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  1. I for one love it. I think that the concept of an owl/griffon is very unique and I wish there were more figures like it because it's such a departure from 'traditional' fantasy. Eagle/griffons are a dime a dozen. I also like the choice of snow leopard painting for the body, once again awesome departure from traditional fantasy. I agree the head/neck area looks a bit odd, but that may partly be the camera angle since there's so much going on there with the dwarf's leg and wing being right there too.
  2. I saw that too. My favorite part was the bit about how they "fatten them on a diet comprised entirely of candy corn." =P
  3. Some generic dwarves and gnomes, and maybe a halfling or dragonborn. A small dragon would be cool too.
  4. Yeah, he's huge, and very heavy. And the dinosaur skeleton looks awesome. I saw Anne painting it on Saturday.
  5. A cybernetic / clockwork creature converter pack. Assorted, arms, legs, hands, and other little mechanical bits you could stick in someone's face to make a Not-Borg, or whatever you fancy.
  6. My suggestions don't necessarily have to be for Reapercon, I think they'd look awesome for any old reason. 1. Alice in Wonderland with stockings that have little bows and mary-janes. inc. Cheshire cat, maybe a mushroom. 2. Revolutionary Sophie with a tricorn hat and a telescope. 3. Gladiator Sophie with a chain-maille bikini and sword or whip or trident or something cool. 4. Venus Sophie - Sophie with her wings tucked back standing in a large scallop shell with her hands and hair covering strategic places. This could also be altered to become an Urban Legend Sophie. See Botticelli's Birth of Venus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Botticelli_Venus.jpg 5. Mermaid Sophie with a shell bikini perched on a rock or maybe underwater with some coral. (would wings work underwater? could make them fins, maybe, like a lionfish.)
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