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  1. I'm in the valley, I'm not a gamer, but I am a painter. If you meet at a time/day I am available, I'm in.
  2. I think I have it or similar color, thanks.
  3. Well that sort of helps I still need to find the others in the triad or an alternate. Thanks!
  4. Since this color and associated triad are OOP, can anyone recommend an alternative? Thanks.
  5. Realized that after the fact. Sorry
  6. I have a crappy camera, but I will see what I can do
  7. I don't think I posted this yet. This is one four things on my workbench right now, very WIP. Question/comments always welcome
  8. I think the concept is fantastic, BUT, the execution and design is poor. I also have agree that the marketing is all wrong, there is no tie in for one thing as has been stated previously.
  9. Red pandas do kind of look like foxes... I had to Google Red Panda, just to see for myself, I think I have a new favorite animal!
  10. send me an e-mail. I'll see what I can do. Oh - follow up: Friday afternoon I got one loaded up. I do not recall if it made it to Friday's outgoing pile or was too late, but we have sent it. Thanks. Not to worry, I should have it by mid week regardless, my last order went out on Thursday (I think) and it arrived today.
  11. As I get older it depends mostly on my audience; but I remember this one incident when I was a kid, where I invited a friend over and told him to show up at five to seven. He came a five. Mind you we were kids and he was from Cali and I was from NY.
  12. I believe Scibor Monsterous, will be releasing a gate soon.
  13. I am just curious (and I might have missed this some where), but those of us that were going to attend RCon and couldn't last minute; will still be getting a swag bag in the post correct? FTR I did contact Reaper before RCon, but haven't heard anything. Again sorry if I missed this.
  14. And she should be wearing glasses. This has to happen, it would be the most epic mini EVER!
  15. I'm with you on this one Froggy, I think you and I have suggested it several times. Want
  16. Pledged earlier this morning, thought I missed this one
  17. Just an update, because people have expressed concern; had a CAT Scan (chest and throat) on Friday (4/25). Got the results today, minor inclusion in my chest, my throat is clear. Dr. says either pneumonia or infection. No antibiotics, just another inhaler added to my rescue inhaler and breathing treatments. I go back in two weeks, which is an improvement. Thanks for the concern and well wishes.
  18. Thanks for the pics. I was so close to being able to attend this year. I am pretty determined to make it next year!!!
  19. Hopefully I was able to see your entries, but was not able to attend most of the show due to a medical emergency.
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