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  1. I just started reading the Jeggare and Radovan stories and novels, and I've powered through all the short stories currently available and the first novel. Fantastic stuff. I didn't know they made figures for them, though! Stoked!
  2. Oh noes! Being an employee at a LGS myself I can only imagine how beyond crummy this would be for the owners/patrons. I hope all goes well with the reconstruction.
  3. Good luck! I built two of these suckers for my 35pt. Legion army. They were a challenge, but well worth it.
  4. The Road is a good one. If you ever get the chance to pick up the original versions, the Dark Future novels by Games Workshop are really wacky, and fun. They've since re-released them, but apparently they updated the cultural references (the books were done in the early '90s) and there are some inconsistencies.
  5. Cool, thanks guys! I'll try out the Krylon and Testors route, and see how that goes. I also live in Vancouver, and haven't had a problem with sprays unless it's super-cold out.
  6. So in years past my favored method of making sure my miniatures don't chip is to hit them with a coat of Citadel's 'Ardcoat, then a coat of the Purity Seal. However GW doesn't make 'Ardcoat anymore and their Purity Seal formula has changed (or so I hear, I haven't used the new bottle yet). Seeing as my figures are primarily gaming pieces I would like some suggestions as to how I should go about finishing my figures after the paint has dried. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.
  7. Alfred Hitchcock watching over us.
  8. So wait. I'm still confused on a couple matters: Did Reaper buy Hobby Q? Did Hobby Q buy Reaper? Did they merge together a la White Wolf and CCP? Will my blister packs and paint still say "Reaper Miniatures" and have a cool-looking skull on them? I really don't care what the muggles think of our hobby, so the rebranding is sort of a "whatever-moment" to me. Good luck, though! I'll still continue to buy Reaper stuff so long as you keep producing some of the coolest figures out there!
  9. This Christmas was great for the hobby! I got enough boxes to do a small Dark Eldar army, and some really cool paintbrushes, including the smallest one I've ever seen!
  10. Ignore him/her. The Internet is filled with socially inept people because the one thing that keeps these people somewhat in check in reality isn't present on the Internet (contact). Just write off this person's complaints as those of someone craving the attention and approval that they don't need but are told to by society that they do; while possessing none of the skills that are really the pre-requisite for them to do so. Better yet, don't just ignore him/her; report him/her to eBay for harassment, but whatever you do don't actually respond to them. That being said, I have some inkling of where he/she is coming from. I just got through an auction where I was outbid by 50¢ twice and then at the same time the auction ends, I get an eBay message from the seller telling me that the high bidder backed out and that I was being offered the lot for the price I had last bid. I knew then and there what was going on, but being the collector and consumer whore (thanks again, society!) that I am I bought it. Seller: 1 - Steel Rabbit: 0. Normally I figure out what the most I would ever pay for an item would be then I bid that amount and eBay bids up to that for me, and if I don't get it, then it obviously was out of my price range, but this time I didn't follow my model and I got grifted. But really, it's not the end of the world, I got the item for a reasonable price, and the shipping turnaround was quick. I would've just liked to not be treated like a rube. So yeah, contact eBay, and ignore this person's disparaging comments. Merry Christmas.
  11. Reaper should do all the presidents in 28mm for Chronoscope. I'd buy every single one!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving. I have some family up from Seattle, and we're going to turkey it up something fierce on Saturday!
  13. Isn't the back of the truck accessible from the cab? Wouldn't Merle get eaten while driving?
  14. ALSO SPOILER ALERT! Merle's up to somethin', that's fer damn sure! I was also saddened by the loss of that girl, especially on her birthday!
  15. I'm a dual-citizen. I sent in my ballot via mail a couple weeks ago. However you feel about any party, candidate, or issue, you should go vote! If I paid postage for the ability to have my voice heard, then at least stroll down to the polling station and pull a lever for free.
  16. Uh-oh! What have I got myself in to? I guess I'll play around with the various colors in the triads and see what's up. I own the majority of the paint from the two silver-based metallic triads (and Aged Pewter, which I love 'cause it reminds me of Boltgun Metal).
  17. Thanks guys, this now makes a lot of sense. I've been working mostly with the metallics (as I've heard the Master Series metallics are some of the best out there). I'll try some of these techniques.
  18. Thanks for the quick responses guys. I guess my main problem with a shade is: how do you shade a model? Now I'm no painting newb (I've been painting figures for over 14 years), but when I think of shading a model, I imagine going back with a darker color and a steady hand and painting in the crevasses.
  19. This may sound like a dumb question, but how do the paint triads that are shown on the Reaper website work? There's three of them. Which one is the highlight, which one is the shade, and which one is the base coat. And another question: How do you do shades? I've seen, on other painting color charts, a basecoat being labelled as different to a shade. When I paint, the basecoat is the darkest I go (sometimes I wash the model for darker crevasses), and every other highlight/blend makes it brighter. Thanks for reading!
  20. I love the eye-dropper caps of the Master Series. Though I do know where you're coming from as one of my metallic paints has some trouble coming out of the dropper. However these are much preferable to screw-tops.
  21. Awesome! I'm in need of a calendar and I totally want a nerd-calendar after last years Freiburg im Breisgau calendar (which was good, and nostalgic, but didn't contain wizards despite being set in Europe).
  22. They now make washes which are, in my opinion, way better than the inks; however they aren't shiny like the inks were. I generally hated the shine that inks provide, but for metallics the inks were sometimes desirable. That and I had a fondness for chestnut and brown ink.
  23. The Firestorm Armada rulebook actually makes mention of using other ships, and has a set of rules for creating your own ships. I'm turned off by most spaceship games and thus don't usually go for the games that "hardcore spaceship gamers" go for. They tend to be needlessly complex, and tedious. I haven't played FS:A and have even had some trouble with the Dindrenzi ships, but I'm keeping an open mind until my stuff's painted, and I've gotten a few games under my belt.
  24. Good stuff! I'm going to start doing a Lyran force, and it's good to see some of the stuff that's out there.
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