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  1. I'm getting ready to place an order and I'm currently using Citadel Liche Purple on my female pirate; I'd like a Reaper equvailent (I've read Clear Plum, but don't see it listed) and I could also use tips on shading and highlighting this color.



  2. I've been a dyed in the wool acrylics painter for over 25 years and about a year or so ago I heard that Reaper paints were far superior to Citadel, Vallejo, etc. so I decided to check things out for myself; onething lead to another and I found the website and was amazed at the quality of the minis and that Reaper has larger scale figures. I sort of remember Reaper from my gaming days way back when, but boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. I've since started a collecting both the paints and the kits, I now have an over-flowing drawer of paints from other companies, many of which I will continue to use as the fill a need I am not sure I can get from Reaper; but I can be proven wrong :rolleyes: While I have hide some of my purchases from SWMBO due to $$$$, I find I have to hide of my Reaper purchases from her because the do not pass the censor. :ph34r:

  3. Still working on female pirate (54mm Maria Roseblade) and a bunch of other historical and fantasy stuff (Maria being the only Reaper), which I hoped to finish before going on vacay for 10 days at the beginning of July :blush: , but the painting gods have once again gotten in the way :angry::angry:

  4. I love what you have done with this figure; I have two copies on the WB right now. I'm new to minis (but not figure painting), so I have lttle to offer WRT critque, but the one thing that pops up at me and it might just be the pic, but the inside of the right sleeve looks like it could use more shading. Overall, I think you did a bang up job, the fleshtone and the color choices for the clothes are perfect.

  5. Inigo Montoya!


    I want a male version of a swashbuckler like Lonnia, Female Duelist, you know, Errol Flynn with an attitude. But please --- no floppy hats or bubble pants.... A slick, suave hero with a rapier, main gauche and tights!


    There's a ton of beefy warriors in heavy armor and backstabbing thieves to choose from, but almost no smooth, finesse fighters.

    I'm liking that idea, only there has to be 54mm verson to go with all of my other 54mm swashbucklers

  6. I was perusing the DHL catalog the other day, looking for my next purchase and came across a three figure set but didn't add it to my shopping list :grr::down: thought the kit was from the townfolk series, but it's not there. The kit in question, has as stated three figures they look like monks (one is carrying a cross), but that search comes empty too. :unsure: Does this sound familiar to those who have been around a bt longer??

  7. First off, which figure is that(sorry new to Reaper :unsure: ), and I'm on a new mission to collect as many Reaper pirates as I can. Secondly, great pant job so far. I'm currently working on the 54mm version of Maria Roseblade and plan to go with either blonde or red hair, but think your figure would look better wth dark haiir as you have her.

  8. Oh Wow Captenglish! you just started painting Reaper?! Aww thats a shame! *shakes head* lol ( just kidding)


    I think thats great! your are still just as much family as the rest of us, I say! ::D:


    Definitely get pics taken when you can.

    If you look on the main page of the Reaper forum, there is a thread/ section called "shutterbug" that has all kinds of suggestions to take pics and problem solving.


    I saw a real cool post about how to make a light box to take pics! I am totally going to attempt that!

    Yup just started painting Reaper within the last couple of months, though I have been painting figures for about 25 years. My problem with pics is my point and shoot digicam :unsure: I'll see what I can dig up though on my PC from pics friends have taken

  9. Welcome to the Reaper crew/family captnenglish! ::D:

    We can tend to be a crazy crew, but we are the lovable kind of crazy!

    you will learn much on the forums, feel free to answer questions and give feedback.

    Also, please put up some of your work! would love to see!

    As soon as my camera stops being defiant, I will be sure to put pics up as well! lol

    Thanks for the welcome. WRT being crazy, what figure painters/gamers aren't :wacko: As far as my work, I'll see what I can postI've only started painting Reaper stuff, hope that isn't a problem. I'm currently painting Maria Roseblade (54mm version) and I'm having a blast :wub: I have camera issues too, so I might have to wait until the next "picture day" at my club.

  10. I have quite a few of the contest entries in my Reapercon images mess. A lot are uncropped and I have NO CLUE who did most the pieces. Just thought I'd throw it out there until the official images are up for all to see.


    Bigs ReaperCon '09

    I'm new to Reaper and to this forum (but not painting figgies), after seeing your pics Bigs, I think I am going to make every effort to get to reapercon next year. Thanks for the sharing.

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