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  1. Wow these threads move fast. So I went and revised my army list based on the fact that it was illegal. . minor technicality. With this list I think I would have produced an even larger blowout of Gus's forces as it provides an extra troop with an extra caster. Sure it's a few models smaller than my original build but there was a point in the battle where I realized having 1 more troop would have been advantageous. The list is as follows Overlords - 1000 points Troop 1 Marquise Zora d'Arengo Bondslave Survivor x 14 Bondslave x 2 Luck Stone Troop 2 Lorena of the Whip Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 3 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 4 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 5 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 6 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 7 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 8 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 9 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 That's 60 Bondslave survivors. That's a lot of dirty slave pain coming someones' way. Now, for a variation I was considering adding Vizier Kevis (47 point Affliction/Ice caster) to The Marquise's troop or giving out a couple standards with an attached bondslave to Zora and Lorena's troops. Heck I would have likely just dropped Lorena all together. My alternate list would likely have looked like this: Overlords - 999 points Troop 1 Marquise Zora d'Arengo Bondslave Survivor x 14 Bondslave x 4 Troop 2 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 3 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 4 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 5 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 6 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 7 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 8 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 Troop 9 Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Bondslave Survivor x 6 What's the difference? I really had no need of Lorena's restore tome or her combat prowess. I woulda rather had another Chains of Binding available and free bolt spells. Bolt is a great way to soften a hard target before your troops charge it or to finish of a dangerous foe on it's last track without risking more soldiers. That's likely what I woulda done different. This is still a large variation off the current swarm list I use though. Joshua
  2. Wow. . didn't mean to drag on so much. Sorry about that. Par for the course I guess. Joshua
  3. Too true, too true. I was amazed that I brought down the mighty Rautharos with a scant 63 points of minis. Well, if I factored in the models casting the 2 contributing spells from Zora (Trance of Khardullis) and Lorena (Incite) then I reckon I used close to 250 points. Honestly though I didn't need the Incite, I just didn't wanna risk failing a charge and having Rautharos loose in the heart of my army! I had always wondered what a Bondslave Survivor army could do. With a DV of 8 and a MAV 4 with Rage (giving mav 5 on a charge) and tough/0 (which worked 3 times outta over 40 rolls in this battle, but at all the right times) I figured there was probably something devious to be done with them. I was right, scary right. When Gus revealed his evil genius plan to provide the O'lords with fresh job openings in their ranks using his Darkspawn's tender wiles I was fairly certain I was right boned. I wasn't expecting to have to face an entire army on the first flip of a card in MY OWN deployment zone. Frantically I set my mind to work on an effective counter strategy (which seemed pretty daunting). A thought occured to me. . this thought was "What would Aaron do". The answer to that was immediate. Aaron woulda either A) found out ahead of time that he was facing the daisy chain army and gone tits up citing it's too broken to beat (not likely, he's an evil genius) or B) developed a list specifically designed to erradicate his foe in the most morale crushing way cosmically possible (the afforementioned evil genius part). Neither option was available to me so I had to wing it. I knew my casters would be key. I had 8 of the basterds after all, how many times do you have 8 casters in an army? That alone told me they were key to victory. I scanned my list of tomes. Enchant and Incantation on Zora. . not a lot offensively there. Restore on Lorena. . Bondslave survivors have 1 track so that's as useful as a football bat. Taletia has Arcane. . .Bolt, brilliant, I'll Pew Pew them one track at a time over 20 rounds hoping my meat shield holds long enough. I was right the first time, I'm right boned. But then! Then I perused my Doctrine Abilities, Warlord Abilities, and Faction spells. Here was my salvation, using the tools at my disposal effectively. Zora was my leader for the bondslaves because she imparts a 3" runner/Charge bonus to all slave models instead of the usual 2". I planned on coupling that with the fact that every caster gets "Incite" (granting Rush Attack to all models in the casters troop, my favorite SA. . . .period) with the Voice of Khardullis doctrine. This wasn't going to be too handy when my foes dark host is in my lap in turn one. What was incredibly handy was the arcane spell "Chains of Binding" that is specific to the O'lords. Having 6 3" AoE's that slap the disabled state on any foe caught in it is going to be huge! Infact, it was the game winner. This seemed a far better option than massed fireballs. Who wants to start flinging around fireballs in the middle of their own troops? Ok, I do sometimes, but only when they deserve it! Having found the means to control how and when my opponent will face me strategically I now had to figure out tactically what it would take to make that happen. Not letting my casters die was important and obvious, so setting up bondslaves in near base to base contact with their caster/leader meant Gus couldn't summon guys into B2B with them, atleast not easily. Also, with