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  1. Yes, just contribute again and chose donate with no perk. For shipping theres no reason to email me, I add every pleadge into a personal spreadsheet and sort by name so I know the shipping. Thanks for your support! BTW, I do have a request.. I know, Im a greedy git. Im asking pledgers to post pics with what they do with the terrain on the PB website (currently under developmet.) It's a bit of ego thing for me; the idea of people enjoying my work in their beloved hobby.
  2. Hi Guys :) First two things... I apologize for not keeping a better eye on this thread, I dropped the ball there. When I first started creating the western terrain for personal use; it was for a game called Malifaux. Since the community there has been pushing me (for almost a year) to turn it into a commercial product, the forum there is where most the communication has happened. It is where Im known and have "followers." I am not here to talk anyone into becoming a supporter. It is your wallets and hard earned cash we are talking about. I would like to address a few points to hopefully clarify some decisions I made. When I first got a sample back from the 3rd party manufacturer and announced I would produce these kits using kickstarter, someone PMed me and made comment along line of "be careful because I know of few products where people pledged then didnt pay and put the producer in a bind." Based on that suggestion I decided to go with indiegogo. If had to do over I would of stuck to Kickstarter plan; but what is done is done. As I set the funding project up I noticed that flexible allowed credit card contribution for people with paypal accounts and fixed did not. My thinking at the time is "make it easy for customers, you get happy customers." As the only cloud funding project I have dealt with was Reapers Bones, I never stopped to considered the implications. Long story short... when time comes to introduce my Victorian building line, I will definitely go with Kickstarter. As the FAQ on my funding page explains in more detail; if the funding goal is not met the perks will still be honored. The material is already secured, the contribution price will cover the manufacturing cost and shipping. In that scenario I will not see a profit worth mentioning (profit would not kick in till have enough orders to get quantity discount on the cutting/etching.) I knew that from the beginning and accepted it. Way I am looking at it is; every business has a marketing budget. Since I will earn reputation and exposure, people will know me when my main line comes out. So the lack of profit becomes my marketing budget. No assembly is required short of holding the walls close enough for the magents to grab and sliding the floor in place. If want look better than the stained finish they come in you would need to paint them though (the included ebook terrain guide explains several techniques and finishes for this) so I guess we can count that as assembly :) Yes I hate the way indiegogo does add ons. Way people have been doing this is contributing a second time, chosing donate without perk then manually typing in the amount. Then emailing me so I can update my personal spreadsheet. I might of made mistake in way described them on the funding page. the finishes you see are examples that can be done by the pledger after recieves them. They come prestained. The only options is in the style they are physically built. Frontier or Upscale. There is an option for distressed (ghost town look) but there is an add on fee associated as that has to be done by hand and is labor intensive. ****************************** In closing, thanks for the intrests shown :) Whether become a contributor or not; I wish you years of gaming fun!
  3. Doubt youll ever find cheaper http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/po-boys-terrain
  4. Balsa wood and cereal boxes ;) Thanks for the nice words everyone. Im still learning as go along, but each building I do can feel improvements.
  5. Made these for my local game store for a gaming event. Currently working on my own table for my homebrew western rules using reapers cowboys set. Not really anything special but thought what the hell Id toss them up here if gave anyone inspiration. Hotel, barbershop, general supply shop side shot of stairs and follws is the back of the building row. parttime Townhall/school/church and mayors office didnt realize this one so blurry, but I did like how the wire work over the windows came out Dont ask me how I got this wavy effect.. apparently I was born to be special effct photographer.. but as see bellow the building is not that way
  6. I second Krylon. Prefer grey myself but thats personal taste. Half the price if the "gameers" brand primers, twice the quanity and works better.
  7. Was wondering why suddenly getting inteference on the normal vid feeds there.....
  8. Ummm.. just so can get some sleep tonight... lets go back to theory he just had me bugged...
  9. Few days back I started working on some amatuer rules for a western style game that planned use Reaper minis for.... Opened up my email lastnight and had one from a mini suppliers I go through.. what did link goto but a preorder for new cowboy boxset from Reaper... Howed they know... how did they know...
  10. Id go with http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/jolie/sku-down/65051#detail/02835_jenscribeback personally
  11. Yesterday I picked up a Bones serious werewolf. Fabulous quality on the casting I must say. Havent switched over to any MSP yet because keep planing on waiting till order a complete set (yes shame on me.) Using a GW paint at 2 drops paint 1drop water thinking proceed to lay my first coat.. well attempted to anyway. I was having a serious issue getting the paint to adhere. Was getting lot pooling and just pushing the paint around leaving clear plastic underneath. I figure less thining might help but Im trying to raise my painting skill so dont want to glob it on straight from bottle. Ive read some good reviews not needing primer with the Bones. So is it just the paint brand thats causing my issue?
  12. Let me first state that this was just thrown together literly in minutes to illustrate a point on another forum. It was never meant to be used as actual terrain; so would come out lot nicer if you chose to but actual effort into it. Anyway, this was done with nothing but foamboard and cereal box. Considering I have ZIP artistic ability, I think it is safe to say that not only can terrain be easily made from foamboard but can get decent textured results.
  13. I might of missed it in the rules (if so, sorry. ) Is there a "pg" rule on the minis used?
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