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  1. Sweetness! Thanks for the 411, Gus. Thanks to all for suggestions on proxies.
  2. Hi all, Title sums it up, really. I'm brand new to the game and am constructing a Darkspawn cohort of abberations. With no idea of when the Bathalian Primarch is coming out, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a Reaper-made proxy. The main issue is the large base; it would need to be a large creature. I don't want to put a medium bathalian on a large base. Currently, my only thought is modding a Bathalian Exarch. If others have ideas on how or what to mod, that's appreciated as well. I really like the Warlord game system! Thanks in advance!
  3. Sometimes models get delayed for various reasons. To be blunt, he'll be released when he gets released (just ask the Reptus players, who are waiting on their Broodmaster). In the meantime, you can use any eyebeast you like as a proxy. ~v That works for me - thanks for the info!
  4. Yes he is. That was comfirmed by Gus. As a matter of fact I'm going to be using the DHL one as a Proxy. I was under the impression Xeldorian was to be released about this time, along with Vysa IIRC. Does anyone know when this piece might be released or at least previewed? Also does anyone know which DHL eyebeast, if any, has the same or similar sculpt for Xeldorian? Thanks!
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