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  1. Excellent :wub: . A new sculptors queen is born. Gael
  2. Thank you very much my friends, your wishes really melts me very pleasure and I thank you wholeheartedly for your kindness::):
  3. Thanks a lot. I have forget to talk about an other new very good sculpting tutorial from Ramon Laan . Take a look on his beautiful website , you can also find a lot of info and tips .
  4. If you are interrested I have just put a new sculpting tutorial (in PDF format) on my website (http://mandragoreminiatures.free.fr/). I hope that it will can help a little people who want to try to sculpt Gael
  5. Ok I have see that all minis will be limited to 1,000 copies. After that production molds will be destroyed. That is the explaination of the price.
  6. Yes, the price is a little bit high:huh:
  7. He was available soon and not soon ,I have just see this elfe on Fantization website : "SNEAK PREVIEW MINIATURE FOR 2005 EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE AT FANTIZATION MINIATURES LIMITED TO 200 ONLY! (SHIPPING APPROX. ON July 13th 2004)" https://www.fantization.com/cgi-bin/cart/mS...Characters.html
  8. I have sculpt an elf duelist with a "rapier" but I dont know if it is the style that you search: http://www.coolminiornot.com/58624
  9. Thanks Fynn I have just finish my web site and you are interrested you can see the green of Sophie in my Reaper gallery. http://mandragoreminiatures.free.fr/
  10. Thanks a all for all your kind words . I'm very happy that you like my little work :) (I will send a PM to the people who have asked some questions )
  11. If that interest you, I have post 3 greens on CMON. This minis are available since a few time in the Dark Heaven Legend line: Branson the Avenger, Paladin Initiate (but without the wings on the helmet) Ilsa Darkstep, Female Thief Oriental Dragon (without the Ronin who will be cast soon) new greens Dark Heaven Legend gallery
  12. Thanks a lot Enchantra you are a mother for me you always give me a lot of idea
  13. I think that it is a problem of adherense. you have 2 possibility: - Made a tree branch with very small iron or copper wires : you twist 2,3 or 4 wire together so the greenstuff dont roll to the other side. or - Cover before your wire with a very thin layer of greenstuff and after drying add GS to do the tree. I hope that it will help you a little
  14. It's very hard to choose but for me the two best mini are: Warlord 14042: Thorgram Grimsteel, Dwarf King by Werner Klocke Dark heaven 2700: Toxanimer, Wizard by Sandra Garrity
  15. Sorry for my appalling English :(
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