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  1. Scheduled to arrive around 4:20 on the 23rd, anyone that has space for one more AND a manual wheelchair (breaks down pretty small), I am more than willing to help with expenses.
  2. I know there is a thread about carpooling, but could find it. Anyway, if anyone is going to be in the area of DFW on the 23rd around 4:30 and can fit a body and a manual wheelchair (it folds up pretty small), I would appreciate it. ;)
  3. I'd get a ticket just to get the swag, but I can't attend either banquet and I don't want to take a spot away from someone who can.
  4. I gave up on a competition piece and I'll just enter a few things I've worked on over the last year and a half. Boom, no pressure! :) Pretty much my philosophy
  5. Tradition says that comp pieces are finished until a few minutes before the entry deadline. guilty
  6. My first RCon, and working hard to get my comp pieces finished.
  7. Add Roald Dahl to my summer reading list
  8. I can't explain the underwear packaging, but the burrito is just another example of the society in which we live that has to be told that the coffee you just bought is HOT or to take the pizza out of the box before re-heating.
  9. Very nicely done. I love the color scheme.
  10. Something about this one seems hinkey to me
  11. I was tempted by this one and had my arm twisted pretty hard, but I just don't have the scratch.
  12. Wish there was an option to just get the dwarves, but I am tempted to get in on this if I can swing the $$$$
  13. Michael's/ Hobby Lobby have all sorts of steampunk bits in their scrapbooking section (or at least they should mine does). That should get you started with a scratchbuild.
  14. Fantastic paintjob. I have to get one of these.
  15. What Inarah said. I wish I could back this, but it isn't in the budget (at least not like that)
  16. Yeah I had an alert notify me 15 min..and then again 5 min before noon here. I refreshed my browser for a goo minute before I saw all the options refresh and show seats available. The "How Not To Suck" had 3 available at that time so someone was even quicker than I. RCon Noob mistake on my part.
  17. Happens all the time (one of the reason I won't do evilbay), the only ones ebay will listen (maybe) is the copyright holder and even then, it takes time for them to take action.
  18. they are most likely sold out I guess that is what I get for not logging on in the first 30 seconds, because they were listed as unavailable from the get go.
  19. I probably missed this one, but two of the classes I was hoping for have been listed as "Unavailable" all day, but I also was not able to check the website for a few hours so did I miss my opportunity?
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