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  1. I too will find myself building my forces around my doctrine. WHat's the use of having MOraia the Warbride act as a Standard and a Musician if I don't try to include her in every single Overlords troop when I take the Khardullis doctrine heheh. OR if I take the REven doctrine making the HIll Giant non unique, why wouldn't I take 4 of them if possible. . lol Joshua
  2. Well that's the thing, you haven't taken any damage yet until AFTER defensive strikes. . unless you got hit by First Strike. All damage takes place at the same time in melee unless otherwise noted (like first strike). So, after your attacker rolls and gets 3 hits you still haven't taken any of that damage yet. You know the model is about to die so you martyr it and get your +2 on the defensive swings. All damage is then applied after those rolls and whoever lives lives, unless they martyr'd. If they martyr'd they die no matter what. Using martyr is the same as using any other melee SA. You can Frenzy defensive strikes, but you don't decalre the frenzy until you are about to roll your attacks/defensive swings. Martyr is the same. You declare it before you make your attacks/defensive swings. Some people would rather you told them earlier, others don't care. But rules-wise, martyr is used during a fight action (yours or your opponents) and need only be declared before the martyring model rolls any dice, during step 2 of how to resolve a fight action (p.31 rulebook). About the polite business, that's a case by case thing. I personally don't feel it's rude not to declare it. It's not like my opponent is going to declare how many frenzied attacks they are going to use on my model before I engage them so why should I tell them when I'm going to martyr before they attack me? It should pretty much be understood that if you attack a character with Martyr, and are going to kill it, it's going to use that SA. Joshua P.S. I don't want this letter to sound heavy handed or anythign so go back and read it again, but this time use the voice of the Rebellions' Admiral Akbar in your head. "It's a trap!"
  3. Shakandara, the Martyr SA doesn't state that it has to be the MArtyring models fight action, it just states that it has to be used during A fight action. If you are making defensive strikes then you are involved in A fight action. Hence you can martyr defensively. It's a scary thing to face and BKBass is correct, it's considered polite (if not tactically brilliant) to declare your intention to martyr before dice are rolled if possible. Ofcourse, on the other hand, martyr states that you sacrifice your remaining damage tracks to get the bonus and then are dead. It also clearly states in the rules that the defender in an attack doesn't state it's defensive targets or SA's until it's turn to make defensive strikes. So declaring it before attacks would sorta be against the rules, but still polite I think (mainly if you are facing something that is for sure going to annihilate the martyring troop so you can save dice rolling time, it adds up) Joshua
  4. The doctrine says you can change ANY datacard other than those with the rank of Warlord. That would include models like the Hill Giant. I think a Hill Giant in any army that has the magical versatility of the Mercenaries would be an invaluable addition. Also being able to choose any magic item (non unique) allows you to get things like the hammer of the mountain God which would give a model mighty and a free Earthquake spell. The doctrine states that you can only choose one item, but not how many of that item you can take. So theoretically you could outfit all your Ranged elites with Sharpshooter from the Elves Seeking Arrows. Which opens some nasty possabilities too, almost like the Phylactery would too. Scared to cast an expensive Dominate at that High MD elite? Atleast if it fails you won't lose any SP. Being able to have multiple rerolls at your disposal sounds more like a trap for new players to me. Learning to win without having a safety net like rerolls seems like something an advanced player would pull off. Joshua
  5. My favorite tactic as of late has been to strike obscenely hard at a target. I pick one mode of attack and make it as powerful as possible (melee, magic, ranged). For instance, battle nuns have Martyr right? I wouldn't ask them to last long in a battle. even with parry. I only want them to last long enough to get to their target so they can die gloriously cleaving it to bits. Imagine if you will, a Battle Nun with Divine might. That's 3 attacks at MAV 5 when you martyr her with MIghty if she's attacking. That's some decent damage, well capable of taking out a much more expensive model. Also, don't be afraid to martyr on your defensive strikes. I've always considered models with martyr dead before a match even starts. For me it's usually Moraia the warbride, great for rushing out to meet and greet anything that gets too close to Zora or Ashkrypt. Matisse can hold his own. Joshua
