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  1. Will there be time set aside in the evenings for playing random Boardgames? I had a blast last year playing new games with new people. I figured scheduling may encourage people to bring a fun new or old game to try.
  2. is excited to attend ReaperCon 2011!

  3. We also had the D20 Radio guys running Star Wars Saga Edition with converted Chronoscope minis and they handed out ReaperBucks. GM Chris, you rock. Best I can tell he ran 3 4hr sessions back to back (I guess with a 1hr break) and was still bringing his "A" game at 11pm on Saturday. I was shocked to hear how many Bucks were being handed out on the quick Crawls vs what the RPGs were paying (I think I got a total of $60 RB for the 4 hr RPG (with roleplaying bonuses). It seemed much more reasonable than the thousands being handed out for a 1 hr session. I was shocked when Shak said there were no RB for Warlord. Maybe GM Chris was supposed to shower us with them (seemed like he had a ton more) but like I said, I thought what he awarded was very acceptable. GM Chris's game was awesome! I played the first and second parts back-to-back (with an hour break in between). I can't wait for the third installment that will debut at ReaperCon 2011!
  4. Hey, it's hard for the gals too! Yep! Well, it WAS. I found my husband at Reaper. Was asked to marry him at Reaper. As we now jokingly say Reaper's new slogan should be: "Reaper: A Place for Love". I dunno if anyone else will have the same luck - but it worked for me!
  5. I don't know how long I looked forward to it since I was just a kid, but the Masters of the Universe take on He-Man was disappointing to say the least. Even as a kid - I thought that movie was horrible!
  6. I did the same thing with my brother. I even "taught" him how to read The Cat in the Hat. He sat their patiently as we read the book over and over. Of course, my Mom ruined this proud moment by telling me that he had memorized the book! I also drew on my parent's closet - pictures of trees with the word underneath - simple objects to teach him. So watch out for crayons if she's a natural born teacher!
  7. hahahaha. And yes, terrible waste of bacon. If you want vodka that bad in the morning - just drink it and leave the bacon alone. It hasn't done anything to you!
  8. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine when my baby goes off to Kindergarten! Your daughter looks so happy and excited! Hope her day went well!
  9. Haha my husband just joked that the teacher is going to turn around and sell them on eBay.
  10. Well, hopefully you can find a way not to get your insurance rates to go up. But like Sergeant Crunch said - I'd pay the ticket. But - there's nothing like your insurance rate going up to get a person to slow down :)
  11. I went to school in central and eastern North Carolina, my brother who was 8 years younger than me had school supply lists but I was never handed one. In middle school the teacher wanted notebooks organized a certain way or you needed a certain kind of calculator for math class but that was it. My husband and I checked out some school supply lists and I was curious exactly why a kid in Pre-K would need all the junk that was on that list!
  12. Oh if I could afford the airfare and hotel - I'd drag her along.
  13. I feel your pain Haldir, it's on my "bucket list" thats fer sure! I agree with both of you! The past two years I couldn't go either due to financial reasons or being pregnant. This year it's financial and having a 6 mo. old kid. Next year - I'm taking that 18 mo. old to GenCon! Yeah! ... I hope... hehe
  14. Hahaha. And to be on topic - or try to be - the GenCon rules sound good to me. These kids need to get in line or find somewhere else to game.
  15. And I think this is why these student supply lists have gotten so out of hand. When I was in school - we NEVER had a supply list. Even through high school (so it wasn't all THAT long ago).
  16. I was just telling my husband that I'd love some marble or tile floor-esque bases for the Chronoscope mini I'm going to get. I don't know if it would be profitable for Reaper to produce a couple of different bases for the more modern Chronoscope line, but I'm hoping if the line continues to take off like it is - maybe we'll get the new base choices.
  17. He-Man... because God knows they couldn't do it any worse. I demand a good He-Man movie!
  18. It's worth noting that when we launched Dark Heaven, the line was simply called "Dark Heaven". When we developed the tabletop wargame "Dark Heaven Apocalypse", we changed the name of the line to "Dark Heaven Apocalypse". After time, we discontinued the game, and changed the figure line name to "Dark Heaven Legends", which is what is known by now. But when the miniatures were first released - there wasn't a game correct? Ed never mentioned this game!
  19. Post a picture! :D

  20. I believe it was their first original miniatures line. Never had a game to go with it.
  21. Thanks, Derek! I needed a quick refresher on painting eyes!
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