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  1. Very nice color choices! I like the coat as well.
  2. Very Nice I really like how you did her dress.
  3. Well done. He looked villainous before I even saw the swastika.
  4. Awesome! I love the shading, the highlights, ...just his entire purple suit. It looks great on the guy.
  5. Very nice! I love her eyes and I especially like your greens!
  6. I like the choice of colors and I think you did a Great job on her face!
  7. I really like the hair and face too! She seems almost real.
  8. Very nice! I love how you portrayed that moment. Beautifully painted
  9. Beautiful paint job on a beautiful mini! I especially love the shading on her dress Also, nice calligraphy on the fan :)
  10. I agree, the eyes are amazing! I also like how the gem turned out.
  11. Wow! Very nice. I like how you added some mossy stuff to the mini. And the colors you used are nice, smooth, and bright!
  12. Yeah, very cool! and I like how the volcanic moon seems to glow there.
  13. Nice! The color scheme on him reminds me of a roman legionnaire.
  14. Wow! That is some neat conversions and a cool idea! It looks like lots of fun.
  15. Nice. I especially like the highlighting on her hair.
  16. Nice! The good/evil face off design you did with these is awesome! I especially like how you painted the feathers on the Angels wings. The pattern shows the feather detail beautifully.
  17. That is beautiful! I love the shade of pink you used and how it fades in and out of the white. Wonderful job!
  18. Pumpkin Smashers Beware! Here is my Rotpatch. (Additional pumpkins and vines made from FIMO, Greenstuff, and wire.) Good luck everyone!
  19. Wow! It almost seems to glow. Very nice.
  20. I love the fur! It looks awesome! The armor also looks very realistic to me. You inspire me to get a copy of this model for myself.
  21. I love the scale work on her tail!
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