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  1. I have a question with the tag for this figure: Wizard of Faith, 1412 or 01412, sculpted by Jason Weibe. The full number on top of the barcode on the tag is 762486014123, however the large bold number is 1412, if that helps. If I search for it under the name nothing comes up in the figure finder. If I put in 1412, several figures come up but not the wizard I was looking for. Just was curious, thanks for the help he's a really cool looking wizard!
  2. Nice work! Great texture, they look scary!
  3. Thanks everyone! For the archway, I used a large earring I had, and for the basing, green stuff, cork, plastic square support (at base of arch) and a large stone. And super glue. Costume jewelry can make really interesting basing materials.
  4. Hello, here is Sylph a Warlord figure, sculpted by Julie Guthrie and Claire Adelheid from Anima Tactics, sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez. On Sylph I added a few small changes with greenstuff, (the rose, bracelet and a few strands of hair). I hope you like them, c&c is always welcome , thanks for looking! Sylph Claire
  5. Fantastic job! I salute your mettle, painting such a large figure. This came out great, the freehand came out very crisp and effective!
  6. Her hair and the nmm gold are amazing! The whole figure looks great!
  7. Beautiful work!! Her skin tones and hair are excellent; everything looks excellent! I love seeing your work!
  8. Thanks everyone for the great feedback, much appreciated! I'm giggling at the Ailyn comments, she is a curvy lady! For Gwenevere I was thinking more of a white witch as a nature figure with all the greens. I agree, her head scarf is a bit tricky, I was thinking of the spiky parts on top as possibly hair sticking up, perhaps I'll try to define it a bit more. Her dress and cape were interesting, I'm not sure that what was initially there was all meant to be gems, but I thought it might be neat. And I agree also the basing moss could use some variances. Thank you for the good advice Derek! Also thanks Furongian, I hadn't looked at John Blanche's work specifically before, I really like his stuff!
  9. Hi, here is Ailyn Ghontasavos a Pathfinder figure sculpted by Gene Van Horn, and Gwenevere the White Witch from Valiant miniatures, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. Hope you like them C&C always welcome Ailyn Gwenevere
  10. Awesome stuff!! I love the Bruce Campbell fellow. I have the fellow with the coffee cup on my table too, its been a while and I'm pretty sure he is a Heresy Miniature, a British company.
  11. Great work on this charming scene!
  12. hi, thanks everyone :) I took a few more shots for close ups of her face: it was a bit of a challenge as the details are small, although blown up this big it does look a bit chunky, it looks a clearer in hand. With the blue edging on her cloak, hehe, I don't know I just was feeling the blue there, wasn't thinking too much
  13. Great job on these, and congratulations! They look awesome!
  14. When I went to Reapercon I was traveling light, as I went flying standby which meant nothing could be checked luggage wise, and allowing 2 carry ons. So I brought some paint in a ziploc baggie (you can check the airlines for precise bagsizes allowed, I can't remember off the top of my head), my brushes (in a narrow box and packed upright to keep brushes safe), my paint palette, paint jar (although those 2 could be found at the con along with paint), a large safety pin for unclogging paint bottles, and my entries packed super careful. Paintwise, I brought a few colors in case of touch ups, and also a bottle of the brush on primer, and brush on sealer (to avoid aerosol cans for carry on too). Once I got there, I think I bought a bottle of glue, a small file and an Xacto at a Walmart I found just in case. Everyone at Reapercon is also very kind and helpful too if you need something. All the classes I took which were awesome and varied from painting to sculpting provided all the materials needed for them to practice what was being taught. I wanted to take one of the airbrush classes, but I think my class schedule conflicted at the time, so not quite sure how that would work. Container wise I saw alot of folks with Artbins and elaborate fishing tackle boxes, some stacked with their own rollers (like luggage). I guess it depends on how much you plan to bring with you. Also Nytflyr, I don't think it will be a problem to spray outside the building for primer, I remember seeing people doing it last year. Anyhoo :) I'm excited! Also it's always amusing to see the expressions on the xray scanners faces' at airports, I can tell they're trying to figure out what they're looking at with all those metal minis haha!
  15. Hi :) This is the Runelord Alaznist, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. Hope you like it, C&C always welcome!
  16. She looks so cute!! And great job with the conversion, lots of awesome character! I smiled when I read step 1 of your cleaning process ! Do you use any paint primer? I've used the brush on white primer Reaper has, and also spray on grey auto primer from Duplicolor (but just light spray dusting). Also particularly with the spray on primer (but it shows up with both.. ) any additional flash lines show up, just when you thought you could start with paint haha! At that point I'll go back in fix and touch up the primer. It may help the black and white washes adhere better to the metal mini (although I think with the new Bones coming out, primers are not as nescessary).
  17. OOO she came out beautiful!! Beautiful painting!
  18. It's not the end, just a different tool. One could have the coolest 3D printer in the world, they'd still need the inspiration and brains to create unique stuff. I have noticed with 2D computer art, and maybe it's the technology of the time influencing the work, but it looks like computer work, even when it has been done in a way that mimics older styles of mediums. I like to see more of an individual's hand in mastering their medium, than something that looks perfect or anonymous. I appreciate that, maybe I'm a weirdo. To me a figure that is hand sculpted is way more preferable. It has a uniqueness to the person who made it, their individuality is very strong and for me as a mini buyer that has a strong influence. A computer rendered ogre I think would be in danger of looking cookie cutter, in terms of the even handedness with which it was rendered. A computer could mimic the unique human variations, but I worry that it would feel rather similar to a large portion of the 2D computer work, very sterile. I like chaos, happy accidents, and creative growth. Case in point, look at the original Star Wars movies versus the new ones with the predominant use of green screens. I don't want to see 3D printing become used as a permanent crutch for future generations. Just my 2 cents.
  19. Hmm interesting! I've been adding mine under 'models' category, but I'll check out the miniatures one.
  20. I'll be going, huzzah! :) I just reserved a hotel room at the official best western this time, should be fun, I'm looking forward to it! I can see about helping anyone out with a ride on the way back to the airport, coming in is a bit more dodgey as I fly standby and it's not a 100% guarantee I'll arrive when planned for. So excited!
  21. This sounds fun! I'm not sure I'm understanding the category aspects, the basic theme is winter wonderland, and then we are choosing a specific figure? Or taking the theme and interpreting it but with different sizes? I think I have a 54mm ninja mini somewhere... I'll have to dig a bit.
  22. Thank you for the kind thoughts everyone, the reaper folks are a really great community. Thanks also for the link Corporea, there are lots of organisations helping out. I've been going over with people from my church to help out over at the shelter setup at Holy Family school. It's a moving experience to see so many people from around the country that have come to help out.
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