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  1. Thank you for your kind words everyone, I'm glad you enjoy it even though it's an evil character. This guy was a bit difficult to paint because I glued his wings on before painting him. I went with the green because other than on the image from the boxed set, I couldn't find any other painted version of this demon. I must say that I lacked a bit of inspiration in my choice of colors. I have a good idea what color I want to paint Abyst, but not his other horned friends yet. One thing I know is that I want to paint their eyes the same pale blue color, to tie the group together in a subtle way.
  2. Hello everyone! Here's Tolgh the bellicose, Tolgh the vainglorious, Tolgh the lesser demon, for he has many names. This model was sculpted by Jim Johnson. It was part of The Court of Abyst boxed set, sku: 10005, now out of production. It is 41 mm tall, the base is 25 mm. The wings come from a 02040, gargoyle sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, also made by Reaper. I also added flames to his scimitar and base to create a warm environment just for him.
  3. @Glitterwolf 😃 Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for your comments, I really enjoy painting these storytelling models. You know, when the model speaks for itself and tells you how it should be painted to inspire a spooky story. Wait, what? What sorcery is this. 😉
  5. Hey everyone, I'm still painting decorative elements for future D&D sessions. Here is a 77722, Sealed Sarcophagus sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. Pretty sure something ancient or someone evil is trapped in this sarcophagus. Sometimes certain things should not be disturbed.
  6. He's awesome, I like this model, especially his toothy grin, and you did an amazing job painting him.
  7. Beautiful work, you did a fantastic job on her face and I love her hair.
  8. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like the osl and the glowing effect. It was a fun model to paint. The first of a bunch of evil characters I'll be painting until the end of October. The glowing effect was simple to do. I painted the eyes and the inside of the maws in pure white and then applied a 29846 spruce green wash.
  9. Hey everyone, here's a 02172, Cerberus I completed last night. This Dark Heaven Legends model was sculpted by Sandra Garrity. I was inspired by Simon Eckert's artwork for the choice of colors.
  10. Thanks for your comment everyone. @Grand Slam After gluing a piece of plastic blister across the arch, I applied layer of Mod Podge in a spiral pattern on the transparent plastic. I then applied successive layers of Mod Podge on the previous one, eight layers on each side, once each coat was dry. I tinted the Mod Podge with red paint before applying the last two coats. The Mod Podge was still damp on the pictures.
  11. Hello everyone, I completed a portal I wanted to do for a while. If I remember correctly, I received this model as a free item in one of my online orders. This is a 77640, Graveyard Entryway sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I added a transparent membrane and successive layers of Mod Podge tinted with MSP HD 29802, Brilliant red paint to create a bloody portal. Here, I illuminated the portal with a red LED to create this glowing effect. This image illustrates the gateway before I added the portal. And here, you can see work in progress of the ripples taking form as I apply successive layers of Mod Podge. In total, I applied eight coats on each side of the membrane.
  12. Great work, I love the eyes as well, and the carrot symbol on the shield. I painted some dark sword anthropomorphic models and it brings back good memories.
  13. Thanks @Gantrell. I agree, tombstones are usually monochrome. I guess they are monuments to prosperous merchants or adventurers. 😉
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I appreciate. You are always a great source of motivation for me and I am grateful for that.
  15. Good sunday everyone, I've made a little more progress on the graveyard I'm currently working on. Here are some terrain pieces I completed last night. These 77534, Tombstones were sculpted by Kevin Williams. The fence and posts are from the 77529, Harrowgate Graveyard Set sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. One of the tombstones is not present on the pictures, I used it on the base of my 77116, Colossal Skeleton. Have a great day!
  16. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you appreciate the different stone color. This cemetery is part of a larger project and I wanted the stone of the fence to match the color of the building that will be next to it. I will post more photos when the whole project is finished.
  17. Beautiful work, I like the highlights and the glowing sword.
  18. Geart work, with the textures. I like the colors you selected and the creepy eyes as well.
  19. Good Friday everyone, It's been a while since I posted something here. Well, it's been two months. I've been working on a large project and it's finally time to share with you some progress I've made. Here are pictures of my Harrowgate graveyard. Each part of this set was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I only added 3d printed gothic style spiers, designed by gothic.things, on both sides of the gate. Also, the characters, monsters, statues and sarcophagus displayed on one of the pictures are all from Reaper Miniatures. Here are the sku: 77529 Harrowgate graveyard set, 77527 fence gate, 77530 short fences, 77531 fence posts, 77532 long fence and 77731 gargoyle finials. There are also other finials available. Here's the list of the colors I used on the stones; Army Painter Skeleton Bone basecoat, Reaper MSP 9029 Earth brown stains, Reaper MSP 9110 Oiled Leather stains, Citadel Agrax Earthshade shading, Army Painter Skeleton Bone dry brushing, Reaper MSP HD 29838 Stained olive stains, Reaper MSP HD 29848 Jungle camo stains.
  20. Awesome work, the black spots on fleshy color is amazing. Makes me wanna try and paint something similar right away.
  21. Hey everyone, here's a 77530, Harrowgate graveyard short fence sculpter by Bob Ridolfi. I used this fence to test the colors that I'll use on my gothic church. Here is the list of colors I used;
  22. I really like your color scheme, beautiful work.
  23. Beautiful work on both the Werebat and the base, I love it.
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