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  1. you boyz here at Reaper thinkin bout doing any-0-your minis in the clear type plastic? id like to see your Spell Effect,(as a blue flame.) Fire Beetles & Wraith,(just to name a few.) in this form, myself. once again, great job-0-it!!

    Next set

    very nice. i myself get my dino on by going to the Dallor Tree, and buying mine for a buck each. then i slap a crazy paint job on 'em.

    Next set

    what up with the Cyclops and 3 headed dog? those are a very poor showing for Reaper IMO. hope those dont get released. (IMO aswell.) ;)

    Missing LE PPPMs?

    ...did he just say fire beetles? OMG! i XOXO you guyz!! just bought this last set-0-PPP. W00T!!!

    clear plastic minis??

    i knew you folks would be all over it. Tanks again, Reaper ppl!!

    Rumormill: GW quitting metal

    back in the days of old, (bout ten years ago.) i didnt like plastic figures much. but as tecnology improved over the years...i now think its the bomb! the detail is every bit as good as white metal, IMO. (just look at some-0-GWs plastic Space Marines, that came out of the latest Space Hulk game.) and its way easier to mod then metal. tin prices are on the rise also. id say the reason GWs prices being higher then the metal minis, has more to do with being such a hugh company, with shareholders, type, stuff...
  7. Litko makes some nice bases for not alot-0-cash.

    Reaper Con Sophie This Year?

    anyone wanna trade a 2011 ReaperCon Sophie, for a 2011 Convention figure? thats a sveet lookin figure. (you can keep the ratz! )

    Ideas for later waves

    ive got a "hugh" hole to fill, in my WotC collection. must...have...hugh, blk, drgn with no rider on back. AND... a gargantuan green drgn. (i know im not the only one whos lookin for these.) any chance-0-seeing these in the future?? oh, and get Greyz his townsfolk for X-Mas. hez been a good boy.
  10. DARK ELF

    The Time Is Now! (a humble plea)

    paint? who paints minis anymore??
  11. DARK ELF

    Werewolf disappointment

    you guyz following me??
  12. DARK ELF

    New Paint Jobs are live!

    W00T! finally get to get my 1st ed Kobolds!! those rats could be of use aswell. good job Reaper guyz!!!
  13. DARK ELF

    LE Wishlist: Townfolk

    Greyz will get his townsfolk one way or another.
  14. DARK ELF

    I'm Mad as Heck and I'm not going to take it anymore!

    i dont have a problem with this myself. and i have CW #1.
  15. DARK ELF

    Proof or Purchase Program No Longer Available

    Oh poo! Was about to send in another order. Oh well...Hope you think of something cool for these, Or else Im gonna wallpaper my game room with them.
  16. DARK ELF

    The Time Is Now! (a humble plea)

    What PPPM Should Look Like!
  17. DARK ELF

    DDM is dead! Long live Reaper!

    agreed. but now would prolly be a good time to pick up the pace a lil. off topic. ive been asking Mr Lee & WotC for years, to make a DDM Mimic and Fire Beetles. they never did. but Reaper has now. (in white metal.) thanx for the minis Reaper! (oh. and the townsfolk boxed set!!) Orky!!
  18. I've been a loyal fan of Reaper Miniatures for over 15 years. I've always been happy with their service. I placed an order for swag a while back, but didn't receive my order for some time. I called Reaper Minis who had not seen it, told me it must have been lost in the mail and said there was nothing they could do. Recently, a package showed up with all my swag along with the money order too! They included a letter with their deepest apologies. I just wanted to express my gratitude that they went the extra to make me a happy customer. Reaper Minis Rocks!
  19. DARK ELF

    Next set

  20. DARK ELF

    Good job!

    So, i gotta agree with V. AWSOME! This latest set, is just hot!! (Still trying to get the Gargoyle.) One thing, if I my. The Red Dragon. It looks a lil sickly IMHO. Doesnt have the right body type for a Red. and the head just screams White Dragon. (Still stuck in the 3.5 rut. Sorry.) I think if you guys should changed the paint scheme to white, then this mini would just pop! And the colors could work better for you. (With maybe less steps. ) Anyways. Keep up the great work! later, Orky!!
  21. DARK ELF

    Space Hulk Re-release

    link please.
  22. DARK ELF

    Rackham plastics

    good call.