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    Painting figures (mostly historical, but I also paint lots of fantasy stuff and occasionally sci fi, basically if I like a figure or a subject, like pirates, I'll paint it), travelling, reading, cooking.

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  1. After three or four days of fighting with this one, I think I've got in a manageable state and I can press on.
  2. I've not had a problem with it drying unevenly, but I have noticed that it does seem to have a longer drying time than most. Chalked that up to either having thinned the paint too much or the weather as it has been unseasonably humid. Perhaps it's just another eccentricity of this color.
  3. Well I didn't thin the paint at all tonight and I used a completely new brush and still got bubbles but not as bad. It would seem that there is eccentricity to this bottle or maybe this color, anyway, I think I can move on after this dries thoroughly. Fingers crossed.
  4. Getting it on the brush. I suspect you are correct, so started fresh and went straight out of the bottle, still getting tiny bubbles, but I may not have let the existing paint layer dry thoroughly enough.
  5. Any idea why the above paint is bubbling up? I have been trying to paint a section of a miniature with this color for the last three days and it keeps leaving tiny air bubbles. Very frustrating!!! Thank you in advance!
  6. I plan to use these two colors as the base colors for different items on a figure. What I need is shade and highlight mixes for them. Make sense?
  7. Nicely done. I have tried painting this figure several times and have never been happy with the result, in the end I used it for parts.
  8. Pledged, but I already know that Reaper will be getting more of my $$$$ with all of the incredible add ons.
  9. The Red Lancers and El Greco Miniatures sell a ton a different busts. Most are historical but the sell fantasy stuff too.
  10. Ah, yes you are of course correct, that is why I have had to beg someone that was going to attend to pick a couple of copies up for me. I forgot that I was supposed attend last year and therefor got the swag bag.
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