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  1. Amazing life-like work Geoff, I like the rust effect. The chipping and the scratches along the side door opening and at the base of the dumpster are very well done too.
  2. Beautiful work on all of them. You're up for a very good start on this project.
  3. Beautiful work once again. The details on this model are remarkable, the jewelleries are especially amazing. You did an awesome work on the yellow and her face is very expressive.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. They were fun to paint, especially after the long moment I worked on T'Char. Color scheme are endless for mushrooms, so I wanted to paint them with as much colors as I could.
  5. Many thanks guys, I appreciate it. @buglips*the*goblin, indeed, I'm very happy with the final result. It took me a very long time to feel ready to do it justice and paint it. Even if I've been painting for many years, I've improved and learned a lot during the last six months. This paint job is all about contrast, contrast between dark and light, contrast between cold and warm colors and contrast between the tones. I'm glad you enjoy it.
  6. Hello everyone, some more Underworld dwellers. Here are my 44045, Shrieking Fungi sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  7. Great work, I like the composition of the scene. Riding a Zeek is certainly a fast way to travel the Underdark.
  8. I like how you highlighted the purple hoods and the green is a great choice to balance the ensemble. Beautiful work.
  9. Thank you @Iridil, when I started painting it I was not even sure of the final color. At one point I was going to leave it orange, took a break and continued to work on it. I received a sample color in my last order 29111 deflector shield (yellow) and decided it would be perfect over orange. The final highlight on the yellow scales is 29825 tusk ivory, it gives a nice shiny glow to the dragon.
  10. Beautiful work on the blade, the osl and weathering effect as well.
  11. Great work, the osl from the eyes and the flaming skull are very well done. I like all the details you added on the base as well. What did you use to make the "roots", is it lichen?
  12. Awesome work on these crisp models. I like the way you painted the highlights on the chainmails, the faces and the cloaks are also amazing.
  13. Thanks @Fencig and @nevereavymetal, I'm glad you like it. Yes, I think it did. it's allergy season. Or, it came to investigate a forest fire at the edge of the forest.
  14. Thanks for your comment everyone, I appreciate and I'm glad you enjoy. It's a heavy metal model indeed, about 2.4 pounds (a little more than a kilo). It was a challenging but very fun model to paint. I hope to paint another dragon soon... maybe this year.
  15. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a dragon I completed Yesterday. This is a Ral Partha 10-463, T'Char Dragon of The Flame and Fury sculpted by Sandra Garrity in 1992. I bought this model in 1993 and assembled it in 1995. It has been on a shelf all these years. It’s a pleasure to see it finally painted. This amazing sculpt is 175mm tall, almost 7 inches at the top of the wings. The original model comes with a nice base around which I added more rocks and branches. I made the flames with Liquitex heavy gel and 3d printed a 125mm wide base to complete the vignette. Nowadays, this 12-piece drag
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