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  1. 2d6 would smooth some of the swinginess in this game and would improve and/or change tactics. I also just don't like how the d10 mechanic works in practice. I can't plan around the the die type because it's too swingy, so I take a small subset of troops to mitigate and make the die irrelevant which has basically made 50% of the models I own useless. Now I do understand how the d10 does makes one-hit-one-wound mechanic work, but as I said it makes the game a little more swingy than I like. Lesser defensive strikes is about how I loathe out of sequence activations. It rewards lazy play and
  2. I would love to see a Karkarion faction. I think that would be boss. However! Datacard wise I would suspect they are fairly similar to Koborlas. Infact! If you really had an urge and the mind for it I bet you could create a proxied up Koborlas list that would play every bit like a swarm of blood crazed shark people and still be very viable. :)
  3. You may also want to consider making the Gaan'Hor list of doom verboten. I've never seen it beaten when played properly and only took us 1 tournament to realize it was a bit much for "friendly" matches. It's the closest thing to a broken list that exists and can ruin a lot of fun. . unless of course someone out there thinks they have what it takes to stop it?
  4. Another benefit of spikeshell's DR (and relative cheap cost) is that you have no fear from fireball, poison, chain lightning, or any other AoE for the most part when they are massed together. They shrug it off and keep trucking. Unless your opponent drops 2 effects on you. Then you are boned. . or shelled? It ain't good either way.
  5. In time I may be able to make a sizeable contribution. . Although I may negotiate slightly different rewards as befits my evil genius mindset. Joshua
  6. Definitely sounds like something worth ditching work early for. Joshua
  7. Wouldn't really be relevant for some games. GW's Warhammer 40k uses 2,500 point forces in tournaments I believe. I may be wrong. Haven't played that since discovering Warlord lol. In any even tI do know people who have spent 2-3 thousand dollars on just 2 or 3 armies for that game and still are missing things they'd like to have. Joshua
  8. Technically, it seems that if you are stunned and burning and you use your 1 action to do something other than put yourself out you would then take a point of damage and be un-stunned. . but still burning. So then would you get your second action? Or is the one action limitation a factor regardless of that fact? If so then it stands to reason that a stunned model will always only ever be able to take 1 action on their next activation even if they take damage before that. Follow? Joshua
  9. Paint or no paint. The eternal debate right? Well the fact is that miniature painting and miniature gaming are two completely separate hobbies independant of each other. It's true. Someone can go their entire life painting miniatures without ever gaming with one and the opposite can be said as well. Requiring someone to have a painted army or they can't play in tournaments is like requiring someone who only paints to play the games or they can't enter into painting contests. Could you imagine telling Derek Schubert or Anne Foerster that they aren't allowed to enter their painted figures be
  10. As we all know it's all about the list and not at all about the player lol (inside joke) Joshua
  11. I'ts a badly designed scenario. It grants a huge advantage to whoever gets the first move on the first turn, and heavily favors whoever brings the biggest close-combat general. -Lionheart. It's funny you should say that as I defeated a Reptus list led by the Broodmaster (the most melee warlord there is just about) with a Nefsokar list headed by Neb'Nesew Nepet (not at all melee). . AND I had to go 3rd in the first turn ( I really should include more initiative conrol in my list). If you focus on the objectives and less on just killing it has a great effect. Joshua
  12. Well it all really depends on what you and your opponent decide before the match starts or what a tournament scenario dictates. I would say (don't have my rulebook handy) that a crossing point of a river would count as light terrain or difficult terrain at worst. MEaning either no movement penalty or 1/2 move. Crossing a river is a 1/4 movement penalty as your units attempt to swim it I think (meaning 1" costs 4"). One could always just deem something water as impassible too either due to strong currents or angry watery denizens like pirhanas or something. Joshua
  13. I don't think this would be a difficult card to create actually. Give it 4 Damage Tracks so it's automatically nice and pricey. Give it a modest DV and MD, sad melee abilities, and a few SA's (Construct, Undead, Deflect/1). Wouldn't want it to be an elite or a soldier as that would be too powerful to team it with a troops firepower. So it's a solo. As for the Ranged stuff. In order to keep it simple I'd Give it Range 20/36, Indirect Shot, Pierce, AoE/3 (3" AoE), Sharpshooter, Unhinderd, and RAV 4 or 5. Would probably cost less than 200 points. Yeah, that would be pretty nice heheh.
  14. Stubb is right. DR/2 models like Mossbeard can be a right pain to deal with but if you focus firepower on them they fall fairly easily. The whole point is to put as much damage on them at once while minimizing damage taken in return. Model states like Stunned, Disabled, and Cursed are huge when attacking such large models. Send in a disable model after hitting him with an Ice shard or some other effect that stuns and you will face almost no retribution for your assault. This is why it's important to have versatility in a pitched battle list. That being said, 3 mossbeards is a nasty propos
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