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  1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it and hope it will inspire some people to convert their models. Continuing Toghra’s conversion, I drilled holes in both parts of the body and cut a nail the length I needed. I cut off the flail from its right hand. And, the staff for its left hand. I was going to put a dagger in its right hand. I changed my mind after considering all the option I had. I glued the nail in the lower body part. Then stated working on the upper body. I drilled a hole through its right fist. And, used an unfolded paperclip to create a stiff spear. The spear head is the remaining blade I kept after converting 02757, Gastaroth the Vampire some time ago, it was almost 10 years ago. I glued the lower part of 77061 Kord the Destroyer axe handle at the other end of the shaft. I had also kept this piece of the handle after conveting Kord. I glued a new staff in Toghra’s left hand. It’s a staff that comes from 14056 Weapon Pack 1 sculpted by Tim Kaufman. Here’s another view from a different angle. This model promises to take a lot of space on the gaming board. I glued Toghra’s upper body to its new legs. Notice I deliberately left a gap between the two body parts. Other ways, the model looked a little strange. I will later fill the gap with Greenstuff. So, here we are. Here are the two converted models. Here they are with the unconverted version of 77236 Bloodmane the Gnoll Warrior on the left. I also converted the remining model. I swapped the axe head with the one I kept after converting 77061 Kord the Destroyer. It’s a simple conversion that will add a personal touch and create a unique model. Note that I also removed a spike from the Gnoll’s shield. The paperclip pin also helps to get a stiffer weapon. Toghra’s original staff was made of bones. I separated and cleaned them for later use. I glued the three spikes I saved from the 77236 Bloodmane Gnolls and glued them on 77234 Boneflail the Gnoll Cleric shield. Here’s a group picture before starting the Greenstuff. I’m using the tip of a broken wooden stick to texture the Greenstuff. Here, I’m working on 77104 Blacktongue the Gnoll Archer. To be continued…
  2. Hi everyone, I recently had the pleasure of realizing that I inadvertently bought the same Gnoll model twice. So, I decided to convert two of them to create a little variety in my hunting party. Read the text under each picture to have more detail. This post was purposely written as a guide for any who would like to try their hands at converting Reaper Bones model or any other models. I used two 77236 Bloodmane the Gnoll Warrior sculpted by Tre Manor, 77235 Toghra the Gnoll Leader sculpted by Jason Wiebe and 14056 Weapon Pack 1 sculpted by Tim Kaufman. I first separated the dagger handle from the body. Just a simple notch did the trick. I then cut the trunk along the belt. Again, on the other side of the model, I cut the body following the belt as a guide. I have this hollow feeling in my stomach... Same thing for Toghra, cut the body along the belt line. I drilled a hole in Toghra’s lower section and cut a small nail to pin the two parts together. I drilled a hole in Bloodmane’s upper body section and tested the pin in. I glued the pin in the leg part. I’m using Gorilla Super Glue. I then removed the handaxe cutting the handle just above the fist. I keep it for later use. The tricky part is to drill a hole in straight line through the fist. I had to use a small drill bit, smaller than the new weapon handle not to tear the plastic. I used a slightly bigger drill bit to get the hole a little larger. After cleaning the mold line on the new weapon, I cut the handle in halves in order to keep the pommel intact. I had to use a file to reduce the diameter of the handle. Also, I removed two spikes from the shield to alter its aspect from the one the other Gnoll Worrior is wearing. Finally, I’m using a piece of wooden stick to adjust the posture of the model on its base. I often use this simple trick to level my models. I use super glue to fix the parts together. I’m using 40mm round base for the Gnoll. These models are large and even if there in game space size is 25mm, I personally prefer larger base to have more room for decoration. That’s it, I’ll need to fill the gap above the belt and along the shoulder. I’ll also be using Greenstuff to fill the gap and complete the base before cleaning everything with soft soap and water prior to painting. I added some notches on the cutting edge of the original Gnoll’s plastic axe. I’ll be using it as a battlefield wreck weapon to decorate the base.
  3. Metalchaos

    Hakon, Iconic Skald - Bones 4 Version

    Beautiful job. I like the eyes and how you added texture to the fabric and the blowing horn. Long live Thorin II Oakenshield, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King under the Mountain.
  4. Metalchaos

    Kyphrixis 77565 for a birthday present

    That's an amazing gift, she must be very happy. I like the variation you managed to get with the different copper tones. The greenish wings are perfect too.
  5. Metalchaos

    03135 B'thuhl, Bathalain Pirate

    Awesome work. I like the leather coat and the bluish reflection on the saber.
  6. Metalchaos

    02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman

    Thank you. I'm glad you like it. I mostly used dull colors to paint the Goblinoid. I think it helps see some detail better, like the tooth-shape jade gemstone, the magical effect running down its staff and the feathers. Also, I like how the left horn of the ram skull is bended differently. It was a great model to paint.
  7. Metalchaos

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    Nice choice of color. The pink inner side of the cloak works beautifully with the green and dark purple. I also like the unusual green color of the lips. You managed to pull out the hair detail as well, great work.
  8. Metalchaos

