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  1. I have now requested a refund on the second occassion from Bill Barsh. No response. His official policy on the Pacesetter web-site says "Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:We offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied. Your concerns are our concerns." At least Matt had the good grace to declare bankruptcy and join a seminary. Bill just seems to steal the money.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I must say I was surprised that Pacesetter Games got it wrong given they have been around for some time and Bill Barsh seems to be pretty well known. I kick myself for not recognizing the red flag when Bill Barsh was defensive of Matt Solarz. I understand that Matt made poor business decisions (and in my view misused Kickstarter funds) but it was the personal lies that irked me and now its deja vu with Bill. I don't know how these people can walk into a room.
  3. The title says it all. There has been a private facebook group with occasional interaction from Bill Barsh the proprietor of Pacesetter Games that bought the mouds out of the Center Stage Miniatures bankruptcy and pre-sold them again to the unsuspecting public Unfortunately the line must be cursed as there have been big problems on miniature delivers and haughty communications following representations of deliveries been made which were false and over a year old. Is anyone else in the same boat or considering transacting with Pacesetter. *-Cheers
  4. Let's crack the $5k to unlock the rider set. These trolls look superb and with Paul Muller sculpting quality is assured. Also these add on's are great if you love old school Queen of the Demonweb Pits!!!!
  5. Yeah, I remember when I first started buying Reapers probably 10 years+ ago for $3 a hit which then were a little pricey compared to the Ral Partha's that were still available before they went tits up. Since then the US prices have risen quite a bit and the AUD prices today are pretty much the US price x 2 plus a bit extra which is expensive. The AUD price has slowed down my purchases a lot and when I know I'm buying in bulk I will consider an overseas order to save. Even with overseas posatge international internet orders are a very effective Boston tea party. Cheers
  6. Tommy, I'm in Sydney and a Hirst Arts user. Check out the HA message boards for useful tips and links. You may find some local users that can tip in to share postage costs. 3kg of plaster will last a nano-second. Do not use plaster of paris as it is weak, powdery and low strength. I would recommend hydrostone or a good quality dental plaster (if you can find one). Hydrostone is a good choice as it iasts really well, is very strong (can't break a basic brick without pliers), and is not too expensive. I'm using Patternstone H, a form of Hydrostone, from a mob called Ainsworths Denta
  7. Ask the guys in the store - they know when most of the conference/tournaments are on. I know that MOAB (Mother of all Battles) is on the October long weekend as that is local for me. Cheers
  8. Probably more than a few lurkers as well Cheers
  9. No, but I spend far too much there! If its too far away try mail order via the Tin Soldier or through Military Simulations in Melbourne. Thanks for the welcome :) Cheers
  10. Tin Soldier - York Street in the city, they stock an extensive range. Cheers
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