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  1. I think the Director would be my first choice if I were to paint a CAV. You did a nice job.
  2. For sure your GM must have been freaking out, the scorpions looks so real. Maybe some sand on their base would complete the ensemble. The fire beetles are nice too.
  3. The crystal ball blending look better this way. Be careful not to drop it. ;) I see you also repainted the blue flag, it looks great.
  4. I think I would use 03082 Ingrid the female gnome mounted on14453 Elven hunting cat. For sure it may need some modifications. Since the cat back is arched I would cut it right before the back legs and band the front part upward. I would also remove Ingrid gem from her hand to replace it by the end of the bridle she would use to lead her mount. Her head may as well have to be turned in the opposite direction if you want her to look in the same direction as the cat. I hope it can help, it would surely be a nice conversion project.
  5. Here are some pictures of the Soulcannon. I couldn’t help adding some cannon balls on the base, even if skulls would have been more appropriate. Like I metioned, Mike’s work on his Robot inspired me for the colors. I think the greenish corrosion also looks nice for the cannon since it add some kind of ghostly effect to it.
  6. Again the base is very nice and the stained armor boots add to the realist. I think a thin black wash could help separate the silver and blue detail from the helmet. My only advise would be, it's always better to apply many thin layer than a thick one. I mention this because of holes filled with paint on the chainmail. Ok, another trick. I don't know if you tried this but most of the time I apply paint with the side of my brush instead of the tip.
  7. I like the tired robe of the lady, and her basing is very nice. Maybe the water in the bucket is a little too bleu.
  8. Awesome paint work! The spell effect on Anirion’s staff is a very good idea and the execution is flawless. The deep red from is cape looks royal and the freehand is great. Flara is amazing as well even if the base color is too, flat the figure itself is stunning. I especially like the sword and her hair.
  9. Ok, so here are some new pictures of Baracus. I mostly retouched the claw and saber. I believe the light on these new pictures are better as well. What do you think?
  10. It looks fantastic, I really like the sharp contrast between the brown robe and the lower pale yellow strip of fabric. The pale orange is also very nice and the hair and beard looks perfect. I think glazing could help you improve the Crystal Ball.
  11. Great NMM, the axe blade and the copper looks particularly awesome. The base also adds a very nice natural atmosphere to the ensemble.
  12. Thanks Gene, it’s a real pleasure to receive your feedback on one of your models. I’m also a big fan of all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. World’s End was one of my favourite along with The Curse of the Black Pearl. That’s the main reason I chose Razig’s crew as my the first Warlord army to paint.
  13. This is Salty Saber the barnacles covered lobster claw mutant from Razig’s crew. I’ve choose a pale green skin tome so it will look more like a zombie. I really enjoyed painting this Gene Van Horne model. It is full of nice details like the sea star on it’s back shoulder. I hope you will like it! All comments and critics are always very welcome.
  14. Here is my Razig's crew Gunner. This sulpt is by Kevin Williams. I've retouch this one before posting it because I realised it have a reptile head instead of is right hand. I still need to paint his Soul Cannon but finding inspiration shouldn't be too hard, thank to Mike's work on is Robot. Here is the image of the concept art I've found in the background of Razig's Revenge.pdf file.
  15. It look very nice as is, even if there is no sealant on it. I was thinking more about the fragility of the paint if you didn't use any primer. The paint may chip from the surfaces like the finger tips and the nose if you manipulate the mini for game play.
  16. The lips are looking very nice! Good lucky on your sculpting and have fun. It will be a pleasure to see your work evolve. Try to take pictures.
  17. Thanks! I always have a hard time painting the eyes but I'm happy the way they turned out. Blending the blue/green dress was the real challenge on this one.
  18. Wow, excellent work. It’s very inspiring, I hope to find the time to create my own monster some day and cast some clones of it. The final result look perfect. How many hours did it take you to accomplish it? Did you keep the count?
  19. I like the Blade Runner feel of the Dark Age mini, the eyes are wild. That must have been a fun contest.
  20. Indeed, 20 minutes is extreme speed painting. The result is really nice, it gives her a C3P0 kind of taste. Did you sealed it?
  21. I think Reindeer moss lichen could do just right.
  22. Very nice work! I especially like the way you painted the Marines. Their camo pants give them a great urban warfare feel.
  23. I think the blade looks really nice. And, I also like the ears, they seem soft and organic.
  24. Now that’s a stunning base! I especially like the book cover and the potions.
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