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  1. Metalchaos

    60205 Barzillai Thrune

    Great work. I like how you painted the armor. You adventurers are in for a nusty fight facing Wayne Reynolds.
  2. Metalchaos

    Dungeon Dwellers Diorama

    I added the grout between the floor tiles because I thought that if I left it this way, it wouldn't look natural. Because of the printing error, the gaps between the tiles was too wide and, since it's a dungeon floor, it will need to be dirty and covered with dust and debris. I hope it will make sense when it's painted and that it will look like dirt more than just regular grout. Thanks for your feedbacks and encouragement everyone.
  3. Metalchaos

    Dungeon Dwellers Diorama

    Good day everyone, I've been working on a diorama display for some time now and I thought some of you may like the see my progress. I used AutoCad for my sketches and Inventor to build the 3D model. Then I used Blender to texture the model and Slicer to generate de code for my Prusa printer. The following pictures are the steps I went through so far. It’s my first big project. It's taking long but it's a learning experience. Let me know what you think about it so far. The first image is a screenshot of the final model in Inventor. Some sketches in AutoCad software. Floor part in Invetor software. Generating the code of the floor in Prusa Slicer software. I got a printing error while printing the floor. The plastic filament and I had to stop the print. On the next picture, we can see how the parts are on the inside. There is some supports but most of the part is empty to save on printing time and material. I decided to print the remining floor tiles individually to salvage what I had already been printing. I then glued each tile on the base. I had another printing error on the column, and I had the print another one. The column was printed at the highest level of quality my Prusa i3 MK3S can print, which is at a 0.05mm of precision. The arch was also printed at 0.05mm. The level of detail is amazing. Even the ring was printed flawlessly without support. Here’s a screenshot of the wall assembly after I completed texturing it in Blender. Here’s a screenshot of the wall assembly in Slicer. I generated the code with supports to make sure the door arch would be print perfectly. It looks perfect like this, so I didn’t see a problem coming. Some parts of mu model were not right, there were some gaps. The software filled these gaps with support material, so when I see the issue, I decided not to stop the printing session. The support material is showing in drak green the the simulation. After, when I generated the code without support, I could clearly see the gaps. I think this happened because there were errors, holes I didn’t correct or masking I didn’t remove, on the model I imported from Blender. I will need to investigate farther. See the result after I removed all the support. Removing the support takes forever by the way. I’ll try to avoid supports if possible, in the future. Here’s a picture of the wall. It took 40 hours to print only and probably another 40 hours to build, texture and clean the model. I still need to fill the gaps the Greenstuff. Here are all the parts I printed for this project. And, all the parts together. I haven’t glue anything yet. There is still some sanding and cleaning to do. I will paint each part separately. I patched the gaps with liquid Green Stuff. Closeup of the first layer of liquid Green Stuff. I converted a 02712 Eye Best from Reaper Miniatures. This is the pewter version of model that was sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I added eye stalks from the 03440 Creature Components II, also from Reaper. The Eye Best will be pinned on the wall and the door. All the adventurers I'll be displaying on the diorama are from Reaper Miniatures Dungeon Dwellers brand. From left to right; 07012 Caerindra Thistlemoor, 07004 Stitch Thimbletoe, 07002 Baran Blacktree and 07008 Luwin Phost. The models can be moved from a recess to another to allow different layouts. More to come soon!
  4. Metalchaos

    03891: Chaos Toad Sorcerer

    Beautiful work, I like everything about it. The skin blend is so smooth and the eyes and gem are outstanding.
  5. Hi everyone, here are some group picture of my Player Character and a NPC in our D&D games. All Reaper Miniatures models; 03492, Autumn Bronzeleaf Elf Wizard sculpted by Jeff Grace. Converted 77038, Hell Hound sculpted by Ben Siens. 02771, Lorus Hightower sculpted by Sandra Garrity. The elf wizard is one of my player characters, she's a wood elf druidess and I called her Kiarah Amanodel aka Moonflower. Her riding dog Khan was converted from a Hell Hound. And, Firecracker will be an important non-playing character in an opcoming campaign. I hope you enjoy, comments and critiques are welcome.
  6. Metalchaos

    Darksword Miniatures Rabbit Ranger

    Great work, the hunted becomes the hunter. I like how you painted the eyes, he looks so focused, almost threatening I'd say.
  7. Metalchaos

    Kingdom Death Flower Knight

    Beautiful work.
  8. Metalchaos

    Ral Partha Female Adventurer

    Great paint job on that beautiful model. I like how discrete the sling is dissimulated on her shoulder ready to be used. I like the contrasting yellow of the skirt and the expression on her face.
  9. Metalchaos

    Nothic conversion - 77028

    I agree, great conversion. I also like the eye and the skin a lot.
  10. Metalchaos

    77365 - Angel of protection - Speed paint

    Nice work, the wings are beautiful. I like the highlight on the pink dress.
  11. Metalchaos

    03492, Autumn Bronzeleaf Elf Wizard

    Good Friday everyone. Here is 03492, Autumn Bronzeleaf Elf Wizard Sculpted by Jeff Grace. She's certainly one of the most challenging model I ever paint. The level of detail on this mini is just insane. Enjoy and have a great weekend.
  12. I took this picture last night while I was fooling around with recently painted models. It's firecracker time! 02771, Lorus Firecracker sculpted by Sandra Garrity vs. 89031, Whispering Tyrant sculpted by Bobby Jackson. The 77531, Graveyard Fence Posts are also from Reaper and were sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. The skull I added on the post is from the 02611 Skulls of 8 races package sculpted by Sandra Garrity.
  13. Metalchaos

    02771, Lorus Hightower

    I primed it white, first did a light 09047, fair skin layer and then a 09408, candlelight yellow layer. I shaded with a brown wash and highlighted with candlelight yellow and did a final light highlight with a mix and candlelight yellow and white. Reaper’s MSP paint and Citadel ink.
  14. Metalchaos

    02771, Lorus Hightower

    There is going to be a firework tonight... Firecrackers in Lorus's way. Here is 02771, Lorus Hightower aka Firecracker. This model was sculpted by Sandra Garrity.
  15. Metalchaos

    89031, Whispering Tyrant

    Thanks for your comment everyone. The purple is a mix of MSP HD 29818 Nightsky Blue, 29819 Twilight Purple and 29841 Witchcraft Purple. It was in Bones 2 core set, Pathfinder Villains.