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  1. Hello there, here is my latest Dark Dwarf. 44139, Dark Dwarf Cleaver was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. This is the Bones Black version. Have a good Friday.
  2. Thank you for your comments, everyone. The hammer head was translucent, so it was easy to give it that crystalline look with ink and a few highlights. As for the cape, and in fact the whole figurine, it has this shiny aspect because of the varnish. I give the model two thick coats of brush sealer to make sure the paint survives multiple play sessions.
  3. Thank you @Iridil, yes the different colors will help identify each characters on the game table.
  4. Hello again, this one is Darkblade, a Wizkids Pathfinder Deep Cuts 72596, Human Male Fighter. Darkblade is also a the character of one of the players of our D&D group. I painted it with Reaper MSP paint.
  5. Hello there, here are pictures of Tungdill, a Wizkids Nolzur’s Marvelous 72630, Dwarf Male Paladin. It is the character of one of the players of our D&D group. I painted it with Reaper MSP paint and Citadel casandora yellow ink on the hammer head.
  6. I like the color of her hair too, great work.
  7. Lovely work! The skin and the gems are catching my eyes.
  8. @jdizzy001, @Chaoswolf, @Iridil, @zoroaster100 thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. ✌️
  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. I put the emphasis on his poor hygiene. I added random spots and pimples to her arms and stomach. I'm glad you enjoyed this quartet. You may have noticed that there is a free space on the base, in front of Dorella. The reason is that, in the Hook Mountain Massacre adventure module, Dorella has a rat familiar named Tickles. I plan to paint a giant rat and have it attached to the base with a magnet. This way I'll be able to remove it and use another one on a 25mm base for in game playability. I'll be using the Dungeon Dwellers 07031, giant rats scul
  10. Hello everyone, I hope those who were able to attend enjoyed their ReperCon weekend. It was fun to follow along on Twitch while painting. Here are pictures of 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman. It's the forth Hook Mountain Ogre model sculpted by David Summers for Pathfinder. It was painted with Reaper MSP paint and stand on 50mm wide base. From left to right; 60008 Hook Mountain Ogre #1, 60037 Hookmaw Kreeg, 60030 Hook Mountain Ogre #2 and 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman.
  11. Thank you @Iridil, I'm glad you like them. The greasy skin appearance was not intentional, it looks this way because of the varnish. I used The Army Painter matt varnish on the two last ones and Vallejo matt varnish on the first one. Even if it's a dull sealer, The Army Painter matt varnish is a little shiny. Personally I prefer using Vallejo. I think it makes better pictures when using a dull sealer.
  12. You did an awesome work with the osl. I love it.
  13. I love the pose of this model and you did a great work on it.
  14. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your support. ✌️ @Great Khan Artist, I took a look at the Crocodile Games minifigures and you're right, there is a nice selection of Titans. The Titan Overlord looks huge.
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