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  1. I haven't updated this site in...jeez, going on three years, I think. Might want to take a look at http://www.dark-age.com/main.php and under 'haley' at coolminiornot.com. Both have much more recent paintjobs! Well geez Jen, get crackin on those updates! :p I am so the task master. :D
  2. I live not too far away from Reaper HQ (by Texas standards), in Houston. Far enough to make a little jaunt to visit the Reap peeps unlikely, but not out o the question if something special were to come up, like a convergeance of painting gurus. :O So I'll keep staring at the lovlies until my eyes stop bleeding and wait for the *click*. The *snap* that was my sanity went off a looooooong time ago. :p
  3. If I didn't depreciate myself me and my ego would not be able to fit into this forum. It's for the best. Really. I wouldn't lie about something like this. Besides, how many Golden Demons, Slayer Swords and all-those-other-awards-I-ain't-never-heard-of has The Haley won? Right. How many people have torn out their own eyes and ran screaming due to the ineptitude displayed by one of my "creations"? Well, none. But that's not the point! What is the point? Um, something about painting a black sword I think... I'm gonna go gorge myself on left over Halloween candy. :p
  4. mmmmk, Wouldja come to my house n teach me how ta paint? Wouldja, huh, huh, huh?? :D One problem I have is I see a good paint job I want to emulate and I base coat then I stop and think, "ok, what now?" Fer instance, I'm painting up the Wraith Sgt. I saw Mr Glocka's interpretation and though, "veeeeeddy intedestink!" cuz I often think in strange accents dontch know, and thought I'd like to maybe paint mine sorta kinda like you painted that paladine that floored me so much. Well, ok, I painted the whole fig (cept the skull) Vallejo Gray-Black (or Black-Gray, I forget which order they go) and got ready to start in on the highlights and...just...stopped in me tracks. Didn't know where to begin. Brain stopped functioning. Remembered I'm a talentless hack paint slinger. Then moved on to base coat some skeletons cuz that's purty brainless ya see. Sooooooooo, what's the secret? Impart me with your wizdom. Can I have some of your DNA so I can have it extracted and injected into my system so I to can use the Force? Now that you know I'm totally insane, answer away! :p
  5. Thanks for the tip. I should have known not to use pure black. I know better than that. I will have to play with the technique and see what works. Oh and anytime you wanna dispense advice on how I can suck less as a mini painter, feel free. Dispense away. Please. Frequently. Really. It's ok.
  6. I was just looking at the newest entries in Anne's showcase and just kept saying "wow..." "how did s/he do that?" "wow..." "um...uh...wow" :O So how about a stroke by stroke paint guide that shows we the unwashed masses how such masterpieces are created? Hours of video, artist commentary, thousands of pictures. The Virtual Foerster/Haley, Glocka, etc. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  7. Ok Ms Haley, fess up. How did you paint that sword? I've been workig on a mini that I want to have a black sword and couldn't figure out how to make it work. :oo: *Gets ready to take notes...*
  8. I don't see a problem myself. If you want to paint you will. If you force yourself you'll either end up hating to paint or will do horrible paint jobs you'll have to redo anyway and that will upset you more. Let it go. Do other things. Just because you started painting doesn't mean you can't ever stop. It's ok to have other hobbies. Read a book, watch a movie, fly a kite. It's all good. Then when you're ready, you will go back refreshed and ready to paint. Does that help?
  9. I think the GW book is a good starting point. If it has any faults it's that they only cover how to paint their minis (which isn't really a fault cuz well, what else would they show you how to paint?). I like how they have several sections so that you can find what you are looking for quickly. They start with assembling, pining, gap filling, etc then go on to painting, then basing. Each section is alphabetical as well. That makes it a whole lot easier to find what you're looking for. There are so many things that could be included in such a book, it might be easier to publish several volumes. One on basic techniques, one on intermediate/advanced and maybe one with just purty pictures. However they are put out, they need to be sturdy and have super high quality pics. In progress pics are a great idea. I learned a few things from the GW book on highlighting, using inks, etc. So much so I went out and bought all their inks so I could try some of the techniques I learned there. If not for the book I wouldn't have known how the did what they did. As for what to put in the book, most everyone who has already posted listed the things I'd like to see. Don't focus on any one thing too much though. NMM is popular now but giving us 90 pages of it while ignoring blending and layering would be a bad idea. Oh well, I've rambled enough for the nonce. In summary: PUBLISH A DURN BOOK POST HASTE! :D
  10. One cannot practice a technique one does not know. I look at painted minis all the time and wonder "how did they DO that?!" So I post a question in this forum, hopefully get some answers and then practice. But I have to have a starting place. I'm glad you can look at a mini and know exactly how it's done, but we aren't all super-special-almighty-painters-of-wonder. Most of us are ordinary and learn in different ways. Some of us need instructions and help. Don't like the book? Don't buy it.
