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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great Black Friday. Here are pictures of 50287, Cain the Cyber-Troll sculpted by Bobby Jackson. This Chronoscope model was designed by Wayne Reynolds, Winner of the Reaper Con 2011 DYOM (Design Your Own Miniature) Auction. It is also available in Bones Black version under SKU: 49028. I added the katana on its back to be faithful to the concept art illustration and painted it with Reaper MSP paint.
  2. Beautiful work. The gem on the wizard staff is especially stunning.
  3. Great work. I like the stain of blood you added on the rogue base. Nice story line too. Keep up the good work.
  4. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you like it. I hope I'll be painting other older models in the near future. When I bought this black dragon there was also a Ral Partha 10-420 Clutch of Fear model in the bundle. It's a little damaged but I'll be able to salvage it. I think Clutch of fear was produced in 1992. I wish you all a great Thanksgiving.
  5. These purple gems and the skin tone of the Firbolg are amazing.
  6. I love the contrast between the rope at his waist, the pages for the books and the rest of the model. Keep up the good work.
  7. Great work. I like how you painted the Orc shaman tattoos and these blue gems are standing out nicely.
  8. Hello everyone! After seeing @Kangaroorex Grenadier 9601, Black Dragon, I decided it was time for me to salvage mine from the shelf of shame. Thanks for the motivation Kangaroorex. This model was sculpted by William Watt in 1988. Unfortunately, the one I bought some years ago had a few battle scars. It has a broken horn and a broken wing claw. Its main tail stinger and tongue were also broken. As a reference, the base is 75mm wide.
  9. Too bad I sealed the model already, I would have stripped the ink off and tried again. @lexomatic, thanks for the advice, I'll try them next time.
  10. Many thanks for the advice @Thoramel, thinking about it, I'm sure that would work. I will have to try it next time I paint a translucent model.
  11. @Darcstaar, thanks for the honest feedback and the kind words. It's not always obvious to give a constructive critique on someone else's work, I appreciate your comment. I totally agree with you, the effect doesn't appeal to me neither. It would have been better to leave it translucent. I must add that it was also difficult to apply ink directly on plastic. Even though I had previously cleaned the model with soap using a toothbrush, the ink was slipping on the surface. It seems that ink works best when applied on paint.
  12. Hello everyone, here are pictures of the 77452 Invisible Ranger I painted last night. I'll be using this translucent model as a marker whenever I make a hide check. The other model is the metal version of 02909 Nienna, Elf Ranger sculpted by Werner Klocke. The character I'm playing is a multiclass; ranger, rogue, sorceress. I painted the base with Reaper MSP paint and used only inks on the model itself. More pictures of my painted version of 02909, Nienna the elf ranger.
  13. Amazing work, I like the way you painted the wolf familiar as a german shepherd.
  14. They aged well. Some of the plants lost their coloration, they now look even more spooky.
  15. Beautiful, sharp and very colorful work. I love the stripes on the "cat".
  16. That's a total makeover, almost a completely new model. You did an excellent work on both the conversion and the paint. I like the posture of her head, it makes it much easier to see her face this way. The original version of the model is facing down, probably because she is tracking a foe or animal, so her face is a little hard to paint. Which head did you use? I also like the mushrooms you added on the stump.
  17. Hello everyone, here are pictures of the biggest small dragon I ever painted. 03651 Storm Dragon Hatchling sculpted by Kevin Williams. This is the metal version of the model, it is mounted on a 74033, 40mm round base. The final highlight on the upper part of the wings is 09294 Alien Goo and 09408 Candlelight Yellow.
  18. Beautiful cold pallet, I love the smooth transition between colors.
  19. Thanks for your comments everyone. Thanks @Kuroneko, I plan to use this model as an Ogre Zombie in an upcoming session. This tall guy is supposed to dig himself into a nearby mound in the back of the Adventurers as they have their hands full of other undead. Players are level 8 adventurers, so this encounter is the first real challenge in the game. The final challenge is much more dangerous. Only after defeating a regiment of undead, including a shadow, a wight, a group of cultists, and other horrors, the players face their nemesis. After discovering, and possibly destroying, an unholy artifact located in the village chapel, as the adventurers leave the desecrated location, a dark cracking energy portal will open some distance in front of them. From the darkness behind this portal will come out the enemy. Flanked by mercenaries, mounted on a skeletal black dragon, their antagonist will manifest. Leisynn The Twisted Necromancer will reveal himself for the first time. The battlefield is a mass grave surrounding the village, a playground for the evil wizard.
  20. Hello everyone, here are pictures of Wizards of the Coast 88358, Skeletal Orc. This Chainmail model was sculpted by Will Hannah in 2001 for the Ahmut faction.
  21. Beautiful work, it's a great gift and your creativity is inspiring.
  22. Beautiful work @72moonglum. I like the cool palette you used on them, the purple pink seahorse is amazing.
  23. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you like it.
  24. The Gnolls of Jurorakk Pass, from left to right on the first picture; 77236 Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior, 77235 Toghra the Gnoll Leader (converted), 77234 Boneflail Gnoll Cleric, 02704 Lord of the Gnolls, 77388 Gnoll Warrior, 77236 Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior (converted), 77104 Blacktongue Gnoll Archer and 03277 Hyena Pack at the front. The display base is 7.25 inch x 11 inch wide. All painted with Reaper MSP paint.
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