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    02630 Frogmen

    They are very cool indeed. It's fascinating how the color changes so drastically from their body to their limbs. You did an job painting them.
  2. Great job on this disturbing trio, they're the stuff of nightmares.
  3. Many thanks, I'm very happy everyone's response. @Loim, @Iridil, @Inarah, @Glitterwolf, @malefactus, @Darcstaar I appreciate. Hyenas are a natural addition to this group. Gnolls of all kinds have found an affinity for hyenas, who many see as their brethren and whom they have kept as pets or for hunting. Also, hyenas that feasted upon the slain foe of one of the Fangs is transformed into full-grown gnolls, allowing fangs to quickly increase their population. Fangs are gnolls possessed by a demonic spirit, marking them as one of Yeenoghu chosen. Yeenoghu being a demon lord and the chief being worshiped by gnolls. The reddish Gnoll Warrior gotta be the berserker of the band, that will explain the color. It also sands out from the group being the only one sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  4. Promised thing, thing due. Here are pictures of my Gnoll hunting party. All of them are Reaper Miniatures Gnolls, painted with Reaper Master Series Paints. I added the archer's bowstring and converted two models (see last picture). I will now work on a display base for them. I've found an inspiring picture of a dusky sunset in the desert for the background.
  5. Metalchaos


    Awesome, I really like the eyes and the posture. It's starting to look a lot like your inspiration models.
  6. I like how expressive her eyes are. And, her white is amazing.
  7. I love what you did. The Razormouth dorsal frill is spot on.
  8. Thanks for sharing your opinions and your kind comments everyone. Thanks @Glitterwolf, I'm glad you appreciate my effort basing the beasties. They are simple and will, hopefully, work well on the display base I intend to build. The pause of its left arm may look strange, it's because I glued it at the opposite angle. If you compare with the Online Store picture below, you'll see what I mean. So, now it looks like it is doing the shoot dance. If I'm not mistaking, this model was first released in back in 2003. The manufacturing techniques have changed a lot in 17 years. Knowing this model was sculpted by hand, personally, I have to say I like it a lot. I painted many Ben Siens models; orcs, troll, lycanthropes, bugbear and hell hound, I always had a lot of fun. This one stands out being so tall and the head is awesome.
  9. Hi everyone, Here's the Big "Slim" Boss of my Gnoll hunting party. 02704, Lord of the Gnolls was sculpted by Ben Siens. It's a tall metal model that stands 65mm / 2.5 inches at the top of its head. I painted it with Reaper's MSP acrylics.
  10. Very nice work. Echoing other’s comments, I love these colorful packages. That blue chest is very intriguing, it catches the Rogue's attention in me, I'm sure there's something magic inside.
  11. Metalchaos


    It's exactly like the digital model. It came out great, you did a fantastic work. It's crazy how precise these liquid printer are.
  12. They are the cutest undead I have ever seen. You did a great job painting them.
  13. Hi everyone, here are pictures of my latest Gnoll, a converted Toghra the Gnoll Leader. The upper part is from 77235, Toghra the Gnoll Leader sculpted by Jason Wiebe. The lower part of the mini is 77236, Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior sculpted by Tre Manor. The spear head is the blade of 02757, Gastaroth the Vampire sculpted by Werner Klocke and the staff is from 14056 Weapon Pack 1 sculpted by Tim Kaufman. Here's the link to the conversion WIP if you'd like more information.
  14. Metalchaos


    I own a plastic extruding printer, a Prusa i3 MK3S. It’s great to print terrain and bases. I didn't try to print a miniature figure. I'm sure liquid resin printed are better for that purpose. I think the detail come out better with your type of printer. Good luck with the second print, I'm sure you'll manage to make it work.
  15. Metalchaos


    @TaleSpinner Good point, if the Drake is supposed to fits on a 1" base, I understand you don't want to lose to much detail. What kind of printer are you using? Is it a liquid 3D printed type or hot plastic extrusion type?
  16. Metalchaos


    You are very talented. I like what I see, your blue Drake will be a fun model to paint and throw at an adventuring party. The tail is amazing and the body scales too. I like how the expression on its face reads like it has just been surprised. Maybe that the reason for its big eyes. The fact that its head is leaning on one side also enhance the feeling of surprise. My only comment would be regarding the eyes, I think they would be more menacing if they were smaller or if the eyebrows were thicker. I can't wait to see your other Drakes come to life.
  17. Hi everyone, here's another 77236, Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior. The original version this time. This model was sculpted by Tre Manor. 77236, Bloodmane the Gnoll Warrior and his friend 77234 Boneflail the Gnoll Cleric.
  18. I think you managed to get a nice feel of transparency. The fabric seems silky.
  19. In pursuit of my goal, here is another Gnoll that I finished painting last night. This 77234, Boneflail female Gnoll Cleric was sculpted by Tre Manor. In spite of their devotion to Yeenoghu, few Gnolls have any interest in ritual and there is few clerics or shamans to be found among the savage packs. Gnolls would sometimes summon demons to fight alongside them.
  20. I like how you pay attention to detail like the fingernails. The skin tone and the shading on her white ceremonial dress are stunning. Beautiful work.
  21. I love the pale blue cape. It adds a cold touch that complements the winter theme on the base.
  22. Thanks everyone, I think this one has turned out to be the most beautiful Gnoll I have painted so far. The red shading has something to do with it.
  23. I love this model, with all the ingredient hanging from its belt. You did a great job, I love the colors you selected, especially for her hair.
  24. I love the contrasting copper parts on the dark stone. Great work.
  25. Awesome, I love the nice light effect you came up with.
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