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  1. PayPal is working now. We apologize for the delay in that functionality. Went CC route, but thanks
  2. Ahhhh darn & here I was waitin for yah to ask me to get you a Sophie again Glad your able to make it this year. You can still pick up a Sophie for me ;) Or even better a mousling
  3. the $40 Admission item is your badge, and includes SWAG Bag (which itself includes Sophie), yes. Your itinerary page should actually use the word 'badge' IIRC. Great then I didn't muck it up. Shirts and classes are separate, correct?
  4. For some reason, I couldn't use PayPal, but I purchased my ticket, so yup going to my first RCon.
  5. Got that e-mail too and changed my password straight away.
  6. If we got to choose who got sniffed I would volunteer. Unfortunately my sense of smell, is not so good.
  7. Lysette is your best mini to date (that I have seen at least ).
  8. My first RCon (90% sure I am going to make it) and there is a new registration system, hope I don't eff it up
  9. Very nicely done. Love the color scheme.
  10. Another order another pink! <3 Reaper!
  11. Looks like I might actually make my first RCon, so I'm getting one of theses!
  12. I have only gotten a few Sophies, but I will be getting this one!
  13. A sci-fi mouseling in power armor with a blaster rifle mounted on a giant cybernetic ferret - just like the old Gamma World mini boxed set. Also, a circus clown mouseling... +10
  14. Kind of a bubblegum/Pepto Bismol shade, with sort of a vague hint of a purple undertone? I think I got the same one... I was so happy - it was my first sample... I was starting to get sooo jealous of everybody who got one, lol. That's the one, which is perfect for an up coming project.
  15. So I received my order today in the usual timely fashion (two days) and was doubly lucky in that in my order was a "sample" (you know the drill) but it is pink or some shade or other and I have need of pink for an up coming project; so props to Reaper for that one!
  16. Not surprisingly, I have been listening to Lindsey Stirling and Taylor Davis the last couple of days.
  17. Well, it's not like we were talking about calibers. (barrel length as a multiple of bore diameter) Exactly! Otherwise you would have seen something like this: 3.7cm KwK 36L/45 5 cm KwK 38L/42 5 cm KwK 39L/60 7.5 cm KwK 37/L24 Its just a classic tank geek conversation What scares me is that I understood the whole thing!
  18. Hey it is vitally important that you have the correct shade of butternut for that Confederate you are about to paint And TARDIS blue should be a color!
  19. Prepare for summary execution puny humans!
  20. It's the ground transpo once in TX I have to figure out. At Rcon I will be good, or not
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