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  1. I think what you need to do is control the opening time of your camera. I’m really not an expert, but I know that if the camera lens opens for a shorter period of time there will be lest light coming in and so the white won’t be as saturated. I think you need to change the ISO setting. Maybe someone who knows photo-fu better than me can help. By the way, I like the way you adapted the Murder of Crows. Great work.
  2. That's a good one @dks. GM Metalchaos: You feel a presence near you. Someone or something is watching you. Spot check DC 10 (easy), A shadow hides behind the trees, it looks like a stealthy animal with black fur. As you explore this dark forest with withered trees, you easily discover the entrance to a tunnel. The little animal seems to have slipped into this gallery. As you approach, you hear a scary hiss coming from the bottom of the stairs in this hallway. It sounds like the strange howl of a creature of the night ... Player: It may be ShadowFAX that neighs.
  3. Thanks for your comments guys. @Neyuttad You're right the color are matching. It was my intention to have the colors of the clothes, cape and fur to match those of the base. Being a rogue, Joey take special care to adjust his outfit in order to be able to blend in its environment.
  4. Hello everyone, here are pictures of an anthropomorphic animal I painted. This Dark Sword Miniatures DSM8107, Joey the Thug - Sheltie Rogue was sculpted by Dave Summers for their Critter Kingdoms miniature range. I used tree bark and sand on its 40mm diameter base.
  5. Outstanding, I love the arrows idea. It's simple additional element that creates a fantastic storytelling scene. I like the way she's looking sideways, already anticipating the next shaft. The paint is absolutely beautiful.
  6. Yes, it's a pure coincidence. She was indeed part of a group of four mercenary the players had to deal with. Unfortunately, she was killed along with her familiar. Fortunately, to my twisted GM pleasure, the adventurers left the corps where they fell. So, the other two surviving NPC mercenaries came back during the night to collect the remains of their fallen acolytes. Leisynn, her necromancer master, brought her back as an undead servant and the fox became a shadow. They are now both waiting to take their vengeance in an upcoming dread encounter. Thanks!
  7. Thank you!! @Iridil, I’m glad you like my little visual story. The only thing I didn’t plan and realized afterwards is that the cave wall itself seems to be alive. View from the front, the shape of the rock wall looks like the open maw of a monster, the stalactites and stalagmite being the teeth and the pink mushroom the eye. And view from the back the blue mushroom looks like the tentacles of an illithid. It’s weird how chaos plays random tricks on us.
  8. It's been another productive month, great work.
  9. This is another great addition to the set. I love the contrast between pale green and bright red.
  10. Thanks a million @malefactus, I particularly appreciate your feedback since you are the myconid expert on the forum. I'm glad you like it.
  11. Thank you @MoonglowMinis, I'm glad you like it and you enjoyed following the WIP thread. Yes @chaosscorpion, I worked almost full time on it. I wanted to have it done before starting on something else. I have so many project ideas, I don't want to scatter too much. Many thanks @Glitterwolf, I appreciate.
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I appreciate it and I'm glad you find it inspiring. @Fencig I hope you will find time to create your own diorama. @malefactus and @Glitterwolf keep on building yours, you guys have been a great source of inspiration to me. The world needs more dioramas. I completed the diorama and posted pictures in the Show Off section, here is a LINK.
  13. Good day everyone, I completed my Perils of the Underworld diorama. I changed the name simple because there is a trademark on the word Underdark. Here are the pictures, do not hesitate to leave any critiques as I would like to improve anything that does not look right. The building WIP can be found here and the painting WIP here. To realize this diorama, I used Reaper Miniatures model and MSP paint only. The whole idea of this project started with the gemstone the gnome is holding in her left hand. I converted 03082 Ingrid the female gnome sculpted by Derek Schubert as a svirfnebli
  14. sure go on, if you use nightmare black you'll be amazed how beautiful that color is. I'm glad you like the eyes. Many thanks Fencig, I'm glad you enjoy too. I hope it will inspire you. Everything is sealed now. I used Vallejo acrylic matt varnish. I hold the display base upside down and realized I will need to add something under the mini to have it level. I scratched the paint and primer where the bat will be glued to ensure a solid connection. I glued a piece of wooden stick the level the rock.
  15. Thanks @Glitterwolf, I'm starting assembling tonight. I revisited the cat fur and added a final highlight, I used a mix of 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white. Same thing on the “back” side, the side that’s along the wall. I mixed 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white to build up the highlights. Finally, I painted a 09136 walnut brown halo around the iris to sharpen the outline. On this side I repainted the eye entirely.
  16. Thanks @Glitterwolf and @LarsM, I'm glad you like it. I did a military grey dry brush on her tool and a 09136 walnut brown wash on Ingrid cloves, boots, and cloak. I did a military grey wash on her hair. (Military grey is an oop color that could be substituted by 09438 tempest grey). I did a military grey dry brush on her chainmail and on the studs of her armor. I then applied a 09284 lonestar leather dry brush on the cloves and boots. (Lonestar leather is an oop color similar to 9246 brown sand). I also painted the belt an
  17. Thanks for your support @aku-chan and @chaosscorpion , I appreciate it. There you go, I highlighted the riding cat fur by side brushing following the direction of the hair with lighter tone of blue. I mixed 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white. I shaded the saddle, the bag and water skin with diluted 09136 walnut brown. I also painted the teeth with 09284 lonestar leather. Then, I painted its base in 09028 muddy brown, the eyes in 09059 aged bone and highlighted the saddle, bag and water skin with a mix of 09284 lonestar leather and 09059 aged bone.
  18. Excellent work Derek, that's a beautiful noir scene character. My eyes are delighted, I enjoy the smoothness of the blends and the rich tones of grey.
  19. Major update today! 09028 muddy brown drybrush at the back. 09028 muddy brown drybrush on the cooky monster. 29822 suntan flesh drybrush at the back. 29822 suntan flesh drybrush, 09059 aged bone highlight on some areas. I mixed 09059 aged bone and 09286 punk rock pink to start building the osl that will emanate from the clowcap mushrooms. I pushed the osl even lighter by added 09039 pure white to the 09286 punk rock pink. At this point, it really
  20. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you enjoy. I'd like to complete this project this week, so I'll speed up things. I painted the glowcap mushrooms starting with a 29803 entrail pink basecoat over the white primer. I also made a few more glowcaps in their primordial phase. Here I painted glowcap in their primordial phase. I mixed 29803 entrail pink, 09039 pure white, 29820 gem purple and 09288 LED blue and blend everything together. I painted the caps with a mix of 09286 punk rock pink and 09408 candlelight yellow.
  21. @TheAuldGrump, That's an amazing model, thanks for sharing the link.
  22. Now that I'm done building the display, here's a link to the painting Work in progress. I hope this project inspired some of you to build a diorama.
  23. Hello everyone, now that my Perils of the Underworld diorama is built, I'll post here the detailed steps of my paintings sessions. The Work in progress of the display base can be found HERE. Let’s start the painting section with a hack to save time. When I paint a large surface, typically a terrain piece, I apply paint straight on the surface and spread it with a large brush. It’s way faster, since I don’t have to go back to the palette each time to reload the brush bristles. Here I’m using a #8 flat brush. As a base coat for the display I used 09660 powderb
  24. Thanks for your comments guys, I'm glad you like it. I enjoyed painting the armor and the shield of this model. I used 09280 nightmare blue and a light 09240 royal purple glaze to achieve this reflective effect.
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