  6. I should apply a healthy dose of that to myself as well. On the army builder it makes no mention of sergeants getting the benefit, but it does in the book. Still, solitaires don't get it heheh. *note to self, read more books, with less pictures* Joshua
  7. @Jdripley - The armor description doesn't specifically state that it gives a model the ability to use those actions, it just states that those actions become free actions. I would assume that sticking armor of courage on a solitaire while making it fearless, would not allow it to use leadership actions because it couldn't before. Any model can be fearless, only leader models can use leadership actions, ergo I assume the armor of courage's second function only applies to leaders. Joshua
  8. Most people cant' make Saturdays reliably because that is the day our women folk force us to look up from our amassed forces and pay attention to them instead. Yeah, every Friday we gather together and wage bitter and terrible war upon each other! Lots of fun is had, even by the losing side (I'm particularly keene on understanding how to lose and enjoy myself at the same time). Joshua
  9. I believe so. There doesn't seem to be anything in the wording that states you need LoS. Infact it clearly states that the summoned unit has to be within 2" and from there it's free reign. Oh and you can't summon it into a space already occupied. But other than that yes, LoS is irrelevant it seems. Now get out there and give those namby pamby Crusaders the drubbing they deserve! Joshua
  10. How about you take a moment to enhance your spacial awareness and just don't drop the bread? Or!! Wait until you get the toast to the table and THEN butter it. Ever since I implemented these two strategies I have seen no less than a 300% decrease in dropped toast incidences and a 1000% decrease in toast landing butter side down. Ergo, it stands to reason that your toast lands butterside down because God hates you. That's the only REAL scientific conclusion. Maybe find a church sometime and ask God why you two have beef? Joshua
  11. You're right. The wording does seem sortof at odds. But I'm sure the intent was to declare all targets and THEN start lighting them up heheh. Here's the wording: Chain Lightning This spell has the possibility of affecting multiple models. Only the first target model must be within LOS and Range of the Spellcaster. If the spell is successfully cast, the first model suffers 1 point of damage. The Spellcaster then chooses the next enemy target model. This next target model must be within 2" of the first target model, measured from the edge of each model’s base, but does not need to be within LOS or Range of the Spellcaster. Chain Lightning continues in this manner until the spell has targeted five models or the spell has no other targets in range that have not already been targeted by Chain Lightning. Heck, the way it's worded almost implies that if you miss your first target then the spell ends. Period.
  12. That's how we've always played it. When casting chain lighting you have to declare all your targets before rolling. Much like with shooting or anything else we have always played that you declare first, roll second. If you only plan on hitting one guy with chain lightning then feel free to only declare 1 target. I think it even states in the rules that all targets have to be declared before rolls are made. . not sure, will have to check in on that. Joshua
  13. I've been kicking around an idea of a Reptus Swarm with loads of Couatl. I good mix of casters and couatl plus the outcast doctrine (giving them all rush attack and deflect/1) could be insanely potent. It's like a bondslave survivor list but with poison and much much faster! It may look something like this. Reptus - 999 points Troop 1 Po Wi-Set Tasanee x 2 Couatl x 12 Troop 2 Somchai Kulan, Nagendra Assassin T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Couatl x 8 Troop 3 Somchai T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Tasanee x 2 Couatl x 8 Troop 4 Ssathuss Couatl x 4 Troop 5 Klahan, Nagendra Sniper YEah, that might be a very dangerous army. Especially with all the DR/2 Stone Skin spells you can toss around. Joshua
  14. Not only did you tell him that Gus, heck you even suggested he use his Battletech minis before he mentioned he owned a warhammer fantasy army! If allowing city smashing robots as proxies in a fantasy game isn't lenient I don't know what is. lol Joshua
  15. Neither can I. . I just always start at page 37. 90% of the time I find the answer there. I love leap, it's excellent for getting at the creamy center of your opponents army. Joshua
  16. Well, yeah. Hide the familiar. But Even when Argyrian is shaken, so long as he is airborne you are fine. It's on the ground that you might get into big trouble. Joshua
