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  1. Let the devastation begins, but watch out not to overheat. It looks great, I would like to paint one of those someday.
  2. Thanks 72moonglum, I'm happy you like my work. unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the brand. It looks like a mix of green, yellow and black grinded lichen.
  3. Well, thanks alot for the kind words. It's really a pleasure to know people like my work. I hope you'll be inspired to participate in this great hobby. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
  4. I added some plastic tiles on the ground, I used some "Bread bag clip" that I've trimmed with a craft knife. Thanks to everyone for the comments!
  5. Here are two models sculpted by Bobby Jackson that I painted some times ago. Caveman with spear: Caveman throwing spear:
  6. This is my Sabertooth Tiger sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
  7. This is my Tox Wizard sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The choice of color was inspired by Anne Foerster work on the same model. It was my first attempt at OLS, it's there even if it doesn't show much.
  8. Mr. Moleman, dig me a hole... Sculpts by Jason Wiebe. The magic user: The polearm guard: The spear guard (painted by a friend):
  9. Here are my Baby Dragons. The sculpts are by James Holloway.
  10. This is a War Ape from Wizards of the Coast.
  11. This is an Abyssal Ravager from Wizards of the Coast. As in D&D description I've chosen the green color to give it a venomous aspect.
  12. The blending of green and yellow was challenging on this mini. I added some plastic tiles on the ground to create a ruined dungeon atmosphere. It was sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  13. I replaced their daggers by axes taken from the 02455 weapons pack IV They were sculpted by Jason Wiebe and the weapons are by Werner Klocke. You can see examples of the original sculptures with the daggers HERE and HERE.
  14. This Lesser Water Elemental is about 2cm high. It was sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
  15. Here is a converted Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms Slavelord that I completed a year ago. I started up with a GW Ogre Bull and added some bits, green stuff and chains. The huge cleaver, the leather mask and the skull artefact are some of the features I crafted. I wanted the base to look like the orange sand from an Australian desert. The Slavelord has always been an inspiring character to me. Known to the Chaos Dwarves as Ghrask Dragh, literally ‘corpse-slaver’. The Slavelord are infamous to enslave their prey in death as well as life with a Soul-Binder chains. Much more then a Butcher, it represents the most fearsome Ogre.
  16. It look very nice. I like the horns blending and the familiar also looks superb.
  17. From what i could find this mini was sculpt by Sandra Garrity. But, Travis Salonka did the concept art based upon a character he created long ago. You can find you answer right HERE on Travis website. It looks like its bare arm is on fire.
  18. Excellent work, the blade looks very nice, and I like it's grim face and the scar.
  19. Nice paint, the colors you’ve chosen are very organic. The yellowish green from the head looks just like a frog. What brand of mini is it? Did you build it from scratch?
  20. I like the dirty look of the face, I think it’s scarier like that.
  21. I will try to fix the strips pattern by adding a light grey/green highlight. For the waves I folded some green stuff strips and applied them to the base. A simple craft knife and some water were used to sculpt but a ball point stick would have helped.
  22. It's sealed with a matte spray sealer but I think the layer was too thick. Thanks for your comments.
  23. Hi, Here is a recent work, part of my still enrolling army. It was really nice painting this model form Jason Wiebe. I wanted my Wereshark to look like Razig’s mercenary Karkarius. So the octopus had to be removed from the hand of the original model. And, be replaced by a more convincing weapon… The anchor and a chain were taken from a Razig Weapons Pack. A tiger shark picture inspired me for the skin pattern. The idea for the base was borrow from my previous attempt at sculpting waves. Different tomes of blue, greens and yellow were used to color the water. I hope you’ll like it.
  24. His hair and the beard looks fantastic.
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