over 60 models to choke up real estate in my deployment zone Gus was going to find a hard time of it getting all his guys in there in the first place! That sorted the issue of tactics to allow casting, next came how to destroy his toops. I started a quick calculation in my head comparing my total number of attacks at my average MAV vs his total number of attacks at any one time at his average MAV crossed by the total number of Damage tracks either side could bring to bear with said attacks at any given time and promptly went crosseyed as I started to have a brain hemorrhage. I decided just to roughly count models instead. I had like a million, he had significantly less. I get more attacks probably. This meant that all I had to do to win was hit him as often or more often than he hit me and I would win just by sheer numbers. Even if he had 3 fireballs or a couple inferno/firestorms I'd still have the numbers advantage. That and the likelyhood of him getting one off without hitting a caster to counterspell it was almost impossible. Turns out Gus only brought one fireball to the table so it was a non issue. Round one started with the Daisy chain and I anxiously awaited the horror to unfold while trying not to soil myself (more a concern instigated by the 3 gallons of mountain dew I drank a couple hours previous and less attributed to Gus, but only slightly less). Sure enough Ghuros dropped a fireball on my troops and in a spectacular display of sucktitude only hit 2 of my troops who were promptly reduced to piles of steaming ash. Serves them right for being where a fireball landed, how they got to be Bondslave Survivors musta been a fluke. The rest of Gus' move resulted in lots of dead bondslaves and more than a few badly damaged (or even slain) demons. Khardullis made it clear that using swingthrough on more than one Bondslave survivor was likely to garner you a near dead Ice Demon afterwards. Now it was my turn. I still had 8 relatively intact troops left and turned them lose. It was a massacre!! I outnumbered the enemy like 3 to 1 and was easily able to stack 4 or 5 guys on each demon I attacked. This meant that most of my Bondlsaves had a MAV of 4+1rage+1support = 6 points of demon pulping fury! With several demons facing 4 attacks at mav 6 or atleast 3 at mav 6, very few remained after the initial onslaught. Any who still lived received a requisite smack of disable from a caster (focus first, always focus first. .glorious success or agonizing defeat is often measured by +/-1). I rolled marvelously the whole turn and ended up disabling about 90% of the demons that remained. I paid attention early to notice that the Beastmen and Icedemons only had #MA 1 so I made certain to kill as many of the demon warriors as possible (harder targets, yes. Worth the risk? Hell to the yes). Since his whole army was disabled Gus was left with almost no attacks for turn 2 (quick math lesson: 1-1 = 0). "Whole army? But Josh, you said 90% was disabled. Whole would mean 100% wouldn't it?" you might remark, and you'd be correct. What I meant by whole army is that anyone not disabled didn't really count (3 imps and Ghuros, who promptly rushed into their dooms in turn two) and Rautharos. "But Josh!!! Rautharos is a beast, a destroyer of worlds, stealer of cake, defiler of chip dip as he leaves naught but crumbly remnants of his crisps in the bowl. Surely you are mistaken when you discount Rautharos!?" Aye, normally I would be, normally. But on this day, this day Khardullis had a lesson to share with the Prideful demon Lord. That lesson was PAIN!! The pain of getting your buttocks handed to you by a handful of unwashed mortals, by the lowliest of even their pitiful kind! In order to overcome Rautharos I had to overcome his Fearsome SA. Bondslaves though enthusiastic are far from brave. Bondslave survivors are a smidge more confident, they've survived afterall. I couldn't risk tossing 12 guys at the great demon and statistically only getting 6 of them in. If that happened, all 6 would have to hit to kill him otherwise he was going to be free to run rampant in my proverbial undies. This is where Trance of Khardullis came into play. The Marquise dropped a heaping spoonful of Khardullian trance on Lorena and her nicely grouped troops. This gave 7 Bondslave survivors the Mindless and Martyr SA's. Lorena then had to cast Incite (later I realized I was in range, but better safe than sorry, 9" is longer than you'd think. . quit giggling) without focusing, which she did handily. Now was the time of Khardullis' blessing as, my 7 bondslave survivors zealously and without any thought for safety (mindless, duh) threw themselves upon the foul abyssal denizen! Unafraid were they of his towering form, his wicked blades, or his quad'nippled chest!! And with great vengeance they smote him! Maybe not vengeance, but I bet seeing 7 unwashed slaves tear down a 20 foot demon would have been impressive to say the least! I had 7 models attacking with a mav 7 (4+1rage+2martyr = 7, no support ). I needed 6 hits to kill him, I needed to roll 6 or better to hit (50/50 chance). I rolled 7, 8, 0, 0, 8, 6, 5. The giant demon fell. At this point we realized it was mostly a foregone conclusion for the Darkspawn. I still had about 30 models left, all casters still had SP's, and he was down to about 4 models. . . most were already injured. The demons may thrive on pain and suffering, but I doubt the relish their own torments. Gus and I called it before the 2nd troop went in round 2. I still lost over half my army in that one turn, but he lost over 80%. We were both stunned at the battle that had just unfolded before us. In near as 1 turn an entire game of Warlord was decided. Neither of us had seen anything like that, neither expected it to happen as it did. Granted that 1 turn lasted about 2 hours but still. . . 