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  1. I've been building quite a few warbands lately, and noticed these improvements. Thank you - these are noticed and appreciated!!! Still love playing this game.
  2. I absolutely think the creativity is great here. Thank you for sharing! I think Warlord is great for creating home-brew scenarios like this. Well done!
  3. Thank you for keeping us connected to the very best war band creator around. I use it frequently and truly appreciate it. Thank you!!
  4. I got a bunch of these as well. Stoked. I'm going to get creative and use them somehow to highlight bases for Warlord faction leaders...one color for sergeants, one for captains and one for warlords, maybe one for solos. Thank you Reaper!
  5. This is awesome. Thank you so much for developing this and sharing it with the Reaper community!
  6. That's a really formidable army list. Lots of dice in melee. Doctrine plus warlord's free action to inspire troops gives the orc warriors up to +6 MAV and the Spearmen +7. Just amount of die rolling with MAV boost makes this a great list. Every list has a counter and this one appears to be vs. a spell caster with fireball and, to lesser extent, ranged warbands (although I think RAV models are overcosted in warlord, IMO).Thanks for sharing. Another variant list could be Gronkelfibbets and Mazak with same doctrine, add a musician, which imparts rush attack and +1 MOV. That turns lots of 9pt goblins into mini torpedoes.
  7. I use 77043 Bones (eye beast) for the 14059 Spawn of Mashaf. That said, I don't use a proxy for Xeldorian simply because his metal sculpt is way too cool. Also, I like the theme that spawn of mashaf, which are abberations, are very similar "cousins" to their warlord leader, Xeldorian. The tentacles of the eye beast are reminders that they are burrowing aberrations, not a floating beholder. I am currently considering using 77308 (as you suggest above), OR 77262 (vulture demon) OR 77307 as proxy to Maugrathoth 14416. I would modify 77307 with wings (greenstuff or sculpy).
  8. I paint and play when I can, usually with family members who game. I've never been to a ReaperCon, but apparently there were Warlord tournaments in past years. Unless I am mistaken, this is no longer the case, so any formal support for the game is low. Too bad for some of us, but must be the right business decision for Reaper.
  9. I don't know if those are wrong, but the warlord Varaug has a similar stat increase for MAV: it increases when he gets wounded. I believe that is intentional and reflects "berserker mode". This may be a similar thing, but i am speculating. :)
  10. I play 1000pt games, and those take around 2-3 hours played leisurely. If you have a few armies and a couple friends who like table top war games, it's a great well-balanced game. I also like the d10 mechanic better than d6 since the outcomes feel less random and luck based.
  11. Great warband choice! I've found Rautheros with the Witch Queen is pretty tough to play against. I think the Goat Demons are a great choice - they are essentially fearless and have a pretty good melee attack for cheap points cost, and make good shock troops. I recommend one or two Demon Imps due to their provoke special ability - they can protect the witch queen in melee. For troops in her band, I also believe the spawn of Mashaf are very efficient and versatile - frenzy and burrow both have great utility in different situations. Finally, if you can afford the points for a large elite - Mastema is great. Another mighty troop to wreck havoc. Mastema with Rautheros on the field also forces your opponent to worry about two heavy tanks. Have fun!
  12. I've built Reven, Elves, Crusaders. Strong variety exists for Reven especially, imo. I proxy some- like Bones Spirit of the Forest for Elves Mossbreard. Also supplement existing metal warbands (nefsokar, darkspawn and overlords) with Bones sculpts for those bands- most recently an Aspect of Sekhmet. i have not looked at Kargir but only because I only have core 2nd edition rules.
  13. I'll jump back in. As a Warlord collector and skirmisher since its inception, I first collected a couple all-metal armies that were expensive (for me), and played exclusive with those. Until Bones came out. Then I used the army creator (now removed from website) to quickly and specifically build other armies that could be created out of Bones only - sometimes using a Bones proxy for a Warlord miniature (like a Bones Dragon for the Elves warlord dragon, Argerian). I then supported the second kickstarter for Bones specifically as a Warlord enthusiast. Since then, I have four more armies and close to a couple hundred more miniatures gathered over the past few years. Super fun. I bring this up because even the current queue of Warlords minis available in Bones can allow one to easily and affordably collect a couple armies and play casually, even with no big scene out there. I hope one day there is enough continued interest for Bones/Warlord cross pollination, and a return of the army creator, which may build larger local interest, etc.
