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  1. I would like to see an illusionist casting an illusion. Wizards are a dime a dozen, but it would be cool to have male/female figures for the different wizard specialty schools. The rest of my ideas are too silly to post.
  2. Yeah, been awhile since I've dropped in too -new job, new place, looking at grad school....still make time to game. Welcome back Tam!
  3. RAFM used to make one-it's a well done mini that is mounted on a scary looking horse.
  4. It's good to know that our neck of the cornfield is known for something besides that city where people still fear the eclipse
  5. I havn't even taken down my Halloween Tree yet, and the neighbors got christmas lights up already.
  6. Behind the Mask-The rise of Leslie Vernon -Spinal Tap meets Friday the 13th in this dvd where an up and coming slasher allows a film crew to document how he plans for an upcoming killing spree. Just bought Trick 'r Treat with Anna Paquin. An excellent Halloween movie to get me in the holiday mood before I put up my Halloween Tree....
  7. A set of wizards to represent the various specialty casters-especialy a human illusionist.
  8. Army of Darkness Brotherhood of the Wolf LotR Behind the mask-the rise of Leslie Vernon (horror comedy in mockumentry form) Lair of the white worm Conan the barbarian Big trouble in little china....
  9. Our low level group traveling through some sewers spotted a large group of zombies ahead. I convinced the group that we could easily sneak around them as zombies are stupid. (Bad pun warning) They're retard-dead. I was then beaten to death by my own group.
  10. He wasn't a ninja-he was a ninny!
  11. Happy Easter! Why are they putting up Christmas decorations already?
  12. Watch the film "Gamer-Dorkness Rising" to see how TPK is handled. Make new charecters, start the adventure from the begining, and go off knowledge your previous charecter had. Then when you run into Nodwick, charm him to get your stuff back. Seriously, we once had a TPK, except my charecter who survived. It looks REALLY bad when a group of adventurers go out, and only the drow comes back.
  13. Well, here's what I've put together so far, the courtier class from Rokugan with the right skills would make an excellent lawyer, and found a brief section on trials in one of the Freeport books. Biker Drew, that is a cool story. I will look into the Judges Guild supplement and hopeful have enough to start writing
  14. I'm writing an adventure that takes place somewhere more frightening than any dungeon, a court of law. I need information on d20 fantasy legal systems and procedures. Anyone know where to find a lawyer prestige class?
  15. Zombies don't hack, but I saw one with a sign that says "Will Work For Brains"
  16. Do vegatarians eat animal crackers?
  17. It's a robot bard with unlimited ranks in bardic lore. If you have a question, just ask jeeves....or visit the search engine.
  18. Stories like this make me glad that I don't celebrate Chritmas.
  19. They had better bring gnomes back-or it'll be (bad pun warning) gnome-more mr. nice guy!
  20. EGAD!!!! I havn't even taken down my Halloween Tree yet.....
  21. Yes, it always makes you feel old when you go back to college when your in your 30's and get mistaken for a teacher. I used to walk into class and say "So, you're all here for organic chemistry, right?" The next day, I'd look at the person next to me and say "So, you ready for this test?" to see if any of the youngsters can have heart attacks.
  22. WOW those are sweet. The male could pass for Wolverine on a bad morning.....very ferocious
  23. Nope, just Chinese and Arabic, and even then only well enough to ask directions, order diner and get my face slapped. Seriously, while learning Arabic over the summer, I picked up a phrasebook from Lonelyplanet.com that really helped alot for about $8. They also have Hindi/Urdu phrasebooks and you can pick them up at any Borders/Barnes & Noble bookstores. Aside from phrases, they feature a two way dictionary and cultural notes. Hope this helps.
  24. Congrats! Sometimes it's best to leave a sinking ship before it's too late. I was motivated to find a better job recently when I got into trouble at my old job....for NOT speaking Spanish.
  25. Let's see, a special appearance from Noddwick, ninja pizza delivery guys using pizza cutters to fight pirates (everyrhings better with pirates) zombie ninjas, goblins, and alot of undead ghouls....reaper minis in the game shop, a giant cat that jumps on the table and destroys minis... Some very quotable lines. Anybody else see this yet?
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