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  1. When I first showed my boyfriend the Bathalian Exarch, he got all misty eyed and said 'let me tell you of the days of high adventure'. He then launched fondly into his memories of playing the game Duris, and being hunted down across the virtual landscape by a guild of illithids called Clan Love Tentacle. The Bathalians look pretty scary... but I suppose nobility and intention are in the eye of the beholder.
  2. This is awesome! Awesome sculpt and awesome painting! That's totally cool there are a limited number in the world too. I keep hoping HeroClix will release more Indy sets/bricks... I like Marvel & DC but really, how many Spiderman & Superman variants does one need? I have the small Hellboy box set, (with Hellbaby!) and a unique of Hellboy which looks totally awesome with the full horns, but this figure is really great, lots of character.
  3. Hi! Here's my 2 cents, hope it may be of help . Also I just had 2 cups of coffee.... wall of text go! I would give priming in white or gray a try, that way you won't have to build up as much color vibrancy to fight the black undercoating. You can still prime black with brush on primer for areas that you prefer to have darker, like shadows of chainmail armor possibly. As mentioned above thinning with water is a good idea too. I have paper towels close by to absorb excess water on the brush and a test sheet of white paper to see how the paint is as I work, and how it comes off the brush, especially helpful with freehand detailing or eyes, to make sure the point is precise. I usually don't carry alot of water in the body of the brush, but the paint itself has been thinned down abit from straight out of the bottle. Brush wise I use Reaper's kolinsky sable #1 or 2, (natural hair; synthetics tips curl fast). Something to think about while painting regarding applying the brush to the figure, when painting shadow areas, pull dark color with the tip of the brush from the lighter colors into the shadows. When painting lights pull the tip of the brush from the shadow into the light areas, this will help with the displacement of water and pigment so it settles more where you want it to. I also find it helps sometimes to vary direction of brushstrokes, but I do this in thin layers, and most important -wait between layers so the spot is dry and doesn't pull more pigment up. Just work around the figure in different sections as spots dry. Another thing that might be helpful, is to think about making each section distinct to the eye, where the separations are. Darklining helps with this, but also subtle Lightlining is useful too. I usually do that with a lighter shade of the color range in the section and faintly outline the area, or if it helps depending on the placement you can play with complimentary & secondary shading, to create colors playing off each other. I wouldn't worry about going to light with highlights, you can always darken back down with thin glazing (not alot of water in the brush and very little pigment). Sorry if I'm repeating above stuff, good luck! I like your work!
  4. I think I'm going to go live on a mountain. Just got power back on Sunday, 2 weeks with no electric or heat with a snowstorm tossed in, and some big trees down, but then again I can't complain, it could have been way worse. It's all very surreal. I'm down the road from Keyport & Union Beach which got really wrecked. Lots of childhood memories of places that are totally changed or gone now, this is the worst storm I've seen in NJ. My brother's girlfriend lives in Atlantic Highlands and had to evacuate, she had seawater 8 ft high in her house. Some places the houses are just gone or out submerged in the water. There are piles of boats in odd places that got tossed around from the various marinas. Alot of bad stories about people being trapped in cars trying to escape. Everyone please note, your car will stop functioning when driving in water (somehow people forget or don't think about this, thinking they can just drive through). And also turn everything off when you leave your house if you ever have to. And respect the ocean, it will win. Also Thank You to anyone on here that is in the National Guard, works as volunteers, and anyone that helps out on emergency crews out of state. You have no idea how much your presence and efforts mean in emergency situations.
  5. She looks great, I love the standard and mood! How did you create the bronze effect on the standard and her armor?
  6. Thanks everyone, glad you like it! Monkeysloth, I'm glad I could be of help with the wing collection, your tutorial was really good! For the figure I primed it with gray Duplicolor auto primer (spray can), covering the base. Then I used Reaper paints, midnight blue, blue liner, ashen blue, sapphire blue, snow shadow, misty gray, and ghost white. Then in the shadowy areas I used Reaper's marine teal mixed with some of the blues, trying to give more of an icy feel reflecting off him. For the runes I used sapphire blue, pure white, and mint green. The three rune designs I found (that weren't Odin aligned) were for Ice, Snowstorms, and King. Interestingly, when the Distress Crackle paint was drying near one of his feet, it cracked in a pattern similar to the repeating ice runes on his legs and arms.