  17. These are the benefits of a familiar: A Familiar may only be taken by a Spellcaster and needs to be represented as a separate model on a Standard sized base. A familiar conducts its own Actions, separate from the Spellcaster. The familiar is not required to stay near the Spellcaster. The familiar provides the following benefits to the Spellcaster who takes it: 1. While the familiar is within LOS of the Spellcaster, the Spellcaster may use the familiar as its eyes for casting spells. It may also use the familiar for all other aspects of the spell, such as starting location, range of the spell, and so on. All ranged spells cast through the familiar are measured with a maximum range of half the listed Range value. 2. The Spellcaster may use a Free Action once at the beginning of each of its Activations to automatically recover 1 spell point it had spent in a previous Activation. 3. If the familiar is destroyed, its Spellcaster becomes shaken. If the Spellcaster subsequently becomes unshaken, it may use a Specialty Action to re-summon the familiar to its side (place the familiar in B2B with the Spellcaster). 4. If the familiar's assigned Spellcaster is destroyed, the familiar is immediately removed from play. That SP regeneration is what Gus refers to, along with the elf faction ability to regen another SP. Although, I'm not certain with the way the familiar is worded that you can recover more than one SP from a previous activation or if you can only recover 1 SP at a time. Joshua
  18. I USED to like to focus all my firepower into two or three troops and rely on Tactician to effectively give me up to 5 troops or more, along with a few spies. However, since discovering a new love for bondslave survivors I've begun using armies with upwards of 7 troops. I suppose it all depends on playstyle and army composition. There are some factions where I just couldn't conceive of taking less than 4 troops and some where I could not imagine more than 3 being viable, atleast for me. Joshua
  19. Well, I myself am a veteran of GW and other companies tabletop games. I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars in their minis. I've spent long laborious hours poring over army lists so that I may come up with the correct combination for assured victory only to see it go belly up by mid turn 2. I've nearly ruined untold numbers of friendships over rules disputes about who was where and what was where when X needed to happen. I've also forgotten on numerous occasions that I had certain abilities or had to leave them at home because they weren't modelled on the current figure I had. I had pretty much given up on tabletop gaming until I was introduced to Warlord. Luckily I still had a spark of love for the genre within me, for now I know those troubled days are behind me. Warlord brings the one thing all the other tabletop games I ever played lacked. . . . Fun! I enjoy playing warlord. Whether winning or losing, I almost always have a fantastic time. I've seen games where one side loses 40% of it's forces in one turn yet somehow manages to scrape a victory in the end. I've seen games that are decided in an epic conflagration of melee during turn one!! I've born witness to battles where noone won because both sides mutually anhilated each other. I ask you, have you ever played a tabletop wargame that allows for those scenarios to come to fruition? Have you ever cheered on your opponent as he laid waste to your own forces just because the way he was doing it was so unbelievably audacious and cool that you wanted to see it work, just to see if it really was possible? If you answered yes then I know you are already playing Warlord. If you answered no, then you're missing out. Joshua
  20. Shak, one thing to remember about the daisy chain list is that it's all demons who now have the summoned SA. Sadly, Vampire does not function against models with the Summoned SA, nor constructs, nor undead, nor on defensive swings. Nope, you can only suck dry fresh juicy live targets like my poor bondslave survivors. Serves them right for not being more ambitious though I suppose.
  21. So far it hasn't been a problem getting engaged. Unless your enemy has a way of denying you defensive strikes you still get to return fire with a Mav 4 attack which has a decent chance of landing a blow on a foe. I expect the line to crumble though, it's 2 functions are to either deliver a solid one time punch or give the Xbows/golems time to handle the threat. PLus the moment they are hitting your bondslaves is the mooment they are close enough for one of the warbrides, sisters, golems, or any combination of those to assault them. Meanwhile, hopefully, your Xbows can suppress any attempts at reinforcing the fray. It's important to remember that Zora has burst of speed available. When you hit a 3x2 block of Xbows with that they get to move 6" (musician effect from the warbride) then focus and fire allowing you 6 rav 5 shots with pierce. The one thing I do fear though is a heavily ranged army. I haven't faced one with that list and I think I'd have quite a challenge if I did. A pure swarm Bondslave survivor list like the one used to destroy the Daisy Chain list would be a much better choice since Chains of Binding has a 24" range (the equal of the best of archers) and 8 casters capable of casting it.
