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  1. How would I go about painting horns like this?
  2. I'm having trouble getting the hang of layering. By layering I mean painting a surface then painting over it with another color but having the first layer still show through. For instance, washing skin with a dark color then putting a lighter color on top so the darker color comes through. When I try this I either have paint that is smooth and looks good but is still too thick and covers the previous layer totally or paint that is too thin and doesn't cover the bottom layer at all. I can't seem to find the middle ground here. Any help?
  3. Does anyone know where I can get some of those nifty eyedropper bottles the fancy paints come in, but empty ya know for puttin' stuff in of my own.
  4. I'm looking for tips on how to paint clothes and even skin so that it looks dirty, spattered with mud and all that. When I try to do that it just ends up looking like it's badly painted (well my minis look that way anyway, but I digress). Can anyone give me some tips?
  5. Where is the store located? Is it ok if paints and minis from The Enemy are brought?
  6. I'll have to remember this, I've wanted to get some in person painting tips for a while now. Woot!
  7. How did you do the chains? They look great.
  8. Gaunty was one of the first figures I bought when I got into mini painting. I still think he's nifty. Good job.
  9. Cersi looks incomplete without Jamie by her side. ;) Otherwise, looks good. Of course.
  10. If you hadn't mentioned it was NMM I don't think I would have recognized it, and I mean that as a compliment. It looks like real metal, which I think is cool.
  11. Man getting back in the saddle sucks. Can anyone give me some advice on how to paint feathers? So far they're coming out dusty looking, not quite what I had hoped for.
  12. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to paint highlighted metallics? For those not sure what I'm talking about, it's basically NMM with metallic paints. I'm especially interested in those really smooth metals I see on some high end models - preferably without going to oils.
  13. Will you come to my house and teach me how to paint? Wow Just... Wow
  14. Where might one find Floquil? I've been using Testor's matte black spray paint and I like it. Good, smooth coating, dries nice n hard. Haven't had any trouble with paint not sticking or anything of that nature yet. Haven't painted much lately though, so we'll see what happens. I also want to try white and maybe brown and see how that looks.
  15. Let's say we live in a fantasy world and I have goobs of money to spend on anything I like. *le sigh* Ok, that isn't the case, but if I did, what's the price tag for a full set of Master Series Paints?
  16. I own a couple but they're big Swiss Army types. I need a little one. If you're serious about looking for a new SAK, this site has been good to me in the past. Check out the Cadet. I carry one all the time, it's small and handy to have around. Inexpensive too.
  17. I picked up a copy of "The Savage Adventures of Solomon Kane: The Puritan Sowrdsman" not long ago. Interesting character is Mr. Kane. Ya might wanna check it out.
  18. Giant-sized Sophie in a pointy witch hat and carrying a broom with a punkin or two... Yes, I 54th or whatever number we're up to this one. Also, what about some half dragon critters: 1/2 dragon 1/2 giant, ogre, etc? Demon spawn wolves, tigers, sloths, frogs, etc? Also 1/2 angelic types as well...
  19. My first thought was she was mounted on a piece of fudge or some kind o candy. I just-so-happen to be watching the fudge episode of Good Eats right now.
  20. Well lessee...I still suck, but that doesn't really change. So I guess ya haven't missed much.
  21. Yes I think I got the gist. Mayhaps one day I will have some extra money (yeah, riiiiiight) and be able to make it up there. Now here's another problem: When I thin my paints to do some layering, the lighter top color almost always comes out chalky looking. I'm thinning it with water usually, though sometimes with a future/thinner/extender mix I made some time ago. I get some on the brush, let the excess soak up on a paper towel, then carefully put brush to metal. More times than not I get a chalky, nasty looking coat and have to cover it up with another layer of the primary. sometimes this will make it look good, but not always. I don't think an hour or two will help....I need years of teaching. I am bordering on hopeless...
  22. Where are you from? --Anne I'm down here in sunny and humid Houston. Right next door in Texas terms, but still quite a drive. So close, yet so far...
  23. One of the cheapie brands (Apple or the like) makes a MoP that looks good. Check Michael's or Wally World.
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