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  1. I currently use Kobolds for small critters, Orcs for medium, Ogres for large (all Kenzer & Co variety ... for some reason I have a few more of them than most other types :D ) beyond that I use dice, any PC minis available and unique (at least relatively unique), etc. Basically anything I can get my paws on, then dice to suppliment. I also have a bunch of older minis, but I usually don't carry them around with me (tad heavy).
  2. :cool: How thick of metal can you cut with them? Have you ever broken a pair? Reason I ask is that I have broken two pairs of sidecutters I picked up at GW. (I also have broken three Craftsman cutters, but they are cheaper to replace :D but are not true flush sidecutters :( and thus do not leave a "pretty" edge )
  3. ... unless they are Gnome Titans from HackMaster RPG :cool: btw, I have played 3, 7 of my players have played at least one (usually more), a 3e game I was playing in had a Gnome wizard (female), and that is just what I can remember off the top of my head! (yes, 3e has made gnomes a tad more common, as has HackMaster)
  4. Here is a HackMaster Gnome that looks a little more like a crazy alchemist type Gnome Scroll Caddy It is to scale with the rest of the HackMaster miniatures line (I have compared the HackMaster Dwarves to the "Dwarven Brewmaster & Patrons" (02559) and found the figures to be of the same scale. :D Now I just have to paint them so I can use them in my HM games ... :cool:
  5. Sad, but true. :( The "Lewd ..." version is still available :)
  6. See, I like playing Gnomes (actually liked, not too enthused about the change in their favored class with the revisions, at least for D&D), so I know how tall they are (BTW - " means inches, you mean feet or '). And speaking of enlarged Gnomes and Kenzer, make sure that's not a Knome (or some other alt spelling). Those are Kenzers "giant" Gnomes. Sadly, the minis I used for my last Gnomes were the Kenzer Dwarven Wizard and a Ral Partha Gnome w/Spanner (the latter available for viewing in the Show Off section), not Reapers. Those are the Fairy Meat Gnomes (ex. Gnome 1, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, Gnome 4) not the HackMaster miniatures (ex. Gnome Titan Fighter male, Gnome Illusionist male, Gnome Illusionist female, Gnome Scroll Caddy, Gnome Fighter (miner) male, Gnome Magic-User male). :D
  7. There was a bearded female dwarf in a few of the early TSR modules (aka, 1st Ed AD&D) ... I believe it was A1-4 (the slavers series, c.1980). See A1 (cover, p.1) and A2 (p.2) for reference. :D
  8. I use a pair of Craftsman cutters to remove most of the base, then use a pair of GW Sidecutters to remove what is left close to, and under, the feet. Works well for me, but I do tend to go through cutters rather quickly (hence using Craftsman for the gross cuts :D ). The Craftsman ones are "low" quality, break often, but are free to replace :laugh: , but have a bevel on both sides :( . The GW are "decent" quality, have only one bevel, but are a tad pricey. If anyone knows of higher quality and/or cheaper sidecutters (flush) than GW's, I would appreciate it. Another option I have heard of is using a Dremel tool to cut the base just below the surface, then using a non-sterile surgical scalpel to finish the job.
  9. The HackMaster Beholder consists of a top, bottom, 2 eye sprues (5 stalks per sprue), and a flying stand. The HackMaster Lewd Beholder has a different top, the bottom has a tongue, and one of the two sprues has a pair of hands instead of two of the eye stalks. :D
  10. Kenzer & Company is advertising a pair of hireling packs for June release. One of the figures is a halfling torch bearer cowering behind, apparently, a seperate shield. Another is a pack ape (which only makes sense if you read Knights of the Dinner Table magazine). I recently picked up Reaper's Merchant with two guys hauling a chest as well as the Dwarven Brewmeister with Patrons :cool: . Next I plan to get some of the townsfolk :D
  11. Kenzer & Company's miniatures are 36mm scale (bottom of foot to top of head). I did some comparisons between Reaper's and Kenzer & Company's miniatures and the results follow: I compared the Dark Heaven Legends (02559) Dwarven Brewmeister and patrons to Kenzer & Company's (4074)Dwarven Battle Mage male and found the scale to be essentially identical. In comparing the D H L (02470) Kobold Raiders to K&C (4083) Kobolds the tallest of the Reaper Kobolds was identical in size to the K&C ones. D H L (02448) Dancing Girls was to scale with K&C (4080) Human Magic-User male and slightly taller than K&C (4099) Human Cleric female. D H L (02548) Merchant and Henchman was the same height as K&C (4099) Human Cleric female, but undersized compared to the male wizard I mentioned. This should give anyone who owns minis I have mentioned some idea on how the lines compare to each other. :cool:
  12. Miniatures games and/or games using miniatures ... from Reaper (never played, but plan to pick up soon): CAV Warlord from Kenzer & Company: Fairy Meat HackMaster RPG (Reaper minis work great for this game ... just don't tell their miniatures manager that I told ya ) Final Days I haven't played much Games Workshop lately (don't like the figs as well as Reaper's and Kenzer & Company's), but they make Mordheim, Warhammer, and Warhammer 40K
  13. Dwarves: I tend to use names from the Elder Edda (Durin, Thorin, Froda, Bilba, Oakenshield, Gandalf, etc) German words (Berg, Krieg, Ketzer, Davon, Angeben, Stramm, etc) or gemanic sounding invented names (Dvolun < umlaut over the o >, Dwalin the Younger, etc) You can also check into old AD&D books, Kalamar, Warhammer, etc, for dwarven names. Hope that helps.
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