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  1. Well that just boils down to proper technique for Duplicolor then right? You spray on lighter coats, and less of them. I find the coverage makes it easier to prime in one coat what it took me 2-3 coats with other primers. (And no, I'm not a Duplicolor rep, I just like products that work well...) Take care, Laszlo Sounds to me like he bought the Sandable Gap-Filling Primer instead of the regular Duplicolor Sandable Primer. The normal Duplicolor goes on nice and thin. Actually, I have the regular sandable primer and Laszlo, you're right.... it is the technique with it, but h
  2. Ok, so I was NOT wearing purple pants, but let me tell you.... my whole face was "Jade Green!" The only things that weren't stained were my teeth and eyeballs, but the lids even were!!!! OH, and as for altitude difference between the first and last time I opened it? Wherever it came from to my home because it was a brand spanking new bottle of paint, and I believe I'm at an altitude of about 80-100 ft above sea level, but don't quote me on that.
  3. I have to agree with you. I paint using an HVLP system for a living and you're totally right about the distance you hold it away from the miniature affecting the fuzzy texture. I use Armory white all the time, and though I do know the expierence they're all talking about, personally having enough spraying experience, I've learned the proper techniques through the years and know that it is indeed the person priming, not the primer. An experienced painter can spray with the most archaic of spray cans/nozzles. I'm not saying that everyone is "doing it wrong", but they're probably just not usi
  4. So I asked my wife what color eyes I should do for Ebonwrath, and she said green, so I took the Jade Green MSP out, shook it and went to squeeze a litte out of the bottle onto my mixing tray.... AND WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, THE DAMN THING EXPLODED ON ME!!!! I was COVERED in green paint. Needless to say, my wife found it amusing after helping me clean the floor and everything else around, but I was fortunate enough that not ONE LITTLE DROP even touched the dragon... and thank god for that because I only had to finish the eyes and that was it! SO, now I ask... has anyone else had a problem l
  5. I just bought a set of the RMS line online and got them in, but there were some paints in there I'm not quite familiar with. What are "clears" and what are they used for? What is the story with the "Liner" paint as well, is it a little thinned out for more precise lines? And finally, what recipe do you have for thinning out the paints when needed? Any help at all is highly appreciated!
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