    02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman

    Hi everyone, here's 02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman. This model was sculpted by Ben Siens. It’s mounted on a 40mm round base and was painted with Reaper's MSP acrylics paint. After a major earthquake shook the mountain range of western Zenitonia, Skrug and his clan had no other choice then move. Their entire lair was destroyed in a dreadful collapse. Dozens of Bugbear died or were trapped under the unstable rubbles, survivors had to leave. Has Hruggek abandoned his fateful worshipers? For, after traveling by night and hiding in a valley of the Vermillion Hills, the horde had to stop by the Lynx River torrents. There, they were decimated by a group of adventurers passing by looking for Belladonna berries. Only two families managed to escape the slaughter crossing the river on a makeshift raft. Belladonna or Wolfsbane berries are very toxic, they are also an essential ingrediant to concoct the cure against lycanthropy. But this is another story.
  9. Metalchaos

    77581 Mudgullet

    That's a huge model indeed. I love how you painted the eyes that seems to be looking in different direction, like chameleon do. It's amazing. Did you use ink to shade it?
  10. Metalchaos

    Moonlit Halfling Archer - broccoli pics

    I came for the broccoli, and liked for the very cool highlight on the cloak.
  11. Metalchaos

    Cat Critters display base (lots of pictures)

    Many thanks everyone, it's been a long lasting project and I'm very happy you all seem to like it. I appreciate each of your comment. Some of these models were a little challenging to paint, yet they are all so full of character that they were all a pleasure to put in color. Vhaidra, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad it made your day.
  12. Hello everyone! Major post today, I completed the Cat Critters display base. I went for a simple arrangement this time. It’s a thematic chest-like display board. I opted for a Roman style setup; mosaic pavement tiling, marble pillars and royal purple flowers. It was interesting to work with different product from many companies on this project. The CatCritters are from Darksword Miniatures, they were all sculpted by talented David Summers. Here’s for the technical information; The marble lions are from Reaper Miniatures, 77341 and were Sculpted by Geoff Valley. The pillars are from Wizkids. I made the pavement texture using a Green Stuff World rolling pin. The background wall was made with a Town Square from Tabletop World. The cavalry base I mounted the lion statues on are from Games Workshop. The synthetic grass and tuft are from the Army Painter, Woodland Scenics and Green Stuff World. Lastly, I made the vine-like tree with real roots. To build the board I also used a pine plank, Masonite hard board, Milliput, Jovi Plastilina, Green Stuff natural stones and sand. To paint the models and the display base I used Reaper Miniatures MSP paint and Citadel inks. Each model was mounted on a 50mm base. Black Cat Avenging Thief, DSM7969 Ali Sparrow the Female Cat Pirate, DSM7971 Augustus Tribute the Emperor Cat, DSM7986 King Richard the Lion, DSM7999 Scottish Wildcat Warrior, DSM8006 Pretty Pretty Princess the Victorian Female Cat, DSM8017 Brave Sir Robin the Scaredy Cat, DSM8018 "Bean" the Cthulhu Cat, DSM8028 Ella the Cat Rogue, DSM8077 Archer the Grumpy Cat Warlock, DSM8078 Nom the Cat Paladin, DSM8079 Cat Warrior with Battle Axe, DSM8103 Frankie - Cat Rogue with Dagger, DSM8104 Scottish Fold Cat Cleric with Warhammer, DSM8110 Birman Cat Bard with Ale and Lute, DSM8111 Persian Cat Warrior the Dual Wield, DSM8112 Siamese Cat Wizard with Staff, DSM8113 Asha the Cat Rogue, DSM8114 Sphynx Cat Druid with Staff, DSM8116 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed.
  13. Metalchaos

    Converted Riding Dog from 77038, Hell Hound

    Many thanks for the kind words. Your appreciation fuels my motivation. My inspiration for this conversion was the Mastiff from D&D 5e riding dog.
  14. Metalchaos

    Converted Riding Dog from 77038, Hell Hound

    Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like what I did. Khan is Kiarah Amanodel's riding dog in my D&D campaign. Kiarah is my female elf druid character. She is only 90 pounds but together with Khan they are an efficient team. Kiarah raised Khan to hunt the orcs of the region after their quiet grove was raided by the Ragged Wound Tribe. Kiarah's lover was killed during the raid, so now the vengeful elf travels with her mysterious daughter to inflict harm on those who murdered Leonan. It's in my plans to make another version of the model with the Kiarah riding Khan to battle. I added more pictures of the WIP.
  15. Hi everyone, Now that the contest is over, here are more pictures of my converted 77038, Hell Hound. The original sculpt is by Ben Siens. This was my entry in Reaper's Facebook Convert and Paint contest. Khan is my elf riding dog in our D&D campaign. The contest was the perfect pretexte to make this conversion. I first removed all the spikes and flames on the hound's back. I then built the armor and saddle using green stuff and a paperclip. The chest is from Reaper's 02638, adventuring accessories. There were amazing entries in the contest and I managed to get an honorable mention. Thanks to Reaper miniatures and Matthew Clark for organizing this contest.