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  1. Thank you, this was an ambitious project, I had so much fun doing it. I learned a lot of stuff doing it. I'm working on other types of projects right now, I don't exclude doing other conversions in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again for your kind words everyone.
  2. Thank you everyone, I'm glad you like this project that took me nine years to complete. @Dr Boom, The Queen has several names, I did not know this one. πŸ˜‰
  3. Hey everyone, remember this five-headed dragon I converted in 2014/2015 ? Well, I finally made a base to put it on display in my bookshelf. All the 17 parts I used are from Reaper. The original hydra I converted was sculpted by Sandra Garrity. Enjoy!
  4. My sympathies @Olafwich. Julie Guthrie did an amazing work sculpting this model, I'm glad my like it.
  5. Thanks again for the kind words everyone, it is much appreciated. @Fencig & @Rigel A museum, wouldn't that be fantastic! I assure you there is currently a miniature figurine museum under construction. I will leave it to the owner to make the announcement when the opening takes place. For the moment I wish them the best success in the advancement of the project. There are extraordinary people who wish to highlight the works of artists. I Hope we will all visit this fabulous museum in the near future. Keep on painting and enjoying the hobby.
  6. Thank you for the kind words everyone, they are much appreciated. It was really a fun project to work on. I will build another one. @Fencig I bought the dragon head when the Boneyard was still a thing. At the time, I think it was in 2015, I only bought the head that also came with the neck. I was thinking of using it on the five-headed hydra I was converting, but it was a bit too small and I hadn't used it. The WIP post is still on the forum, here.
  7. Thanks enveryone, it was a long and demanding project, but it was even more rewarding. I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm glad you like the end result too.
  8. Great work on this rare model. I love it.
  9. Hello everyone, here are pictures of a diorama I did. It features 30 Reaper Miniatures models. Here's the list of models; Drunken Wyrm Inn Dragonbane Forge Townhouse and Antique Attic Buildings interior Amidst the bustle and commotion of the day, In the heart of a quaint village, people say, Stands a collection of enchanting buildings, Each with its own charm, truly thrilling. The Merchant House, where the wealthy reside, Stone-built and luxurious, their status implied, A fair trader, a tolerant man, Helping those in need, when he can. The Antic Attic, a store of old, Filled with treasures and rugs untold, Its large stained glass window, A beacon of light in the village below. Next door, farmers sell their harvest, Vegetables fresh, a bounty of the earth, In this festive scene that's filled with glee, The Drunken Wyrm Inn its windows aglow. In the Inn, a warm and cozy space, Rest your worries and dine with grace, After a long journey or a battle fought, A place to stay and rest, as you ought. The Dragonbane Forge, where the hammer pounds, Imbuing weapons with such powerful sounds, Of the skillful blacksmith, townsfolk are proud, His armor plates and shields, a protective shroud. But the purpose of the day is not to trade, As a band of heroes has come back unscathed, Their wagon brimming, the head of a dragon and their loot, A warrior on horse, victory as his pursuit. Mercenaries, wizards, and knights so bold, With their spoils and stories, they're worth their weight in gold, They enter the town, a triumphant displayed, To celebrate their victory on the beast they’ve slayed. Peasants gather around, Men, women, and children, all spellbound, Merchants, beggars, and waitresses too, All there to welcome the saviors true. In this grand village diorama, the sun shines bright, As heroes are hailed with cheers and delight, And yet, behind the forge, a rust monster feasts, Unnoticed by those baffled by the slain beast.
  10. Hey everyone! Here's 50319, Olav Gunderson the Dwarf Gambler converted as Addren Pocketdeep to be integrated into my diorama. I removed the gun he held in his right hand to replace it with a purse. This Chronoscope model was sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
  11. Hello everyone, late post tonight. Here are the 03233, Townsfolk Children and hens, delicate and diminutive models with the toddler and hens measuring only 8mm in height. Using Reaper MSP, I have painted these models in understated hues, capturing the playful essence of these quaint characters. These exquisite models were sculpted by Bobby Jackson for Reaper Miniatures. They will grace the diorama I am currently working on, adding a touch of liveliness and amusement to the overall scene.
  12. You did an awesome work on him. I like the gem and the copper as well.
  13. Massive achivement and colorful work, I love it. Keep it up!
  14. Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging comments. Your words mean a great deal to me and I am truly grateful for your support.
  15. Great work on these memorabilia. I like how the horse' eyes and mouth are blazin. The golden edges on the armors are very well done too. Good luck with the auction and I hope Melissa will get well soon.
  16. Hello everyone, I just finished gluing the cavalier onto its mount. The horse was sculpted by Sandra Garrity and the cavalier, a Bones black version, was sculpted by Jim Johnson. Also I replaced the polearm for a spear from Weapons Pack IV, which was sculpted by Werner Klocke. All these parts are made by Reaper Miniatures. I had planned to use a black backdrop, but after some experimentation, I found that a white background worked much better. The white color of the horse was too saturated on a black backdrop, and the different shades of gray from the horse's coat didn't come out well in the pictures. I'm happy to say that this model will be one of the main pieces in the diorama I'm currently working on. Have a great day!
  17. Thanks for the kind words everyone and thanks for you answers @Chaoswolf and @Magic Lantern it's much appreciated.
  18. Hello everyone! Here's a beautiful horse sculpted by Sandra Garrity for Reaper Miniatures. This equine looks a lot like 02064 Silverhorn the unicorn and 02150 Raindancer the Pegasus. πŸ˜‰ It's the mount of the following riders; 02261 William Drakehart, 02273 Derek The Tall, 02235 Vanessa Redstorm and 02239 Mia Hartstorm. I didn't push the base any farter because it will later be embedded in a diorama and will no longer be visible. I'm currently painting the cavalier that will be mounted on it. Do you prefer black or white background on the pictures? Have a great day!
  19. Thank you @Neatpete, I'm glad you like it.
  20. Excellent work @Glitterwolf! I love the atmosphere created by the plants you added on the base and rust is fantastic.
  21. Thanks for your comments everyone, they are much appreciated. I'm glad you like it! I will eventually post images of the displays put into context.
  22. Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of weapon displays I made. I used Inventor and Blender to design and texture these tables and display, and printed them with my Elegoo printer. The weapons are from Reaper Miniatures packs 2 and 3.
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