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  1. I think the figurine I saw was done more along the resin laser lines, they combined a glue with colored powder and compared applying that loosely to characteristics of inkjet printing (haven't seen the process in action personally though). My initial reaction was really impressed, I asked who painted it and my friend said no it was printed. It didn't look much different than other painted figures I have seen done traditionally both in sculpt and paint. The potential for such a tool is vast, I could see not just replacement parts being made but entire machines, perhaps new machines to match the capabilities of the new medium made this way. Who's to say eventually things couldn't be printed in stronger more durable materials than plastics or resin.
  2. I agree, it does strike me if one was to invest in one at the moment, an expensive route to follow for sure. What excites me is the potential of the tool and further directions and applications it will open up. Back in the day I used to work in a photo printing house that ran orders for professional commercial photographers, a now archaic industry that was literally taken out at the knees by the introduction of digital photography. The printing house has since closed down. Even professional photography as a career is now pushed further into niche realms such as special occasions or as fine art, etc. Digital photography and traditional each have their pluses and drawbacks for sure. And when photographing (and video) capabilities were tied in to the mass production of the must have cellphone, the potential for photography followed further avenues of everyday application. I think despite the expense of the moment involved with 3D printing, it will revolutionize the way we see the world, in unexpected ways. For example Facebook thrives on digital photography and connecting people, an interesting product of the introduction of a new tool. I appreciate the perspectives shared, I'm very intrigued by the topic! :) Also I do think there will definitely always be a place for things made by hand, people do connect to that characteristic, and I'm by no means knocking it. Just curious to see what happens.
  3. I'm not sure if its ok to post the info to her photo or no, but her outfit was really well done, and the resulting figurine came out amazing, and all from a photograph. The idea of taking digital illustration and being able to print it out in three dimensions blows my mind a bit is all :) And taking that to another level the same I imagine could be done with landscapes etc as well
  4. oh ok! I didn't realize, I'll edit the above, just was curious about others perspectives on the topic.
  5. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the off topic area? To me it seems more related to sculpture, but I can repost it elsewhere as need be. :) A friend of mine shared this site with me after one of his friends had a figurine made of a photo of herself in one of her cosplay outfits and it came out really great. The process is fascinating to me, sculpting and painting entirely done digitally from a photo, particularly with pertaining to games and by extension minis. I could imagine it could be taken further and terrain could be produced this way, perhaps even replicating special effects / set ideas too. I'm curious as to people's impressions. Once again apologies if I'm posting in an odd spot. hmm please disregard, I wasn't advertising them, just was intrigued at the scope of the technology
  6. Great job, the gold in particular came out fantastic!
  7. Beautiful work and very creative basing! I agree, I love the shoes too!
  8. Awesome job, I love all the little details on him! I haven't seen this figure before, will have to pick him up. I also struggle with backgrounds too, going back & forth between blue and a beige treasure map. I use daylight bulbs. It may be a white balance thing? I know my first camera didn't have one, which made photography a dreaded event.
  9. Thanks very much everyone, glad you like them! :)
  10. great colors! Really captures the fantastic feeling of the creature without losing the fear aspect. Like in nature, something brightly colored is a warning and will harm/kill you usually. Very nice work!
  11. Hi! Long time no post :) This is Nualia & Erylium from the Pathfinder line, sculpted by Derek Schubert. I initially began these as a wip thread a long time ago... so I apologize for the delay and also not documenting the process.. suffice it say they were a lot of different colors because I am indecisive ;) The wings I attached are metal and from a reaper demon I think. The claw is an extra paw from a GW dragon (plastic), and she is pinned at the foot and back. Her base is one of reaper's metal bases, since she needed abit more ballast to stay upright. Hope you like them, cc always welcome and thanks for looking! :)
  12. I'll be arriving on Wednesday (23) around 11am if anyone is still looking to share a cab. Also was curious, (I will call hotel tomorrow) is there a hotel offered shuttle at all to/from the airport? hm probably not but thought worth to ask.. anyhoo :)
  13. Finished this a little bit ago, but can't recommend it enough: Brunner the Bounty Hunter by C.L. Werner: http://www.amazon.com/Brunner-Bounty-Hunter-Warhammer-Omnibus/dp/1844168670 Currently I'm savoring the Dark Tower omnibus (the graphic novel/comic edition) such beautiful artwork! (Stephen King is author)
  14. Awesome job!! I will echo the above, I love the color choices, and great painting!
  15. Thanks very much everyone! Also Baugi (sorry I missed your question earlier-) the window is from 03126: Ghoul Queen & Servants (sculpted by Werner Klocke) and the little lantern is from 02562: Gossamer Air Sorceress (also sculpted by Werner Klocke).
  16. Thanks everyone! :) For his kilt, I used layers of graveyard earth (a gw shade) mixed with olive skin as the base and went lighter and darker with that, blue liner (thinned down in the shadows) and linen white. The sculpt is nice and there is some definition for the threads pre existing, just a matter of picking it up with the cross hatching for light and shadows. Hope that helps :)
  17. Hi! :) This is Kirin the Heretic, sculpted by Patrick Keith, the architecture details and lantern are sculpted by Werner Klocke. I painted this for a mini exchange. Hope you like it :)
  18. Beautiful job!!! Very creative storytelling and fantastic execution!
  19. Awesome job on both! I love the armor and coloring on the fighter in particular. Very nice textural effects with his garb.
  20. Great job on these, very imaginative work!
  21. I have a question regarding the drying retarder, is it something that one would use with a wet palette? And also does it react oddly with sealers over time? I've only used it a few times, so I admit I'm not very experienced with it. Also thanks for creating this thread, lots of great info in here!
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