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  1. Was this actually a post by Meg Maples? My birthday wish came true!!! Happy birthday to me BTW another great paint job Meg!
  2. Especially of Thorin and in 54mm would be even awesomer
  3. Completely agree. I will say that I think I am more in love with this hottie elf chick (Tauriel) than Arwen (and Liv Tyler is a super hottie in my book). Regarding the love triangle neither character needed to be in the movie, they weren't in the damn book. I did think that parts dragged. The 3d sucked and gave me a headache, not a fan of 3d anyway. Smaug was awesome. Laketown was cool.
  4. ...you're the Sheriff of Nottingham? Bad month, not much in the mood for the holidays.My sympathies. Hope things look better with the new year. Thanks that means more than you realize
  5. ...you're the Sheriff of Nottingham? Bad month , not much in the mood for the holidays. At least someone caught the reference though
  6. This is the first Keanu Reeves movie that I am considering seeing at all since the first Bill and Ted's
  7. My order arrived today, but of course I will not be able to confirm the contents for another 10 days
  8. Did your parents ever do the "Christmas and b'day gifts combined" thing? I have another friend who's birthday is in that range, and they totally did to her. Hey, I can haz shipping confirmation! Yay! I'd like to camp my doorstep, but that would probably be less than productive. Ordered on December 7th, btw, so they are held up - just to let you all know. Actually, no. My wife doesn't either; though this year, after trying to think outside the box, and not having any luck, my wife instructed me that I had a $200 limit and to act surprise on x-mas and my b'day I ordered on the 8th and should have my order Friday (well it should arrive on Friday I won't get it until x-mas)
  9. Please don't feel poor, feel like a person with better self-control. And less of a life controlling Bones addiction. Believe me it isn't easy
  10. When I order this time of year I am always tempted to say in the notes/special instruction section that my b'day is 12/31 (really it is) just to see if Reaper would hook a pirate up
  11. Now I am feeling guilty/poor I didn't lock in for nearly the amount you lot did Here's mine: rats x1 mouslings x1 hill giants x1
  12. That's what I thought thanks. Happy/Merry to everyone!!!!
  13. Here's my question: I placed my order on the 8th (Santa Mousling) but it was shipped today 12/10 (Magnus); I should get the Santa mousling correct? Magnus and the story behind is cool (figures like that got me into fantasy figures, but I was after the mousling.
  14. Saturday was for Dr Who and Sunday (after church of course) was the family film festival (IIRC). If we are going to get in to favorite dr's then it would have to be a tie between Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, but Sylvester McCoy and 10 and 11 are high on the list. I was glad to see two of three companions.
  15. A miss spent youth watching BBC is why I don't understand most American t.v. Inspite the fact I was born here and have lived here all of life.
  16. I just heard it described as a love letter to Dr Who fans, I couldn't have put it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. A not-the-impossible-girl , sculpted by Patrick Keith!!
  18. Missed the beginning, but I will catch it later. Overall I thought it tied in very well. Disappointed certain characters weren't in it. Won't go further until later-spoilers
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