  11. I'm working on a mini with black hair at the moment. I haven't done all the highlights yet but so far I've base coated with Vallejo Black-Gray (a very dark gray) and did a wash the GW purple ink. The ink give that Superman like highlight w/o being too bright and over the top. I'm planning on lightening the B-G with Iraqui Sand (or Bone White, it's almost the same color). Hopefully it'll work.
  12. Hrrrrm hoom hom.... The base I got with my river troll is just a plain ole base, no textures or nuttin. I'm trying out a technique I saw on the Jenova Project webpage, whilst attempting to make it swampy n stuff. We shall see what happens. I've become more interested in basing lately. I wanna learn to make em look cool like my painting/basing hero (that'd be you Ms Foerster )
  13. Ok Reaper fan-atics I'm wondering something. I'm currently working on Ms. Roseblade and am having trouble with the boots. From the rear there are several buckels that go all the way to the top, thus making it look to me that the front of the boot is actually a cover or armor of some kind. What is everyone else's opinion on this? I've not seen a painted rear view of this one so I dunno what's what.
  14. Good deal Wiz. I may just have to give these folks some o' my bidness soon. :D
  15. On the advice of someone far more knowledgable that I on these things, I repost this here. This be directed at the Paint Jedi Goddess (Anne for those not keeping score at home): I was looking at your painted River Troll in the showcase (nice as always) and was wondering how you made the base? I like that swamp-like atmosphere you gave it. I also noticed that there are TWO river trolls in the Warlord line. But that has nothing to do with your paint job.
  16. If you're really into conversions, the one time I played Mordheim there was a guy who had a Sisters of Sigmar band where at least one of the figures had the hand cut off and drilled out so he could swap weapons. This way you could have several variations on one mini. They say the figure needs to match the description so you'll be forced to buy more minis anyway! As for the dragon orge, D&D 3.5 has lots of templates. Take the stock ogre, add the 1/2 dragon template and/or the demonic template and Bob's your uncle. **EDIT** Here's a link to the D&D website with all kinds o nastyness to throw at PCs:
  17. I was looking at your painted River Troll in the showcase (nice as always) and was wondering how you made the base? I like that swamp-like atmosphere you gave it. I also noticed that there are TWO river trolls in the Warlord line. But that has nothing to do with your paint job. :p
  18. That's really weird. I have one of those 3 tiered spice racks as well. I was using it to hold paints when I only had a few, now I use it to display minis on. Small world...
  19. Yeah, some skeletons that are all broken up. Piles o bones, carrying their arm or leg, head on backwards, all that good stuff. Good idea. I'd buy that for a dollar. :D
  20. How many coates did you spray on and how long did you wait before spraying the next one?
  21. The shine, as others have said before. But I do but a gloss coat over it first (I've started using Future to do this). The initial gloss coat gives it that superior protection, the matte layer gives it a more natural look.
  22. Yes I am mad, thanks for asking! :p I dunno what they'd name it, but it would be lots of fun to have. And yeah, it'd be HUGE! That's the point, the scare the poop out of jaded gamers! :D
  23. I'm experimenting right now with different mixes and colors. The one I use most is (Vallejo) Baisc Skin Tone and Cork Brown roughly 50/50 depening on how dark I want the skin. Recently I've tried using Beige Red and Cork Brown then highlighting with Basic Skin. Both seem to work well, depends on what effect I want. I use inks as well, GW Flesh Wash and V. Smoke mostly.
  24. Speaking of wizards that don't look like Gandalf, how bout some that aren't 98 lbs weaklings? I remember once in a DragonLance book there was a sea wizard who looked like an arabian pirate, but muscle dude with fluffy pants and all that. 'Course I suppose with some mods almost any fig could do double duty as such a mage... As for critters, here's one that hasn't been mentioned (to my knowledge): The Tarrasque! Big, mean, nigh unstoppable...it should be HUGE and gnarly looking so when you put it on the table your players have an epileptic FIT! (No offense intended to epilectics)
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