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  1. The first two are merely scale to ratio pictures. Comparing sizes between the dragon, its hatchlings, the dwarfs mount and the actual dwarf. The ant I found was right, but I wanted him mounted on it, riding it like a horse. And it was too small. So, I found one of my other mini's, converted the mechanical dragonfly, pinned the legs in and now its an ant. With a few things to convert, snip away, a few things of paint, it'll look like the thing.
  2. Ya know. Your probably right, I just wanted to strip this and turn into something because I didn't find any dwarf with the facial hair that I wanted, and I'm not exactly well experienced with green stuff or milli put to make facial hair on a mini. But I do know that I have the option at my disposal.
  3. That's actually his steed. I hope to find either another one, or one that's a bit bigger then him, re-mod either this one or get a new one and mount him on it. But thanks for the comment, much appreciated.
  4. Here he is with a finished base, his ant and a Paladin on a diorama.
  5. Ya know...I never thought of that. It didn't occur to me at all. Thanks for that! Much appreciated.
  6. Well, to answer all the questions. My Mini was a Dwarf Pathfinder Sergant here on ReaperMini. The primer is Rust-Oleum. I only got this primer because it says for metal. And some of the primers, as you guys mentioned, only work on metal or don't work on metal. Its quick-easy topcoat. And, I guess I didn't read the directions right. It said it sets in ten to fifteen minutes. But the actual wording on it and painting on it is 1-2 hours. I waited roughly half an hour. So, I figure out my problem, thanks guys.
  7. Well, I can't find a Soldier Ant or any kind of Ant on the Reaper website. I might sculpt him from a mixture of clay and add green stuff for detail. Not sure though, opened to suggestions.
  8. I just got back into painting mini's. I had to stop several years ago because school got in the way, and a few personal issues. But now, I have patience, a better hand and understanding, and I'm proud of my first mini especially after such a long absence. Here's my mini. He's for my DnD Eberron Campaign. His name is Skaven, the Dwarf Fighter. He's level two at the moment. But his favorite thing is riding his soldier ant Pete (whom I tamed on a natural roll of twenty with no modifiers), smoking his pipe, and dual welding his warhammer and hand axe. Have a look and tell me what you think.
  9. I recently got back into miniatures. Well, I bought some regular primer from Home Depot and it dried really fast, which was a plus. But when I was painting, the primer was rubbing off, and when it wasn't rubbing off. The paint would like, 'chip' my paint. Is there a different type of primer that I could use to get more detail, or can I just somehow turn my primer into liquid primer. Any suggestions?
  10. I took your guy's advice and trimmed the arm off completely. Took a dremel to it, now I'm filing down the gun, backside, grenades ant the pouches. Hope to have photo up soon.
  11. Thanks for the heads up and info, here's a back side of it for everyone else.
  12. Here's a better picture, if this'll help. Still tryin' to take pics with mini's.
  13. Hi guys. I recently got back into making mini's. My first one is making a Dwarf Fighter for my DnD RP Sessions. The problem I'm having is, I don't know where to start. I have a basic idea on what I want, but I just, can't push forward with it. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I should approach this and where I can start? I'll even take suggestions on what to do. I'm just to frustrated to think. Any help or tips you guys give me is much appreciated. Thank you. P.S. Here are a couple of photo's of what my mini looks like.
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