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  1. You know the braids bothered me to, I didnt like how they came out and was considering doing something different with them. Derek I agree a little bit to much black, I will give him more time if I do him again.
  2. Hey here are some of my new jobs of late I really liked the lichqueen very cool sculpture I thought Baeldrinahar Damien Angel of Radiance
  3. Waggas are cute and funny I hope they make more. You cant get enough waggas
  4. Here is my new minis I manage to do the last month. Night Watch Night Watch Night Watch Village Mob Village Mob Eskin male Rogue Lodoni Female Rogue Familiar Fairy Tobias Winterthorn Half Elf Druid Netheris Evil Cleric Kale Nolan Heroic Warrior Lathula Female Barbarian Female Rogue Garthage Droll Waggamaeph Waggamaeph
  5. The base for the shadowsister I just used woodland sceenics Blended Turf with some Oregana cruhed a little mixed in
  6. I was unsure if the skin color of the Sea elves would work it was Msp Millitary green with white and then some tinting with my tube hookers green and Bestail brown gw color. The flesh color I use the most is Gws Elf flesh. I use Bestail brown and sometimes reaper color woodland brown For shades and Tube color Cadmium Red for pinker flesh tones. Sometimes I use caucasian reaper with woodland brown one I like to.
  7. A bit bigger lot this time, many that have been sitting around for a long time some for years. A topless warning on Lorn Lol. Cheers Linus Felix Einen Dilean softstep Half Elf Rogue Demon Sergeant Amiryth Elf Archeress Lorn barbarian with axe Nagel The Hammer Olaf Viking Chieften Ollamiel Sea Elf Shusanthe Sea Elf Shadowsister Uru Rivertroll Urich Adventuring Fighter Siobhana Vampiress Chaos Sorcerer Hasslefree Girl Waggamaeph black =)
  8. Super stuff I love the man running from the squigs and goblins and all the rest to ofcourse
  9. Yea they did, usually they dont seem to have a problem with the topless females wich are a a great portion of minis, I have some lines up the Reaper mermaid wich I really like, another fairy, a priestess with bare chest. I wonder if I can blurr them out or something like that if they would still have a problem with that?
  10. Hey guys, wow some blessedly cool weather moved in and it did wet stuff from the sky witch almost never ever happens here in El Paso. Got me airconditioner fixed to, a happy viking. Shimmer got fixed so that pic works again. Derek thanks for the pointers
  11. Thanks yea Rouge I do that mistake often is it hot or what it doesnt help that my airconditioner quit. Now to perusal my shelfs for the next minis to line up for this months work and order more Reaper Goodies
  12. Hi guys here is my last months paintjobs The reaper minis were alot of fun specially the shadow king. I wish I could I have sunk more time into some of them. Almaran I might have to paint again very cool paladin sculpt. Shadow King Callie Rouge Strohm Elementalist Dub Bullock Harem Gilr Nudy Warning Shimmer Half Drow Cavalier Crouching Assasin Millosaurs Night Goblin Boss
  13. Hey woowwy that is good love so many things about him skintone is amazingly cool for a vampire and well all the tones are great. By the way you made me into a discworld fanatic I now have all the audiobooks
  14. Thanks for the feedback everyone I always try to make sure and check so I dont miss questions and such. Ive got 2 weeks to paint for my next ebay auction got some fun and cool Reaper minis to pick from
  15. Hey folks here is my new paintjobs of the last month Benedikt Hellthorne Blade Dancer Cyanea The Just Calindra Rogan Half Orc Rouge Karl Oakbriar Knight Amazon Girl Witch Parway Gnome Druid on Toad Vulture
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