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  1. Considering my first RCon this year if I can come up with the scratch and figure out the transpo logistics (manual wheelchair).
  2. Just bought my ticket to Lindsey Stirling here in L.A.
  3. Taylor Davis is another amazing violinist that does that type of music, though I doubt with as much energy.
  4. She has mad skills (and she's kind of a cutie )
  5. I don't know to answer this one, apparently I am a bigger nerd than even I was willing to admit.
  6. YIKES You see why I let that kitty cat come inside. As long as you didn't eat it, I know what goblins think of kitty cats (nom nom).
  7. High 70s here in LA today; awesome sauce!!!
  8. I have both (just got the Gory Reds yesterday) and the Gory Reds in my opinion are lighter. Regarding overlap, it depends on your needs. I have a pair of figures where the Gory Reds are more suited than the Bloodthirsty Reds.
  9. If I go this route, I would start with Chestnut gold and work up to Palomino Gold. That's my fall back as it is the classic. Thanks guys.
  10. Thanks Vulture. I get the concept, I just suck at it. I am also not sure that I want to paint those bits gold.
  11. Thought about that, I just haven't mastered NMM.
  12. Well she was highborn, so maybe gold lace.
  13. I am working on this figure right now: http://morlandstudios.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=1444 and I need color help. I am painting her up as a grey elf magic user/ thief character I played in an AD&D campaign for a couple of years back in high school in the late 80s early 90s. I am using the red violets triad for the dress, royal purple triad for the cloak and various browns for the leather bits (including the bodice, the character wore leather armor). What I need help with is the trim along the neckline and cuffs of the sleeves. Thanks in advance. I will post WIP ASAP.
  14. Only if they look like Barbara Eden or Kaley Cuoco (from the Toyota Rav 4 adverts)
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