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  1. Great job, I always like to see your work! I really like your strong greens and the varying shades of reddish brown on his weaponry are awesome! I also like your subtle basing effects, works well with the figure.
  2. Thank you everyone for the kind words, and also good information on health! I had you all in mind yesterday as I was doing some oil painting outdoors, (off off topic: I started a local plein air paint group). These discussions made me more aware of what I was doing, instead of my usual space cadet paintmode. I'm now looking at my travel paintbox a bit more soberly.
  3. Very cute, I love the little scene you've created!
  4. I have a grenadier dragon I might try to get done for this, good incentive to work on him.. he keeps looking at me
  5. This looks fun! I will try to complete something for it.
  6. Personally speaking, I'm happy if a paint company lists if the product is toxic or not, which Reaper's do say non toxic. Some fine arts paints go as far as listing if they are cancer causing agents or no (any strong pigment, cadmiums for example, etc are, and should be handled carefully). Ingredient listing in mini paints aren't as big a deal to me, thank god we don't have to mix pigments with binders etc by hand on top of every thing else, an age of luxury in that regard. Come to think of it, I don't usually see all the ingredients listed on fine arts paint alot of the time either, Even between fine arts companies, formulas and paint strengths can vary alot. Sennelier's burnt umber is quite different from Blockx's. I've noticed gw paints do have quite vibrant colors, do they have some toxicity or no, just was curious? Anyhoo back to painting :)
  7. I would totally join/have painting parties if I knew more people in my area who were into it. Unfortunately my friends I game with aren't really into the painting aspects, and the closest game store is an hour away in good traffic... I know painting with a group of people who are also painting (and into it) at Reapercon was awesome!
  8. Thanks! :) @Metalchaos, I also admire the artwork of Northwest native Indian art, and Maori artwork, particularly the carving work. @Pingo thanks for the heads up on the acidic nature with oils, it wasn't something I had considered before. I'm very curious now to see how these painters prep their figures who do use oils regularly on minis. I can't imagine that they can seal them, so maybe those are purely for display?
  9. @Runelord 151, I used Reaper paints on this, with the exception of the gold on the body, for that I used vallejo old gold. Halfway in I was seriously researching airbrushes, and will get & use one if I paint something this large again. I thought about using oils or artist grade acrylics, but I like the consistency of the reaper paints acrylicwise. Oils on minis is something I'm still wrapping my head around. In my mind oils go on masonite board or canvas, just with all the layering and thinness, not sure how that would hold up over time on a metal surface even if it was primed. And with oils each color has a different drying time, and also then there's the added aspect of a more three dimensional surface, I wouldn't want the paint to crack down the line timewise, as the paint dries. I have seen some beautiful results with oils, but am still hesitant to use them on figures. perhaps I'll experiment with it. I did get in a discussion with a Holbein rep about the idea of using goache on figures, I may experiment with that first. Anyhoo /end ramble :) Hmm William Watt, ok thanks for the info, much appreciated! :)
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words! The sculpt is an interesting amalgam of realistic and fantastical attributes. I've been doing some digging, and I think it may have been sculpted by Andrew Chernak but I'm still not 100% sure on that. Paintingwise, I was going for fierce (but good) magical treasure guardian with the painting, and thought the designs would add more to that feeling than a super realistic animal type of approach. For the base, I had originally covered the ground in gold leaf, but it was way too bright, so I varied it a bit with some of the gold still peeking through. The bottom part is a potted plant stand I bought in Chinatown (Philadelphia PA); I liked the echo of the swirls.
  11. Hi, I've been working on this for a while and have finally finished him! This is one of the Battling Behemoths from Grenadier Miniatures, and is huge almost a foot high, weighing 14lbs (lead). I took a photo for reference to show the scale with a reaper figure when I was assembling him. I was looking at the wall murals in Knossos Greece as a starting point for some of his body designs, as well as some winged griffons in grecian pottery for the designs on the wings. Hope you guys like him! Also if anyone knows the sculptor's name, I would like to give credit to them too, please let me know, thanks!
  12. Beautiful job! My favorite is the fluctuations of color going on in his skin tones, and also his jacket came out very well too. Also like the gems on his necklace and the stave tying in together too. Really the whole thing came out wonderful! I always look forward to seeing your work!
  13. Awesome!! Are these 28mm scale? They came out great!
  14. Great work! I like all the subtle fluctuations of colors going on! And the base looks great too!
  15. I was half expecting to see a heroclix game . Gandalf looks as though he's biding his time... cute!
  16. There's a great book for color theory study also called: Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter, by James Gurney, very helpful. One of the books I keep on the close shelf near the paint table. A linkie if you like: http://www.amazon.com/Color-Light-Guide-Realist-Painter/dp/0740797719/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1372283618&sr=1-1&keywords=color+and+light
  17. I would think of these more as medals than coins, coins denote a recognized currency and medals denote an honor, or in commemoration of a group, person or valorous act (loose definition). If you're into medals and medallic art, I recommend looking at AMSA (American Medallic Sculpture Association): http://www.amsamedals.org/ and FIDEM the international version: http://www.fidem-medals.org/ The medal has really branched out from its origins, and they've been around for a while. I know Europe has a strong tradition of medallic work, in military, public and private. The US has an interesting medallic history as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Peace_Medal and medals are comissioned for a variety of events and reasons still today. Interestingly there are movements today that are philosophically closer to the origins of medals as art objects from the Italian renaissance where they are made to give as personal gifts between individuals and can get more personal than a military medal per se... but I'm rambling and need coffee. An interesting idea :)
  18. He looks great! The blending and cohesive coloring are excellent!
  19. A cute looking group, nice work! Are these for a warband?
  20. Thanks for the forum link TGP, it helped shed some light. I bought the wizard at a game shop in PA, and have been working on him. I was puttering around looking at minis the other night and didn't see him listed.
  21. Ahh minotaurs, the stuff of adventurers nightmares. Very nice to see them all together, really great work, they get scarier as they get bigger, they've been seriously leveling up!
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