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  1. Very nice color choices! I like the coat as well.
  2. Very Nice I really like how you did her dress.
  3. Well done. He looked villainous before I even saw the swastika.
  4. Awesome! I love the shading, the highlights, ...just his entire purple suit. It looks great on the guy.
  5. Very nice! I love her eyes and I especially like your greens!
  6. I like the choice of colors and I think you did a Great job on her face!
  7. I really like the hair and face too! She seems almost real.
  8. Very nice! I love how you portrayed that moment. Beautifully painted
  9. Beautiful paint job on a beautiful mini! I especially love the shading on her dress Also, nice calligraphy on the fan :)
  10. I agree, the eyes are amazing! I also like how the gem turned out.
  11. Wow! Very nice. I like how you added some mossy stuff to the mini. And the colors you used are nice, smooth, and bright!
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