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    -12°C here with windchill making it feel like -24°C.

    I can't say I'm hating it actually; this is what January is supposed to feel like around here.  ::):


    ETA: -12°C = 10°F and -24°C = -11°F




    You see why I let that kitty cat come inside. 


    As long as you didn't eat it, I know what goblins think of kitty cats (nom nom).

  2. Maybe start with Palimono Gold and go from there...

    If I go this route, I would start with Chestnut gold and work up to Palomino Gold.


    well... how about a cream color? it is a pretty classic look for a frilly edge and you would still get the contrasting color benefit of the slight yellowy hue.

    That's my fall back as it is the classic.


    Thanks guys.

  3. I am working on this figure right now: http://morlandstudios.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=1444 and I need color help.  I am painting her up as a grey elf magic user/ thief character I played in an AD&D campaign for a couple of years back in high school in the late 80s early 90s.  I am using the red violets triad for the dress, royal purple triad for the cloak and various browns for the leather bits (including the bodice, the character wore leather armor).  What I need help with is the trim along the neckline and cuffs of the sleeves.  Thanks in advance.  I will post WIP ASAP.

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