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  1. Awesome work, the black spots on fleshy color is amazing. Makes me wanna try and paint something similar right away.
  2. Hey everyone, here's a 77530, Harrowgate graveyard short fence sculpter by Bob Ridolfi. I used this fence to test the colors that I'll use on my gothic church. Here is the list of colors I used;
  3. I really like your color scheme, beautiful work.
  4. Beautiful work on both the Werebat and the base, I love it.
  5. Thanks for your comments everyone. @Gantrell, the purple/pink on the ax blade is intended to be the reflection of the surrounding ground. Each base will be purple to depict a chaos wastes setting.
  6. Hello everyone, here's the fifth dwarf of my Slayer unit. This model was sculpted in the mid-90s by Aly Morrison. Since I have two of these models in the unit I decided to convert this one. He was a standard bearer, I swap his banner for an axe. It was ll painted with Reaper MSP Color, here's the list;
  7. Great choice of color, there is something commanding about this model and the purple brings out that imperial appearance. I like the base as well.
  8. He will definitely stand out on the gaming table with his robe and cape that contrasts well with his hat and beard.
  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. Even though I hope to use them to do some battles on the gaming table, I confess that I put a lot of energy on these models. Glazes on metal, gems and tattoos are all little extras that take longer to paint, but I have a lot of fun doing it. You are right @Grand Slam, there are so many gems on this figurine that I was afraid they would attract too much attention. It is for this reason that I painted them in green and yellow to blend them with the colors of the pants and the axe.
  10. Awesome, I love the blue and gold color together. And, the beard is amazing.
  11. Hey everyone, this is the fourth Oldhammer dwarf of my Slayer unit. It was sculpted by Aly Morrison. All painted with Reaper MSP Color, here's the list;
  12. Great work, the face is expressive. I like the darker than usual look you gave him by following the book description.
  13. Thanks for your comments everyone. I enjoy painting these Oldhammer bulky dwarfs, they are almost like chibis with their exaggerated features. I'm happy with the reflections and the gems on this one's ax.
  14. Hello everyone, here's my third Dwarf Giant Slayer. This model was also sculpted by Aly Morrison. All painted with Reaper MSP Color, here's the list;
  15. I love it, you did a wonderful work on the wings and the scales. The eyes are also stunning.
  16. Hey everyone, here's my second Dwarf Giant Slayer. This model was also sculpted by Aly Morrison. All painted with Reaper MSP Color, here's the list;
  17. Thank you! Yes, it's a beautiful model indeed. I just saw she's also part of the 10025, Savage Beauty box set.
  18. The salamander looks deadly painted in those colors and your exoplanetary setting is amazing too.
  19. Thank you all for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed it. They will all have pinstriped pants in different colors; yellow and green, red and beige and so on. Tattoos are the scariest part to paint. I paint them last after glazing the skin and I don't want to mess it up. I use a 3/0 brush to paint them.
  20. I like the colors you painted the different elements of the base. She's got style!
  21. Excellent work on this huge Dragon, I love it.
  22. Hey everyone, I hope you are having a good Friday. This week, I started painting a GW Dwarf unit from the 90's. This one is a Giant Slayer sculpted by Aly Morrison. It sits on a 25mm Stony base by Txarli Factory. As I have two of these models, I wanted it to be different from the other. So I removed one of his axes and added the runes to his ax handle. Orange being the dominant color on these Slayers I opted for purple on the base. I thought dark purple would be a great color to represent a deep underground setting or a battlefield in the Chaos Wastes, where my heroes will eventually face the forces of Chaos. I only use Reaper MSP paint and will add a color list below. Reaper MSP Color list;
  23. Awesome work, I love the way you brought out the texture to the stone.
  24. Beautiful work, I love the eyes.
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