  7. Genius! Very creative use of materials & effects, that came out awesome looking!
  8. Beautiful job! The gems in particular came out really wonderful!
  9. Hello, I repainted the frost giant from Heroclix. He has two dials on his base depending how he's played, so this is the king version as opposed to warrior. The sculpt is really awesome and I wish I knew the sculptor's name to give credit. I also gave the Distress Paint Crackle Rock Candy as demonstrated in MonkeySloth's tutorial on ice bases, a try and like the effect alot. I used it on the ice chunk he's standing on, his spear, and the horns of his helm. I didn't extend the ice effect to the black base, because it will be used in game, and I wasn't sure if it would be problematic (turning wise). The 'backdrop' I'm not sure if I like it or find it distracting, but it was an experiment, printed paper for scrapbooking I think. Anyhoo, hope you guys like it, c&c welcome
  10. Wamp is great! Friendly, welcoming people, and an impressive resource for info on our hobby. The contests they run are great for expanding the miniature hobby and inspiring people to paint (and finish... hopefully...heheh). I love the company specific contests, because I usually end up checking out figures that are new to me in the various company shops, that I wouldn't otherwise have spent the time to look at/rationalize buying. Broadening of horizons is a good thing, and the contests are fun. Get some good feedback, see how other painters approach a figure, make friends, it's all good! :) If you happen to win, it's a bonus, if not, it's cool, you have some new work done to feel proud of.
  11. These look great! I'll be checking these out, will be nice to find some new backgrounds for a change from the blue.
  12. Welcome! Awesome painting, they look fantastic! The bases came out great too, yikes I would not want to get caught in a swamp chock full of zombies... A friend of mine had a similar group (though skeletons) and he had one base that just had a skellie from the torso up on it coming out of the ground, might be a fun variation if more zombies join the horde. Great terrain too, thanks for posting!
  13. Yes. Yes, I feel poor, but I'm still riding the spree high for the moment... Pro rationalizer here! Sort of like pro wrestling but with my own wallet and willpower. WOOOOO!! Can't wait till my loot arrives!
  14. Nice work! I like the red and gold combo, and his hair looks great (reminded me of a young Thulsa Doom perhaps). I think he looks great! I'm curious what gold you are using on him? I've been playing with metallic paints too, I've seen some people using nmm technique with metals, like using reds or purples (regular non metallic colors, and color depends on the metal one's using with it of course) a little in the shadowed areas to accentuate the effect of light hitting a surface, or the shiny areas. I have yet to paint this way effectively, but when I've seen it done well on the forums or even better in person, it looks really awesome. Michael Proctor is very good at it, his course at Reapercon was great! I think it's a fine balance between flat color and shiny surface area, and layering very thinly. Also a very important thing from the class that I found was he said to have separate brushes and water pots for metallics and regular colors, so the metallic flakes don't accidently mix in and ruin the flat shadowed areas.
  15. Awesome painting, I love his armor and overcoat!
  16. Great work, I think it all works well together colorwise, and her face & hair came out beautiful in an understated way, perfect for a warrior!
  17. Thanks everyone! I loved painting the monsters in particular. For the Medusa I was looking at how she's been depicted in various forms, I also love Harryhausen's work. I was also looking at a painting of Medusa by Caravaggio, I was tempted to go full reptile with her too but tried in the end for a half/half version, using similar colors as the body but smoother more human texture. Sorry the eye is a bit confusing looking on the Cyclops, I was debating where secondary highlights would be with one eye and decided to cover both bases haha! Maybe he has allergies or something and is tearing up, it is a huge eye! I agree the remake of Clash of the Titans wasn't too hot. I was also watching Immortals while working on these, which was interesting visually and also Mickey Rourke was awesome in it.. but I digress.
  18. Hello, here is a collection of Greek folk. The Medusa and Cyclops figures are from Reaper, and the Leonidas, Demi-God Hades, and Demi-God Zeus are from Crocodile Games for WarGods of Aegyptus game. Medusa sculpted by Bobby Jackson, Cyclops sculpted by Tim Prow. The Croc figures sculptor(s?) I'm not sure of whom they may be. Hope you enjoy! Medusa Leonidas Cyclops Demi-God Zeus Demi-God Hades
  19. How does one set up a gaming event? I was thinking of maybe creating a themed version of Warhammer Quest or Hero Clix, but with carnival setting and themed npcs/bad guys & monsters.
  20. Thanks everyone! :) The idea for the variant color scheme was the idea of the fellow I painted her for, as he has a large army of vampires. Glad you guys like it!
  21. This is an excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing the technique and materials! I'm curious to try this out as lava as well.
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