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  1. Hello everyone, something different today. Because adventurers also need a reward, here are pictures of 02313, Treasure Hoard (third from the set) sculpted by Bob Olley.
  2. Great work, they put me in the mood for Halloween. I like how the shadowgaunt seems to be vaporous.
  3. Thanks for your comments everyone, I appreciate. Somehow, I personally like that model. It's certainly not the most exciting sculpt, none the least it's very original and certainly stinky. I dare not imagine the troglodyte stench mixed with the rotting smell of decaying flesh. Although zombies lose most special qualities of the base creature, I'll definitely have the players roll for a Fortitude check when I throw this one at them. For now, our gaming nights are postponed. We are playing by the 3.5 edition rules of D&D. I never tried the other editions.
  4. Awesome setting, I really like the colorful macadam. Seems we arrived just in time for the duel. I also love the contrast between the skin and horns / spikes of the beast.
  5. Hello inspiration Tuesday, Here are pictures of a Wizards of the Coast 88712, Zombie Troglodyte I completed Yesterday. This Chainmail model was sculpted by Will Hannah and was painted with Reaper MSP paint.
  6. Ah! You have a sweet tooth. Don't know if their stores are still open. However, I know they sale their products in groceries. They even have an Online shop, unfortunately I don't think they ship to the US.
  7. Hello everyone, here are pictures of 02909, Nienna the elf ranger sculpted by Werner Klocke. I use that model in our still postponed D&D sessions. She's an half-elf named Vadariah. She had to flee her native village with her mother when it was attacked by Orcs. During their adventures, she became a very versatile young woman. She began her journey as a ranger and later became interested in stealthiness and sorcery. So, she's now a multi-class character; 3rd level ranger, 3rd level lightbringer rogue and 2nd level sorceress. Her familiar is a hawk, flying somewhere in the blue. I hope you'll enjoy.
  8. I love it, beautiful work. These old Grenadier Dragons are very cool. I also own a copy of that dragon and you did an inspiring work on it. I will now need to paint mine.
  9. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a 77341 Lioness. This Bones model was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I painted it as a Black (Blue) Panther. I kept the original base and sculpted additional high grass around to incorporate it to a larger 2 inches square base. The trees are dried roots.
  10. Hello everyone, the madness goes on. On todays menu we have 44105, Giant Maggots. These Bones Black models were sculpted by Kevin Williams. I did a 09282, maggot white and a 09039, pure white glazing on them to give them a transparent and organic aspect.
  11. That's an awesome thematic group. I would definitely use them as a side mission, in a graveyard encounter. One of the villagers has been missing since the last full moon and peasants are complaining about the aggressive behavior of the giant bats who have taken up residence in a nearby cave. After investigating for days, a group of adventurers, who was leading an important mission in the region, hear shrill screams coming from the graveyard. The adventurers need to get rid of the giant bats that carries a mutated lycanthropic disease. I would give extra experience points if they don't kill the Werebat and cure the pour villager that was contaminated.
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm glad you like it.
  13. Good Friday everyone, here are pictures of the mini I'll be using as a necromancer in my upcoming D&D game. 14060, Leisynn the mercenary mage is one of my top 5 favorite model. It was sculpted by Tim Prow for the Warlord game.
  14. Hello everyone, here are pictures of the third and last of the 06143, Tomb Guards sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. This is the metal version from the Nefsokar Warlord Army Packs. I kept my favorite of the three for last.
  15. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Many thanks for the feedbacks @Peithetairos. You're right about the fine sand, it would add a dusty feel to the model.
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