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  1. Very nice overall work, the colors are well chosen. I also like the way you integrated the dagger and blood. Maybe the nails are too pale and the base look better now that it's completed.
  2. Wonderful freehand. I personally prefer the red skirt. I also like the bracelets details and the nylon highlight is very nice.
  3. Here is my Stone Golem. I added some fallen columns on the ground to complete the Greek concept from its outfit.
  4. Here are some more pics at my Carnage Demon, too bad the sealer turned out so shinny.
  5. Here are some new pics... I hope I didn't make you wait!
  6. Here are some more pictures. I fixed the the Dark Maiden at the ship bow. I also removed the anchor from it’s side and sculpted some planks of wood to complete the assembly.
  7. It’s a Captain Cutlass' Stormstalker. From the same brand you can also find the Dread Eye Phantom which is even creepier.
  8. It’s been some time now that I’ve started working on that diorama. With the coming ReaperCon I was inspired to remove the dust from it to complete it. The boat was made out of a toy and all miniatures will be Reapers. For now the crew counts 12 painted miniatures; Sergeant Blackknife, Sergeant Grim Pete, Jackie, four Bone Marines, two Zombie Recruits, a Chain Gang, a Cannoneer and a Skeletal Crewman. The miniatures I’m actually painting are; Razig and Crow, the Dark Maiden attached at the ship bow, Baron LeBone, Mister Blood and Clarissa the Banshee. The models I still need to prepare and paint are; an Harpooner, Salty Saber, Scurvy Dog, Scuttlebones the Undead Crab and some Canons. I also have four Skeletal Swordsman and Razig Weapons Pack which I could use to create some original character.
  9. Wow! The Wraith sword is spectacular. It gives a nice contrast with the dull color of the robe and the slight glowing effect is really nice too. You also did an amazing job on the Golem. The crystal gem work is totally magic and the conversion is very well executed. As for Melisande and her crew, I wonder if they’ll have the guts to sail the Seas of Adon… Rumours of the grim Razig have been heard on the deck this evening. His deep eyeless sockets are always scanning the horizon for any sign of his misspent treasure or enemies that have eluded his vengeance. (I fantasize, looking at my work in progress, soon to be unveiled). Great work overall.
  10. I've been whitening the foamy parts of the head and hands and it gives a nice effect. As for the seal, I will definitively use a glossy finish. It's just that I don't have it yet. Thanks for you comments they are very welcome as it helps enhance my work. I will post another picture when the mini will be sealed.
  11. I really like the way you painted this mini. The color choice is excellent, the NMM is very nice and the base is superb.
  12. This is a Reaper Miniatures 02780, Water Elemental. Sculpted by James Van Schaik. I added some waves crashing on the reef to complete the base.
  13. Amazing work and a very good idea. I think it gives a mystic atmosphere to the room. It makes me remember when I was a teenager, my girlfriend asked me to make a huge drawing on her bedroom wall. Her mother didn't mind so I did a tall werewolf with a gloomy castel on the back. The thing is that I didn't have acrylic paint so I did it with wax crayon... Can you imagine when the landlord had to repaint the wall covered with wax.
  14. Here is a Reaper Miniatures 02706, Clay Golem converted as a Summoned Carnage Demon. The horns and the flame spell were made with green stuff.
  15. Very nice realization overall, the face is particularly successful. Congratulation for winning the first place.
  16. I like the look of worn leather of the coat. The owl is very nice too.
  17. I really like the tome of the leather armor and the red hair and blazing sword add a great eye catching effect. As for Yrsa the life like skin color is amazing.
  18. Thanks to everyone for such a warm respond. I'm happy it helps and that you enjoyed. About the minis on the first picture; the player characters are Ral Partha. The Skeleton Archer 02013 and the Skeleton Swordsman 02213 are Reaper by Ed Pugh. Diablo was converted from a Reaper Gargoyle 02040 by Bob Ridolfi.
  19. Hi everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been recently working on creating my own blog and as it is well underway now I just wanted to share it with you. In the January 2011 post you will be able to find a summary of steps that allowed me to finish my Marthrangul Dragon. In the February 2011 posts you will find a lot of information on how I created a tribute diorama of the Tristram Cathedral for the Diablo 1 computer game. Here are some pictures of the diorama. I hope you will like it. Your feedback and criticism are very welcome. Hundreds of other pictures can be found in the February 2011 Archive of my blog giving step by step information on the making off the diorama. http://metalchaosblog.blogspot.com/'>Metalchaos Blog
  20. I think it’s perfect like that. For sure the pillar colors are bright but still they are dull and that’s what contrast with the shinny gold and crystal gems of the Priestess ceremonial ornaments. I specially like the attention to detail like the reflection of the golden coif under the ruby sun gem. The sand is also a essential addition to the realist. Brilliant overall work, worth an Isis Priestess.
  21. Brilliant work on the extreme make over! How do you call the Ted version when muted to is alien form?
  22. Hi everyone, here is my entry for the 2010 winter painting contest. It is a 02538 Lesser Earth Elemental, painted as an Ice Elemental.
  23. Hi, here is my entry for the winter contest. It is a 02538 Lesser Earth Elemental, painted as an Ice Elemental. Happy contest and good luck to everyone.
  24. Cool Anubis army, reminds me of the Mummy returns movie.
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