1 turn. Never have I seen such a one sided battle. Was it Gus's fault he lost? Nope, only if you count bringing a Daisy Chain army his fault. Which I don't. Am I Super Invincible Captain Lightning? Yes, I mean no. No I'm not. I'm the guy that loses so often that when I do win a battle everyone cries that whatever I'm using must be "broken", and they do so seriously. So why did I win this battle? Because I was patient and knew my army. My original plan was to rush attack the crap outta my opponent. When things changed I adapted and utilized my resources to the best of their ability, for once, and it worked. It was a fantastic game and lots of fun. Gus played brilliantly but again, I had too many models for him to kill and they were too spaced out. If he hadn't gone first things might have gone differently. Honestly though, it seems that when facing a swarm, the last place you want to be is in it's center. So next time you scan your preferred faction list and see that cheap as hell unit you never take. . . consider your options, maybe there's something devious there you can use. Maybe something hidden. Afterall if seven bondslave survivors can slay Rautharos, what can actual soldiers do? At the end of the day, the Marquise scanned the bloodied field. Many of her property lay broken and smashed among the detritus of the slain enemy. Yet many still were standing, dumbstruck. With a grin and a chuckle she gave praise to her dark God and vowed to sacrifice much in his honor tonight. Also, she would need to purchase fresh suits of armor for her intrepid survivors. To waste such potent weapons as these would be foolish. These survivors have earned the privilege of dying at a later date as fully trained Overlord Warriors. . . maybe some might be worthy of spending the coin to get Matisse to train them for service as Phalanx? Maybe. . . afterall, slaves are cheap and those lost are easily replaced. Perhaps that coin is better spent elsewhere afterall. Joshua
  4. Yeh, DR can be a real mood killer. Nothing better than getting the jump on your enemy only to have him shrug off everything you throw at him. Especially frustrating when those hits come from solid troops like Overlord Warriors. Me personally, I like to always make sure I have some tool in my army list that allows me to influence where and when I fight my enemy. I almost never have any idea who I'm going to fight and with what army. I just show up with what I have and face my foe, letting the dice decide the better Warlord. But if you know ahead of time you're likely to face a lot of DR or a fast army it's doubly important, especially as O'lords who pound for pound probably have the most powerful casters, to bring some magic or device that will allow you to control the battlefield. Ofcourse it's easy for me to say this, and sometimes I actually do it effectively. All in all though, I'd say you got a fine taste of Lady Lucks' less generous side with the 4 draws against you which allowed your opponent to capitalize on any weakness he may have perceived. Nothing really you can do about that except make a flawless army! When you figure that out lemme know. Joshua P.S. That is a marvelous paintjob. Getting beaten by models like that hurts less for some reason. . beating them feels even better too.
  5. Ofcourse, you also then get the flipside of the situation. The one where you're certain you have it all wrapped up then you somehow manage to wrest deafeat from the steely jaws of victory. That seems to be my specialty lately. But what impresses me even more than the gripping uncertainty of the outcomes of each battle are the ways you can create absolutely insane and freeform combinations with the troops! Not being limited to having a troop comprised of one type of model is great. I love mixing Cavalry with archers and casters and whatever else I feel a troop needs. What's even better is that the game system truly rewards you not only for sound tactics but for creative troop composition. It's almost like a combo system you'd find in a video game.
  6. Hi, I'm a new Warlord player myself. I've played a few other tabletop wargames, mostly made by games workshop, and I've always found the experience lacking. The matches always felt slow, tedious, and victory was more based on who bought the bigger mini and then got to use said mini first. Most of the time you knew who was going to win the battle 2 rounds in. I always felt that tabletop wargames were just too slow to hold my interest and that if I wanted to ponder methodically over each move then Chess would be a better use of my time. I then discovered RTS's and later MMORPG's (Many Men Online Role Playing Girls?). I've easily spent as much on them as I ever did on tabletop and if given the choice I would always choose them over a tabletop game. . . until now. This new version of Warlord is wheels off fun! Every match I've played so far with the new rules has been swift and really came down to the wire as to who was going to win. The surprise defeats and victories I've seen are truly epic. Tactics meant more than specific models, luck and skill were needed to carry the day for you. Even better was the ease by which this game could be learned. I showed up one night at a demo with my friend (he'd been talking it up for awhile) and within 15minutes I was playing. Not only was I playing but I was comfortably playing and I understood what meant what. I was instantly hooked. Every faction I've tried has a distinct feel and flavor to it, even more incredible is that within this flavor are key ingredients that you can tweak to get a completely different experience. All told that means there's about what, 10-12 distinct factions each with the ability to "taste" dramatically different? That's beautiful. It really means that I have to be on my toes tactically, I can't just assume that because I'm playing against a faction that they will be defeated in the same manner as the last time. It's a good thing. Obviously a lot of effort and care has been put into assembling this endeavor and it shows. I don't think anyone will be disappointed in this new version. Gus, Jason, and the rest really ahve done a fantastic job with this.
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