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  1. Here is my second entry in the Single Fantasy category. 14349 - Skeletal Crewman, Razig Grunt. This one seems to be popular!
  2. Nice ones, I especially like the metallic orange on the halberdier. Did you applied a regular orange paint over the silver base or you use metallic orange paint?
  3. Here is a Cloak Fiend on a 2 inches (50mm) base. This sculpt is by Bob Olley.
  4. Here is a Giant Spider. They are fun and easy to paint. This sculpt is by James Van Schaik.
  5. Here is a Hooked Terror I painted years ago. The sculpt is by Ben Siens.
  6. Nice one, I like the shadowy feel your bleu highlight give to the cloak.
  7. Fantastic work. I like the boots and the lace on the first. The purple and pink mix very nice. I like the mirror hand they have. My favourite will be the second one the freehand on her dress is awsome.
  8. Here is my last one. 02744 - Cichastus the Fly Demon on a 2 inches (50mm) base.
  9. Here is another of my entrie in the Diorama category. 02890 - Wereshark on a custom made 2 inches (50mm) base. The anchor and a chain were taken from a 14472 Razig Weapons Pack.
  10. Here is my first entry in the Diorama category. 02751 - Stone Golem on a custom 2 inches (50mm) base.
  11. Here is my first entry in the Single Fantasy category. 14274 - Clarissa, Razig's Banshee Mage.
  12. Sweet sweating and shiny pirate sword. Good signs of action from an elf of the Fort. Very nice fluffy feathers on the hat. Welcome on the forum, I hope will see a lot more from your work.
  13. Yes, I only did a black wash and white dry brushing on those, back in 2006. But nowadays I prefer a brown wash and an ivory dry brushing on my skeletons, like for my Razig crew. Thanks for your appreciation.
  14. The fur pattern is a good idea. I like the eyes, the snout and the jaws. This model is very dynamic and your base is also nicely detailed.
  15. Very nice work, for sure there is a lot of details on this model. I like the balance of colors, both the gold and red pops out nicely. Pathfinder’s miniatures are amazing and Bobby Jackson did a wonderful sculpt.
  16. Really good and smooth paint job. Is the base made of cork? I’ve never used cork, it look like real limestone, nice effect.
  17. Here are two skeletons I painted. A Skeleton Archer & Skeleton Swordman sculpted by Ed Pugh. I added a string to the bow and removed the skull from the shoulder of the archer to glue it on the other skeleton shield.
  18. Yes Stubbdog I will enter the contest with pleasure. I still have to choose which model I'll paint. Thanks Joshua!
  19. Here are my colorful Mushroom Men. These models are by Jason Wiebe.
  20. Welcome to Hallucinoshroomland! Here is a Fungus Patch that I painted some years ago. There were several corners and holes difficult to reach on this model but it was fun to paint. The sculpt is by Bob Olley.
  21. Here is an Attercop that I painted years ago. The sculpt is by James Van Schaik. I added a GW skeleton on the base and used some silk thread to complete the scene.
  22. 02863, Female Werewolf "Werefox" sculpted by James Van Schaik.
  23. 02799, G'nort the Dire Wereboar sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
  24. 02761, Skrattle the Giant Ratman Sculpted by Ben Siens.
  25. Here is Sergeant Grim Pete sculpted by Kevin Williams.
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