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  1. There is a Kickstarter going on until January 7th, 2019 for the English version of the book “The Art of Miniature” by Mohand Art. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mohandart/the-art-of-the-miniature-miniature-art-tutorial-bo
  2. Oooh! I think I remember seeing this on Facebook or Instagram earlier today! This is a really cool mini! Great paint job! I can tell it was fun to paint!
  3. I know that's a fun mini to paint. You are definitely off to a good start. =) Welcome to the hobby! We are glad to have you.
  4. Good use of colors! =)
  5. nope. I think this is a good idea. =) Been working on updating some stuff on profiles. =)
  6. In mid September, I redeemed a gift code and purchased 2 paints. I just received my shipping notification a few days ago. They did say that the sale did effect things. However, I am thinking that if you know you are going to be THAT busy, you should plan and hire accordingly. lol So don't worry =) We are all right there with you.
  7. There needs to be an "OMG I LOVE THIS!" button lol. You did an amazing job on this piece =)
  8. Love it! The green looks awesome! Totally reminds me of Slimer from the ghost busters. =)
  9. I love the colors that you used. The rust effects look good too. It make the rust really pop, may I suggest using maybe a brighter orange for the highlighting?I have included a reference picture so that you see what I mean. =)
  10. ww.metalheadminis.com, Twitter- @Metalhead_Minis, Instagram- @Metalhead_Lynsanity, Like Us on Facebook!

  11. @ Leader- yes the flowers are flat, but they are flexible enough to shape a bit or you can even use some tricks (i.e.- super glue and then matte out the shine from the glue) to have it in a bent shape. I would say the best way to use them is to spread them out throughout a grass setting or by rocks. @Cassu- thank you =) Sorry it took me so long to answer you guys. I didnt get any notification that there were reponses to my post. lol
  12. Hey Everyone! I know I have not posted pics in forever and I have missed being here. I have been super busy (which is a great thing). Figured I would drop by and say hello. Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays so far. Here are 2 of the most recent pieces that I have completed. Hope you enjoy them! Also in other news: Metalhead Minis has a new website: www.metalheadminis.com and a Facebook page! facebook.com/lynstahlartist =)
  13. I love the greens that you used. Nice and bright =)
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