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  1. Well golly...in that case, both. I made the mistake of buying a Confrontation mini (I told myself I wouldn't do that till I actually knew how to paint, but the Dark Side is seductive...) and was trying to make it look purdy like on the card. Anyway, I'm wanting to both highlight a section on the cloak (The Darkness Hunter is the figure I have) and blend said highlights so they look natural. Does that make any sense? As for Cons...I dunno, when and where are they? I pity anyone who has less money than I do. It would be nice to be able to go, or even make it up to Reaper central someday. Alas...we shall see...
  2. Any help/tips on how to learn blending? After all this time it's still frustrating to me...
  3. It is available w/o paints. Go to their website, click on the Paints section, then on the case link. At the bottom there is a link saying, "if you already have the paints..." Click that and there you are. Having seen the Reaper prototype, I am not impressed. I have a box that looks EXACTLY like that from Plano, sans handle, that holds my VMC, Testors, and other paints/supplies with the dividers. I found it at a Bas Pro Shop. If I recall the price was about $2.00. I bought one of those and one without dividers for extra storage. I really haven't found a better way to store and transport paints n stuff.
  4. I use it on smaller pieces, when I don't feel like spraying. I has served me well so far, haven't had problems with paint comming off or cracking. I have watered it down and it works just fine. I have even added paint to color it and it still worked fine. I got a huge bottle of it at an art supplly store for only a few dollars. If it's not too expensive, give it a try. What's the worst that could happen, you have to dunk the mini and start over?
  5. Man, I really need to sit down with someone who can teach me how to blend. I seemed to have hit a wall some time back and haven't gotten over it yet. Very nice work.
  6. Are the new Reaper paints sold in groups of three, since they are made to compliment one another or are they only seperate?
  7. Great, one of your "quick paint jobs" looks infinately better than anything I could ever hope to do...Now I have to go beat my head against a wall or something...
  8. If you have an art supply store nearby, I suggest using gesso. It's a brush on primer used by (canvas) painters. Big bottles, and cheap. Can't beat that, even if you wanted to.
  9. Does anyone have any tips/ideas on how to paint realistic looking ivory?
  10. I just picked up Zalonix the dragon (DHL 2929). He's my first dragon and I'm not at all sure how to go about painting him up. Does anyone have any tips as to how to highlight, shade, etc?
  11. I have a gift certificate with some bucks left on it, but I'm not sure how much. Is there a way I can find out before I buy stuff?
  12. I wuz lookin through a Reaper cataloge and saw there is a How to guide to NMMMMMMMM and wuz wunderin if it wuz good or not. Then again, it's done by Obi-Ann Kenobi so it must be good. Any thoughts on this one?
  13. I haven't been to the boards in a while, but I had to write in a say, "oh good gravy!" Good stuff, I may have to find me one of those baddies, if they are still for sale.
  14. So why did we need ReaperCon to meet when we could all just meet at a RenFaire somewhere? There do be some tastyness in the crowd, yes indeed... No one should be exposed to the horror that is my face though. I think that's part of the Geneva Convention...
  15. You've gotta be kidding, he's into train and he doesn't know what statis grass is??? They are called static grass flock, go http://www.woodlandscenics.com/ and look through landscaping > ground cover > static grass flock Believe it or not, I had the same experience. Went to a train shop to ask about static grass and the guy'd never heard of it. Sad but true...
  16. I'd like to find my old "Monks, Bards and Thieves" set that TSR put out eons ago. My folks bought that set for me when I was in the hospital once. I was fairly new to D&D then and played a thief. Then bought me some enamel paints that I poorly applied to the figures. I'd like to strip them and redo them and see how they look.
  17. The debonder is pretty much acetone anyway. You can also try nail polish remover.
  18. One recipe that I've used and works nicely is paint the hair GW Elf Flesh then wash with GW Flesh Wash. I've also used Vallejo Iraqui Sand and Flesh Wash. Both work nicely, though the elf flesh has a peach tint to it so it ends up with more of a red look.
  19. I get a lot of "no image" found when I go to that page. No monkeys to behold.
  20. There's a seperate handbook for the mini game stuff. I haven't looked into it myself so I don't know if the starter or boosters come with quick start rules. might want to check the WotC website for more info.
  21. I don't wanna do that, cuz then I re-re-re-realize that that is another thing I'd love to be good at and never will. Then I'll think of the brush set I have and the book on sho-do and well...it's a snowball effect. Thanks for the answers though.
  22. I hear this mentioned a lot but I'm not really sure what it means. I haven't lost my grip and had the brush fly across the room and poke out someone's eye yet so I could say I have brush control. So, what's it mean?
  23. It looked like it has a lot of detail to me. How much more do you need? You wanna see each individual pore? Sheesh... As for price and all, if it were a Reaper all these posts would be, "HOLY )O*#($*($!! When can I buy 50 of them?! At $210 it's a bargian!!"
  24. Check out Pat Fish's web page. She's internationally well known for her Celtic tattoos.
  25. I've got a couple of stackable drawers that I use to store flock, gravel and stuff. Something like this (if the link works and all the pics are up): Rubber Maid Though I've since gotten more flock n stuff so I may need another one. Just what I need, a reason to get more stuff...
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