  14. It's a great game but, as others have pointed out, not supported and I have yet to find games locally listed. I have about six warbands, play with friends and family, and love it. It is a shame the warband builder got yanked and is not supported either any longer, as it allowed one to create army lists and then determine which miniatures to buy/paint/play...something nice for the casual gamer/painter. The major upside is, if you are OK with just playing with your current group of gamers, it's cheap to build an army, only one rule book is really needed, and the system is straight-forward but with great variety and enjoyable. I enjoy playing Warlord more than my days playing WH 40K.
  15. Lots of activations and models, so you potentially have good control of the battlefield and when and where the combat engagement takes place. Facing 3 hill giants in 1000pts is formidable and also helps control the field. I would only worry about archer swarms and some potent magic users, but even then, the hill giants have good MD. If you play it please post how it goes!
  16. I'd like to second the OP's request, as I too am interested in some alternative to electronic army creation, and was very upset to learn the army creator was suddenly ghosted. I used the creator all the time and it helped me figure which miniatures to buy and paint for new warbands over the past several years.
  17. If you wouldn't mind, I would like those. [email protected] Thanks in advance. I'd like those as well - thanks for the kind offer! mvmc 'at' yahoo.com
  18. Just a quick reminder; Mindless models do not gain the benefit of Support. They do, however, count for the purpose of granting non-Mindless models Support bonuses. ~v Thanks - I've forgotten that in play too. tough one for me to remember, for whatever reason.
  19. Nefsokar Warband Breakdown: I break Nefsokar down to two flavors which are the undead/awakened (Hand of Sokar doctrine) and the Mehet Hesep faithful (People of the Desert Wind doctrine). This faction breakdown focuses on the Hand of Sokar brand of Nefsokar, my personal army preferrence. The bent towards Divine Tome Spellcasters makes buffing spells very important to fine-tuning one's army. Many of the leaders have access to the Divine Tome which should be accessed liberally throughout any combat. Infantry: Line - Your line keeps your opponent's resources tied up, while spell casters, solos, leaders and elites dish the real pain. The blessing spell is so good as is, but it's critical with Infantry. I keep my Line models buffed with blessing for as long as possible during combat - it makes the Tough/x SA so annoying and reliable, your opponent will weep from repeated, wasted kill rolls. Awakened Mummy (18pts): Very cheap; MAV of 4 with 2 MA for the cost is strong and gives you the cost advantage in most one-on-one soldier fights. Add to that the Mindless, Tough/0 and Undead SA's and this is a resistant front line staple of fodder for your ranks. While they go down fast, they make excellent swarm troops when taking advantage of the support rule and being recipients of the blessing spell (2 MA's at MAV 6 will hurt bad and cost you little in total points). I find that if I run about 6-9 of these models in a blessed troop, their tough SA gets utilized nicely. Tomb Guard (48pts): Very expensive; 30 more points than a Mummy and the same close combat statistics, so what makes them any good? Staying power. Tomb Guards have 3 damage tracks, Deflect/2 (DV 13 vs. ranged) and Tough/2, making them a great choice if you're facing significant ranged forces or mobs. Playing about four of these seems the sweet spot; too many more than this and you risk losing a lot of points quickly to well-placed AoE spells or specialty ranged units with sharpshooter. Specialty - Annubis Guard (32pts): The strength of this unit is deploying them via spellcaster(s) concurrent with engaging combat with units from the same troop. For the cost, I would recommend only having a couple of these units to assist in round two engagement in a specific role. Bring your troop to bear on tough opponent units, summon the AG, who can provoke, resist some enemy SAs via construct and elimination via DR/1; your remaining forces should inflict heavy casualities, while the AG absorb retaliatory strikes. Support - Daughter of Sekhmet (25pts): For the cost, filling the line with this unit might not be a bad option; for my taste though, I prefer this unit in a support role. DR/1, Pike, Reach, Deflect/1 and some immunities with a MAV of 5 - Wow! The Daughters make excellent support units and cleaners in rounds three-four. Casters: Support/Buffer - Fatima (64pts): With access to a couple castings of resurrection and buffing, Fatima is an auto-include in all my Nefsokar builds. She is very versitile, especially if you only reserve one casting of resurrection allowing for more healing and blessing spells. Keep her way in the back of the ranks - she doesn't need to be anywhere near the fight. I rarely move her more than 6 inches from her starting position from beginning to end of the game. If she's vulnerable to assassination, consider buffing her with stone