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  1. I just started working on this figure. It has a shield attached on a sprue, but I can't quite figure out where the shield is supposed to sit. Obviously on his arm, yeah, that's easy to say, but looking closely at the miniature, there really is no place to place the shield that looks like where it should go. I guess I'll have to custom fit the shield to his arm. It's just one of the rare times where I can't see a "receiver" location on a miniature where it's obvious a supplemental part fits.
  2. We got our new miniatures site up and running. Please stop by and check it out, create an account, and upload and share your work with us. Thanks. http://massiveminis.com/site/
  3. Great job on this ogre. Is that a shiny gem technique I spy on the hilt of his weapon? Very nice!
  4. I've been laid off since February 12th. Well, not entirely laid off, with an hour here and seven hours there, but no real consistency to it. I love the job too, but this economy is absolutely dreadful. The irony of unno requiring to look for work in an economy this bad is striking. I'm not giving up on my job, though. It's too good of a position to lose, and I won't seriously look for another gig until I know it's over for good or unno runs out. That tends to leave me in some weird financial limbo. The good part about being laid off for so long is it's given me plenty of time to paint and work around the house some.
  5. All those amazing paint jobs (and painters) you see on this site and elsewhere started from exactly the same spot you're at now. Maybe not scared, but inexperienced. Every time I see one of those great miniature paint jobs, I use it as inspiration for how I want to paint eventually. That first DVD of Hot Lead has great advice on techniques on how to start to approach the level of quality we see from the masters.
  6. I'm sure most have seen this before, but I always enjoy reading it when a friend sends it along again. Top This One For A Speeding Ticket Two California Highway Patrol Officers were conducting speeding enforcement on I-15, just north of the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar .One of the officers was using a hand held radar device to check speeding vehicles approaching the crest of a hill. The officers were suddenly surprised when the radar gun began reading 300 miles per hour. The officer attempted to reset the radar gun, but it would not reset and then turned off. Just then a deafening roar over the treetops revealed that the radar had in fact locked on to a USMC F/A-18 Hornet (Northrop Grumman aircraft) which was engaged in a low flying exercise near the location. Back at the CHP Headquarters the Patrol Captain fired off a complaint to the USMC Base Commander. The reply came back in true USMC style: ~ ~ ~ Thank you for your letter. We can now complete the file on this incident. You may be interested to know that the tactical computer in the Hornet had detected the presence of, and subsequently locked on to your hostile radar equipment and automatically sent a jamming signal back to it, which is why it shut down. Furthermore, an Air-to-Ground missile aboard the fully armed aircraft had also automatically locked on to your equipment location. Fortunately, the Marine Pilot flying the Hornet recognized the situation for what it was, quickly responded to the missile system alert status and was able to override the automated defense system before the missile was launched to destroy the hostile radar position. The pilot also suggests you cover your mouths when cussing at them, since the video systems on these jets are very high tech. Sergeant Johnson, the officer holding the radar gun, should get his dentist to check his left rear molar. It appears the filling is loose. Also, the snap is broken on his holster. Thank you for your concern. Semper Fi
  7. FAQ has the answer. I overlooked it.
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