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  1. I was wondering if some of you who usually post using a scanner could get me some help on how to set it up to get clear pictures of minis. I have tried changing the DPI, but have been unsucesIsful. My pictures are blurry. I don't really know what else to try. I have a digital camera, but it is low migapixels, and I am unable to get a good picture of it too. Again too blurry to focus close enough to the mini. Thanks for what ever help you can give!
  2. oh I am sorry for being redundant. I was thinking of something different. I thought it was by Anne. This is a helpful page too. One of the first I ever read.
  3. thank you for all the examples. It is helpful, and i am going to practice a couple of different colors.
  4. Does anyone have I link to this. I couldn't find it and would like to check it out. thanks
  5. I was wondering your opinion about black lining. I learned it this weekend at paint class. I don't really know if I like it. It does make things poke out at you, but also seems a bit cartoony. I am going to try it with a dark brown to see how it works. I also wanted to share that I had my first sucessful flesh, shading highlighting this week. And it was white skin, which i find harder than brown for some reason.
  6. My new FLGS carries vallejo, apparently named after the owner/painter. We got to use them in painting class yesterday.
  7. Thanks Coogle. I think Anne's reply answered my question.
  8. Has anyone used something called Ink/Wash Flow? I learned about it in the Painting Wizard's Workshop 2 DVD. Apparently it helps your wash slide more into the cracks to avoid discoloring the high points. And I was wondering if it works well and is worth it? Did anyone else watch this DVD?
  9. I was wondering the same thing... I have self diluted myself that I bought the last one since I bought it within a few weeks of #11 coming out. Hopefully Kit will grace us with an answer.
  10. Own: 14001 Elandaria; 14003 Lich; 14005 lord Ironraven; 14009 and 14010 crypt bats; 14012 scarecrow; 14017 vampire; 14019 drawf; 14020 Lola; 14022 lysette; 14023 viking; 14024 dark wizard; 14025 Huntress; 14035 evil priest; 14037 lightbringer; 14011 crypt bat lord. Painted: iron raven Primed: lola
  11. Couldn't find an already established thread, but if there is one I am sorry. I love the new greens posted 5/12/03. I must have the Shadow dragon! I also like the fairy and the dwarf king.
  12. Oh, please do. That would be neat to see.
  13. I have had problems fitting in the slots too. My evil priest would have fit, but the snake of the base, was too close making his front raise up. I have noticed you can buy some plain bases, so I will likely do that. I still like the new ones over the Broccoli ones.
  14. I would like to see a box set of: townsfolk smaller dragons familiars horses giants or a big box set of an army? I own all the box sets, but you kind of get ripped on the proof of purchase points per dollar value buying a box set. Box sets look color on your bookshelf until painted, and after painted can store smaller minis. I love Box Sets!
  15. What is pinning? I recently bought T'rakrul and the guy at the FLGS said I should pin his wings because they are so heavy. What about accelerant, will that work as well? I haven't used it before either.
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