  22. So we're both correct then? Groovy. That beats someone being wrong. Joshua
  23. My favorite list at the moment is a DRASTIC departure from what I've been playing for the last 4 months. Which may be why I am enjoying it so much. The list is as follows: Overlords - 997 points Troop 1 Marquise Zora d'Arengo Balthon, Priest of Khardullis Moraia, Warbride Sword of Venom Bondslave Survivor x 8 Overlord Crossbowman x 6 Troop 2 Lorena of the Whip Moraia, Warbride Sword of Venom Daughter of the Whip x 2 Bondslave Survivor x 4 Bondslave x 4 Troop 3 Onyx Golem Troop 4 Onyx Golem Troop 5 Luck Stone This list may not have the turn controlling options but it does offer some great choices for combat options. This list when combined with the Voice of Khardullis doctrine allows you to use even humble Bondslvae survivors as Rauthuros slayers via the Trance of Khardullis spell combined with Incite (read my battle report in the epic daisy chain thread under general discussion). With the possible 17" rush attack range of the bondslaves you have a highly mobile (if disposable) strike force and wherever the opposition is toughest you can send in an Onyx Golem. All the while if you can place your Xbows on a hill you can rank them up and unleash a sky darkening hail of piercing death. Let's alos not forget the spells of the Marquise or the disabling characteristics of her attacks, Lorena's attacks, and the Daughters of the whip. Couple that with 2 Warbrides (each count as a standard AND a musician) and you can effectively whipe any tough melee unit off the table relatively freely. On friday I used this list against Lynn's Crusaders and was able to kill Duke Gerard with a warbride (well, two warbrides technically) and only lost the one that martyred due to granting DR/2 onto the other on via Stone Skin cast from Zora. This is no easy feat especially since he was utilising that accursed Holy armor and had Haalbarad (sp?) backing him up. . until I filled him full of Xbow bolts. Balthon also came in handy in summoning some spectral minions to meatshield for the Xbows (meatshield sans meat?) and earlier by sploding a bondslave that I ran between 2 lion's lancers inflicting one track and shaking them. This left them open to a charge from one of the golems or a barrage from the Xbows. IT was a good tough battle and the versatility of this list really paid off I feel. SOrry, I tend to go off on a tangent. Joshua
  24. Well, if you do the math there are 288 square inches in a 12x24 deployment zone. It sure seems liek a lot less though when deploying right? But even with 60+ models going down I was still leaving 228 square inches of space open inside my deployment zone which the Darkspawn were filling with aproximately 30 models. I found using circles and sideways turned bases with normal turned bases to be effective at limiting free real estate. Yeah his fireball incinerated 2 bondslaves, the rest was Gus using his divine Gus powers to slightly "nudge" edges for space as needed I kid I kid. He did a great job of filling in where space was available. What impresses me the most about this thread is how people are saying how tough this build is but I see atleast 5 examples of ways to beat it using various factions posted within it. A nefsokar list heavy on DR models will fare very well against this list as it is. So will a list heavy with first strike. Here in Dallas we tend to build the most broken lists possible. Or atleast we try to. We've seen lists where one side gets first strike the entire game and the opponent doesn't get to defensively strike once (that was a painful battle). We've seen battles where 1 model casts 4 fireballs a round for 4 rounds (technically not fireballs but pretty close, rounds 3 and 4 were pretty much academic). And yet other battles where the doom kitty and the angel come back to life if you kill them. . twice. "Broken list" is just another way of saying "challenging battle" around these parts. Saddest part is. . I was on the receiving end of all those tail whoopings. I need to find new people to play with.
  25. Well even with terrain you would play to my strengths anyhow. At some point you would have to engage my troops, at that point you are dead. Sure you rush in and kill one or two but then when I get to go next I have you. The Bondslave survivor has a rather spry 15" charge with an attack on the end thanks to EVERY caster having incite and the 3" charge/runner Zora imparts on all slave models instead of the usual 2". Furthermore, If you engage one of my troops with a large number of your own (say to guarantee a troop of 6 bondslaves dying) my caster is going to drop a nice Chains of Binding on your head as you've now nicely grouped yourself in a tight ring around her. Is this bondslave list unbeatable with the all demon army Gus used? No, but it's easily an uphill battle in the rain during a mudslide. My usual list I was going to use that night had far less bondslaves (30) and woulda been just as dangerous as it came with 2 Onyx Golems (gotta love DR/2 with bludgeon and mighty on a MAV 7), oh and like 6 overlord X-bowmen.. It's what I used to later take out some crusaders fielding the Death Kitty and Gerard. Joshua
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