leash either. I would be curious to try more with sculpting figures too, but again don't have too much exp with it. I need more hours in the day! Thanks again for all the feedback! -Anne
  7. AWESOME!!!! To quote a friend who happened to glance over my shoulder while I was looking: " Oh my goodness..." Hahahaha! Great stuff!
  8. Very cool figure, I am really impressed with your sculpting and painting skills! And I'm also in the mood for a beer now...
  9. Beautiful work! The muted colors combined with the almost defiant pose of the player strike a clear patriotic note perfectly. Very interesting and atmospheric figure, great job!
  10. Very nice painting! I like her face and her skates are cool!
  11. This is really great work; both painting execution, base environment and successful storytelling are top notch! I can tell alot of thought about the characters and the scenario has gone into this! I am also curious now as to what concoction trolls are using for sunscreen. Wonderful job! Also the work in progress shots are really cool!
  12. Awesome painting job, very atmospheric! I'm totally picturing the soul sounds of the 70's playing in the backround. He needs a Foxy Brown mini with him! Great work!
  13. Thanks very much for the positive feedback and also to Mamageek for copy pasting the wave creation!! I am hoping to figure out how to use resin in the future, I think a clear wave would have been really awesome but I was lacking the know how for it. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments! -Anne
  14. Hello, here is my mini for the summer painting contest. I converted the Spearmaiden (02808) by Bobby Jackson a bit. I haven't made larger bases before so it was a fun experiment. Any feedback or advice is always welcome! Thanks
  15. Ahhh, thanks good to know! Sometimes I feel like a total neanderthal!
  16. Thanks! I messed around a bit and got them separated from each other. I haven't figured out how to make it something people could click on to open to a larger version, but I'm happy with unconjoined photos for the moment
  17. Hi, I have a question (its gonna seem stupid I know but).. I've never uploaded photos before, and I have 4 separate images to attach. I've resized them all and I browse & upload them, but somehow they come out appearing to be collaged together when they are 4 different files. I'm not sure how to fix this. I tried editing the post and reattaching them all individually again but they still seem to be together. Thanks for help in advance! Sorry I am sure this is a noobish question but I'm not sure how to fix them
  18. Hello, hope my posting works... here is the Taryn Spearmaiden on her day off, or maybe she's having a little daydream in the middle of a bloody battlefield... She's under the 'Ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues' category, since I wish I was also at the beach. Hmm trying for a closer shot...
  19. Is it ok to alter the reaper mini? For example remove weapons, some armor, etc?
  20. Ok I just got my figure in the mail today! I am excited to start! Nurse... scalpel!
  21. It may help to look up Japanese dolls. In Chinatown near me, several stores sell small dolls in various countries national dress (I'm sure some of them are more accurate than others, but they're pretty). Might help if you can find something similar to look at three dimensionally, and then diverge from there. Or if you are close to any art or anthropological museums that would have oriental collections you can see some and get a feel for them. Also good source material would be books on woodblock prints. I like Utamaro and Yoshi toshi (hm wierd that's one word but won't let me spell it that way) . Hope its helpful.
  22. Hi everyone and thanks for the info! :) Are we able to pre order the summer competition figures at the moment? I didn't see them listed under the online store yet. Also are we allowed to combine them with other reaper figures in a scene or is that off base? Sorry I haven't done this type of thing before, still getting my feet wet. Thanks! *Oops I saw on the front page some more info about it, haha sorry!
  23. Hello, I am completely new here. Long time player/painter, 1st time poster. Hm I guess I should have coordinated my name ID's but I am also 'Minicreatures' on coolmini's site (also a noob there too..). This summer contest sounds like alot of fun but I have some questions... Are we picking minis from anywhere in particular, like how open ended is it? Also I saw mention of various categories, but I have no idea what those might be. Is there a thread that has a previous rules list or general idea to the contest? It doesn't have to be super detailed just a general synopsis I guess. Thanks very much in advance for any info and direction in case I have missed it, which there is a pretty good chance of too.. my spot check abilities are notoriously bad.
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