skin if you've brought a caster with the incantation tome with your troops. One tactic with Fatima that I will use if I suspect it's going to be too much work to protect her from an efficient, mobile assassin is to cast resurrection early on in the game. For example: recklessly throw out a combat leader, like Khufu, as bait to draw the enemy, let him get eliminated while you manuever with other units, then resurrect him in the second or third round. Thoth (77pts): I vascilate on this model. I think it's a finesse piece and is hard to play in order to extract his point value. I'm not sure I'm a good enough player yet to really get his value, but his staying power coupled with access to wall of stone as a defensive spell, and buffing capabilities makes me think he has a place in the right army build. Sokar's Prophet (45pts): Part Death's River and other Divine Tome buffing spells makes this model hard not to include. For those who like tactical strikes as part of the game, Sokar's Prophet is a necessary component for mobility and augmenting stats. Netikerti (53pts): Tactical utility via Incantation Tome along with being one of the few units in the game that can cast summon spectral minions, makes Netikerti a sexy choice. That said, I'm not a fan of the Death Tome, outside the summoning spell and find Netikerti a tad bit expensive for my playing preferrences. If the spectral minions can bog down a powerful enemy though, she becomes worth including…but this is usually hindsight not foresight. Solos: Tank - Avatar of Sokar (198pts): One of the most aggressively costed units in the game. The Avatar is a killing machine that requires a tremendous amount of resources to take down. You should have Fatima in your warband as well - making this one-two combo absolutely terrifying to face. I don't think it's a fun combo in 500pt games, as it's unbalanced and unfun (for your opponent), but in 1000pt+ games, the Avatar and Fatima are the core of any Nefsokar warband that's seriously looking to win games. Assassin - Giant Scorpion (84pts): Begin the game burrowed (or summon as burrowed later in the game) and go get the expensive caster or leader in your enemy's warband. Hardy, accurate and disabling, the Giant Scorpion is a precision tool. Khathan (87pts): Very difficult and risky to use, Khathan is fragile and expensive. If you miss with a bow shot, she could wind up dead the following round and you're out close to 90pts. I haven't been able to skilfully use her well, but for a more experienced player she might come in handy. Specialist - Efreeti Emir (84pts): If you face a lot of Inferno Tome, Maladorn or Overlord playing opponents, the Efreeti is a good choice. He's cheaper than a lot of the other incinerating troops in the game and can help neutralize a more costly threat on the board. Dust Devil (69pts): With its mobility and SAs, the Dust Devil can play the role of assassin or fodder buster. Base as many cheap units as you can and go frenzy with 8 attacks (albeit at MAV of 1). Very fragile, the Dust Devil's strength is in it's incredible mobility - use it wisely and time your engagement, as it likely won't live out any attack it participates in.
  20. While DV11 is not hard to hit, it is tough to overwhelm and take the avatar down without incurring 100+ pts in model loss in the process. This is assuming the Avatar player is just throwing the model in there as a meat shield or playing it wontonly. The model is already costed very aggressively and that it's in a faction with ressurrection makes it twice as nice. Also, it has deflect/2 so unless you're using waaay more than the avatar's pt value in uber archers, you aren't hitting it AND overcoming DR/2 in a combat action. While you're dealing with the Avatar, deciding to send in even more resources to the very far flanks -- behind the Avatar -- of Nefsokar's army to assassinate Fatima so that she doesn't respawn that Avatar you've poured resources into killing might look like a good idea, but against an equally matched player you'll be very likely spending more than the 64pts Fatima's worth to get the job done on turn 2 or 3. The point isn't so much that Fatima + Sokar's Avatar is an autowin; it's that for 50%(25% in 1000pt) of one's army cost, it takes the focus of virtually an entire warband to neutralize the threat. Again, this is my own experience (not an academic excercize) in about half a dozen games of Nefsokar vs. Elves and Nefsokar vs. Darkspawn. All that said, I don't know enough about other factions to know if there aren't other uber combos out there (I am not seeing them in Elves or Darkspawn though; although barrage + Xeldorian is hellasexy if played well)
  21. Fortunately (unfortunately?) this more or less works in 1000pts as well. My opinion is Fatima + Avatar of Sokar = I win. Very sick combo.
  22. My understanding is Eawod will be part of a new faction 'Wood Elves' to be released later this year in an expansion book. Personally, I proxy my Eawod model for Selwyn...I find the names gender neutral.
  23. Thanks for sharing this tool with the general public. It is stupid awesome.
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