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  1. I think it's fantastic. Thank you very much Derek for the advice, I appreciate it. I fully understand your point of view regarding the beard and eyebrows and will be applying it on the enlarged dwarf that I will be painting this week. Adding gray to the shading will definitely improve the look of the beard. I will also be attending as many Reaper Virtual Expo classes as possible over the weekend.
  2. @dks Many thanks Derek, I'm glad you like it too. Is there anything you see I could improve? As for the meat tenderizer, I was also making jokes about it Yesterday. It sure deals extra damage.
  3. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you like it. The enlarged version is a mix between the smiter and the striker. I'm actually painting the other enlarged model I converted to make it look more like the striker. I should be posting it soon.
  4. Great work, I like the two-color scheme. At first glance, it reminded me of the Scottish Clansman war paint.
  5. Enlarge! Hello everyone, here are pictures of the 44109, Enlarged Dark Dwarf Smiter I completed last night. The size of this model allowed me to add more texture on the leather. I also added light effect on the face and the shield rivets. For those of you who may wonder, Dark Dwarves (Duergar) can once a day use their spell-like ability to enlarge themselves. This Bones Black model was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  6. Absolutely masterful. I remember the coral reef diorama you made in 2007, I was literally speechless about both quality of the paint and all the details you have put on the display base itself. And honestly, I think your work on Quoralei is, if possible, even more amazing. The sculpt is so full of details, like the webbed hand (showing between the thumb and index finger of her left hand) and the movement in here hair and scarf are exquisite. The paint is... impressive (I am out of words). Her eyes are deep and mesmerizing, they have a translucent feel. The subtle depth of the nmm and the smooth blend between colors on the base are all absolutely beautiful. Keep it up your work is always a great source of inspiration.
  7. Beautiful work, the OSL is great. I like these little fellows.
  8. They're beyond horror, grotesque in the most unsightly way. Nicely done, great conversions.
  9. I like this model and I like the cold skin tone you have chosen. It contrast well with the leather and dark metallic parts of the armor. Great work!
  10. Thanks for your comment everyone. I used the same 09240 Royal Purple color on the shield and clothes and the base color for the skin. The skin is glazed with successive blends of Royal Purple and 09275 Vampire Skin.
  11. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you like them. I started painting one of the enlarged version. It's much easier, and obviously there's more room for textures.
  12. Beautiful work, I love the highlights on the skin and the bronze armor ornaments. The white dress is also very well done.
  13. From left to right on the first picture; 03883 Dark Dwarf Irontongue Priest, 03899 Dark Dwarf Smiter, 03898 Dark Dwarf Pounder, 03892 Dark Dwarf Striker. All four Dark Heaven Legends models were sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  14. Beautiful work on the amazing model. I like you color selection, perfect for un underground dragon.
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