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  1. I was wondering if some of you who usually post using a scanner could get me some help on how to set it up to get clear pictures of minis. I have tried changing the DPI, but have been unsucesIsful. My pictures are blurry. I don't really know what else to try. I have a digital camera, but it is low migapixels, and I am unable to get a good picture of it too. Again too blurry to focus close enough to the mini. Thanks for what ever help you can give!
  2. oh I am sorry for being redundant. I was thinking of something different. I thought it was by Anne. This is a helpful page too. One of the first I ever read.
  3. thank you for all the examples. It is helpful, and i am going to practice a couple of different colors.
  4. Does anyone have I link to this. I couldn't find it and would like to check it out. thanks
  5. I was wondering your opinion about black lining. I learned it this weekend at paint class. I don't really know if I like it. It does make things poke out at you, but also seems a bit cartoony. I am going to try it with a dark brown to see how it works. I also wanted to share that I had my first sucessful flesh, shading highlighting this week. And it was white skin, which i find harder than brown for some reason.
  6. My new FLGS carries vallejo, apparently named after the owner/painter. We got to use them in painting class yesterday.
  7. Thanks Coogle. I think Anne's reply answered my question.
  8. Has anyone used something called Ink/Wash Flow? I learned about it in the Painting Wizard's Workshop 2 DVD. Apparently it helps your wash slide more into the cracks to avoid discoloring the high points. And I was wondering if it works well and is worth it? Did anyone else watch this DVD?
  9. I was wondering the same thing... I have self diluted myself that I bought the last one since I bought it within a few weeks of #11 coming out. Hopefully Kit will grace us with an answer.
  10. Own: 14001 Elandaria; 14003 Lich; 14005 lord Ironraven; 14009 and 14010 crypt bats; 14012 scarecrow; 14017 vampire; 14019 drawf; 14020 Lola; 14022 lysette; 14023 viking; 14024 dark wizard; 14025 Huntress; 14035 evil priest; 14037 lightbringer; 14011 crypt bat lord. Painted: iron raven Primed: lola
  11. Couldn't find an already established thread, but if there is one I am sorry. I love the new greens posted 5/12/03. I must have the Shadow dragon! I also like the fairy and the dwarf king.
  12. Oh, please do. That would be neat to see.
  13. I have had problems fitting in the slots too. My evil priest would have fit, but the snake of the base, was too close making his front raise up. I have noticed you can buy some plain bases, so I will likely do that. I still like the new ones over the Broccoli ones.
  14. I would like to see a box set of: townsfolk smaller dragons familiars horses giants or a big box set of an army? I own all the box sets, but you kind of get ripped on the proof of purchase points per dollar value buying a box set. Box sets look color on your bookshelf until painted, and after painted can store smaller minis. I love Box Sets!
  15. What is pinning? I recently bought T'rakrul and the guy at the FLGS said I should pin his wings because they are so heavy. What about accelerant, will that work as well? I haven't used it before either.
  16. Wow, I love the blue and the design on the cape. Great job! :D
  17. Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered.
  18. Yes, they are shimmery. I like them alot, but I prefer a glossy shiny look. I use them similar to a metallic. I really like the pearl white, as it is very white, but with a kick. :oo:
  19. Neartea

    Hello all

    Welcome to the Board! :cool:
  20. Alright! I am jealous. Maybe we'll see them soon eh?
  21. I believe that is what SP did here I think it looks good.
  22. Yes, I did see that. Thank you Infinity, it worked well. I have started her. She is a cross between the painting contest and SP left, but with black hair.
  23. I don't know what is "correct" according to players guides etc. But I see a Asian, maybe Chinese theme. Gold or bronze maybe, the new fire glow metalllic. Or if you do go with the green try green steel. I have used it on numerous dragons and love it. I am thinking bright colors reds, greens, blues, yellows. Maybe all mettalic, maybe not. Hmmm... might get one myself now...
  24. Thanks for the great Pics! How did you do the frosty look?
  25. I am going to start on Frulla this week. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or had painted her? I was thinking of black hair, dark skin, belly ring and tattoos. My husband says she is a frost giant?
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